ABC Film Challenge – Random – O – The Overnight (2015)

Director: Patrick Brice

Writer: Patrick Brice (Screenplay)

Starring: Adam Scott, Jason Schwartzman, Taylor Schilling, Judith Godreche


Plot: Alex, Emily, and their son, RJ, are new to Los Angeles. A chance meeting at the park introduces them to the mysterious Kurt, Charlotte, and Max. A family “playdate” becomes increasingly interesting as the night goes on.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Slightly Awkward Comedy


Story: The Overnight starts as married couple Alex (Scott) and Emily (Schilling) move to LA with their son RJ, not knowing anybody Alex takes RJ to the park hoping to make friends for the both and it is the strange Kurt (Schwartzman) that they meet.

Getting invited by Kurt to meet the family with his wife Charlotte (Godreche) as Alex and Emily make new friends, but Kurt and Charlotte offer them a night unlike anything they could have imagined once the drinks and drugs take over.


Thoughts on The Overnight


Characters/PerformanceAlex and Emily are going through a move to a new city where they want to meet new friends. They have normal married life issues which can get exposed on this crazy night. Kurt and Charlotte are different to the people Alex and Emily know, they like to party and embrace people in their own way.

Performance wise, The four stars all do well but we all know they are capable better but this is slightly awkward to watch in places.

StoryThe story is short and simple two couples spend the night partying together as they learn to discover themselves as they make friends. This doesn’t have too much going on within the story though when you look into bigger picture.

Comedy/MysteryThe comedy is fine but doesn’t hit very often with the mystery only being about what Kurt and Charlotte want from the night.

SettingsThe film is mostly set in one house over the night which keeps the story easy to follow.

Final ThoughtsThis is an awkward to watch film is places, it isn’t one you could sit down and watch with other people.


Overall: Awkward is an understatement when you discuss this film.




Big Eyes (2014)

logoDirector: Tim Burton

Writer: Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszenwski (Screenplay)

Starring: Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Krysten Ritter, Jason Schwartzman, Danny Huston, Terence Stamp, Elisabetta Fantone


Plot: A drama about the awakening of the painter Margaret Keane, her phenomenal success in the 1950s, and the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her husband, who claimed credit for her works in the 1960s.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Brilliant Drama


Story: Big Eyes starts by explaining that the fifties were hard for woman by Dick Nolan (Huston), we see how Margaret (Adams) walks out on her husband along with her daughter Jane breaking with anything people were used to in the time. Escaping to San Francisco with her best friend DeeAnn (Ritter) making her welcome to the city. Margaret finds a job but not being able to use her passion for art leaves her trying to sale her work, leading to a meeting with charismatic artist Walter Keane (Waltz). Walter is only a in his words a Sunday painter but a hugely successful relater who just wants to become an artist. The whirlwind romance leads to the couple getting married to help Margaret keep her daughter.

Walter trying to sale his and Margaret’s work tries different location including Ruben (Schwartzman) gallery but unsuccessfully. Walter tries putting his art in a jazz club but ends up gathering praise in a way he could never imagine when he makes front page news. The problem comes when Walter is claiming the big eyes pictures are actually his without letting Margaret know. We watch as Walter continues to take the praise for Margaret’s work because he is a better salesman than Margaret. When Margaret starts to question Walter’s motives she changes her style to try and make the art world take notice of her own work even though the money keeps rolling in on Walter’s salesmanship.  After Margaret discovers the truth about Walter she ends up having to fight to prove that the work really was hers in a court of law.

Big Eyes shows how one person wants to make sure they get the credit they deserve for the work they are doing. It also shows the ten year battle between the Keane’s from the moment they met through the moments were Walter takes the credit right up to the moment when Margaret decides to stand up for herself. This gives us a very good story that is incredible to think about it really. Even if you are not an art fan this will appeal to people because of how it pulls you in watching waiting for Margaret to turn around and take the praise she deserves. (9/10)


Actor Review


Amy Adams: Margaret Keane a timid but independent woman who leaves her first marriage before meeting Walter who encourages her to continue developing her painting before she ends up becoming the worker while he becomes the well-known celebrity artist. Amy gives a great performance here where she could finally get an award she deserves. (10/10)


Christoph Waltz: Walter Keane charismatic salesman who takes the credit for all of the work Margaret does, but because he is the better salesman he turns the art into a new movement, before losing it after it becomes new he may not have done the paintings. Christoph gives a brilliant performance and for the final court room scene just wow. (10/10)


Support Cast: Big Eyes has the supporting cast of the people who are involved in the movement of the art work and how some help and others criticized the work. Each member comes into the story to help what happens in the end.


Director Review: Tim Burton – Tim does a great job directing this keeping his slight uniqueness but entering into a much more serious world for the story. (9/10)


Biographical: Big Eyes is a very good look at one of the most popular artists of the last century. (10/10)

Drama: Big Eyes shows the strain put on the people involved for the two sides involved. (10/10)

Settings: Big Eyes creates authentic looking settings to match the time period involved. (10/10)

Suggestion: Big Eyes is one to watch it is very enjoyable and will give you information about one of the great artists of the world. (Watch)


Best Part: Courtroom scene with Walter is absolutely brilliant.

Worst Part: It might not appeal to non-art fans.

Funniest Scene: Courtroom scene when Walter questions himself.


Believability: Based on the true story. (10/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Awards: Nominated for 3 Golden Globes including Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Original Song.

Oscar Chances: Could easily get a few nominations.

Box Office: $13.75 Million

Budget: $10 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes

Tagline: A true story about art and the art of deception.


Overall: Beautiful Art Biographical Film

Rating 90

Trailer Alert – Big Eyes

Plot – A drama cantered on the awakening of the painter Margaret Keane, her phenomenal success in the 1950s, and the subsequent legal difficulties she had with her husband, who claimed credit for her works in the 1960s.

Starring: Amy Adams, Christoph Waltz, Danny Huston, Jason Schwartzman, Terence Stamp and Krysten Ritter

Release Date:  26 December 2014


Amy Adams and Christoph Waltz in leading roles this has to be a hit, do you agree?

Interesting subject but will people go to the cinema to see this?

Could this have Oscar potential?

Will I Be Watching? Yes

Will You Be Watching?

My Anticipation Rating – 60%

My Guess Rating – 80%

Will It Be Number One In UK? – No

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

logoDirector: Wes Anderson

Writer: Wes Anderson (Screenplay) Wes Anderson, Hugo Guinness (Story)

Starring: Ralph Fiennes, F. Murray Abraham, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Saoirse Ronan, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Tom Wilkinson, Owen Wilson, Tony Revolori


Plot: The adventure of Gustave (Fiennes) a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa (Revolori), the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. The story involves the theft and recovery of a priceless Renaissance painting and the battle for an enormous family fortune, all against the backdrop of a suddenly and dramatically changing Continent.


Verdict: Quirky Comedy


Story: You always know you are going into something slightly different when you see the name Wes Anderson directing. He brings his unique storytelling to this crime caper which will have you laughing quietly throughout. The story is told as a memory of a story of a story of a story and yes it is that deep but we only flashback to the last first telling of the story while the main one continues. I would say this needs the right taste on comedy to enjoy but the fans will enjoy this style of storytelling. (8/10)


Actor Reviews


Ralph Fiennes: Gustave the flamboyant hotel owner who looks after his guest with an extra personal touch, he travels to see the will hearing of one of his favourite guests and ends up taking what is his and being hunted down by the police and family members. Ralph doing comedy who would have thought that and he does pull it off very well. (9/10)


Adrien Brody: Dmitri the son of the deceased lady who wants the fortune for himself, he sets out to get what he thinks is his. Good supporting performance offering a villainous role but sadly gets overshadowed. (7/10)


Willem Dafoe: Jopling ruthless hit man trying to hunt down Gustave and the painting along with all loose ends in the case. Dafoe steals nearly every scene he is in, be it the moment he throws someone’s cat out the window or the epic ski related chase. (9/10)


Tony Revolori: Zero the young lobby boy who becomes the most trust man of Gustave who ends up going on all these adventures with him. Seemingly coming from nowhere in this absolute all-star cast and fits in perfectly.(8/10)


Director Review: Wes Anderson – Wes brings his unique style to what could have been a very plain crime caper. (8/10)


Comedy: You will need the right sense of humour for this but I think there will be enough small laughs throughout. (8/10)

Settings: All the settings are used well as well as some being cleverly created animated sequences. (8/10)

Suggestion: I think this is one to try but if you don’t get the humour you will be very bored. (Try It)


Best Part: Ski chase.

Worst Part: The comedy is very particular.

Funniest Scene: The police show up to arrest Gustave.

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: Maybe but unlikely.

Box Office: $157, 724,997

Budget: N/A

Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes


Overall: Quirky Crime Caper Comedy

Rating 81

Top 5 Jason Schwartzman Roles

Jason Schwartzman has 48 credits to his name according to IMDB, today I am going to look at my favourite roles. As I have never seen Rushmore I am aware that it is considered his best role it won’t be included on the list.

5. Cousin Ben – Moonrise Kingdom (2012)


4. Richard Sherman – Saving Mr Banks (2013)jason

One of the musical brothers trying to create the songs for the Mary Poppins films alongside the author. Jason gets to show off his musical skills through the film.

3. Jonathan Ames – Bored to Death (2009-2011)3

Jonathan is a struggling writer who decides to become a part time private investigator to help him come up with new stories. Good comedy that many will have missed but is well worth watching.

2. Ash – Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)2

Ash is the young fox struggling for high school, who joins the battle against the farmers in this all-star cast of the classic Roald Dahl book.

1. Gideon Graves – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World1

Gideon is the final ex-boyfriend Scott must defeat to get the girl.