The Bunker: Project 12 (2018)

Director: Jaime Falero

Writer: Joaquin Sanchez, Jaime Falero (Screenplay)

Starring: James Cosmo, Joaquin Sanchez, Natasha Alam, Eric Roberts, Timothy Gibbs, Tony Corvillo


Plot: The Russians scrap a dangerous scientific project designed to change the course of history. A manhunt ensues after they unsuccessfully attempt to exterminate all the scientists involved in the top secret project.

Tagline – Outpost meets Terminator

Runtime: 1 Hour 37 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Action sci-Fi 101


Story: The Bunker: Project 12 starts as we learn about three scientists that escaped a secret Sovient Union experiment, now in the modern time Tabeel (Sanchez) leads a team including Irina (Alam), Alan (Corvillo) and other are hired by business tycoon Henderson (Roberts) to locate Brian Balanowsky (Cosmo) one of those scientists for a secret experiment of their own.

As Brian guides the team through the bunker for the research, he must face the past while revealing the secrets that will end up trying to eliminate the team.


Thoughts on The Bunker: Project 12


Characters – Brian Balanowsky is a former Russian scientist, gone into hiding after the projects were closed down, when he is located years later, he is forced to guide a team into the bunkers to bring out his research. He is a reluctant scientist who knows what he created was wrong. Tabeel is the leader of the team, he keeps the team in line refusing to let them cross the line and risk each other’s lives. Irina is another member of the team, she starts out strong just like the rest of the team, but soon she just becomes another one running for safety. Henderson is the man funding the search, he does have his own reasons for being involved.

PerformancesIn the performances we get a couple of big names in James Cosmo and Eric Roberts who are both reliable for any project and this is no different. It is the members of the team that are looking to make an impact with Joaquin Sanchez doing well as the leader of the team. The rest of the team does feel interchangeable with nobody standing out from the crowd.

StoryThe story of secret experiments from different countries is always going to be able to create an interesting motivation in a story, in this one we see what the Russians had been working on during the Cold War with a team entering one of the abandoned bunkers in search of the research. This plays out how you would imagine with the team being able to tackle the situation only to realize that things are much deadlier than they could imagine. You can see the comparisons to ‘Outpost’ as that movie gave us an experiment that left a team facing the odds to survive. If you are going to be looking for anything overly fresh from a story, you will be disappointed and the extra added twists feel forced more than anything.

Action/Sci-FiThe action in the film comes from the big shoot outs between the team and what is in the bunker, the weapons become bigger as the film unfolds, the sci-fi side of the film shows us just how certain experiments would have been going on during the Cold War.

SettingsOnce we hit the bunker we have a nice contained location which only has one way in or out, this does help us feel like the battle for life or death is more realistic.

Special EffectsThe effects are solid enough, the creations look good with the only weakness in them coming from their eyes.

Scene of the Movie –
The first introduction of the creation.

That Moment That Annoyed Me The extra twist is too much.

Final ThoughtsThis is an interesting action sci-fi film that does borrow from certain other movies, anything to do with the secret experiments is always entertaining to watch.


Overall: Simple action sci-fi movie.





Hide in the Light (2018)

Director: Mikey McGregor

Writer: Cynthia Bravo, Gonzalo Digenio, Mikey McGregor (Screenplay)

Starring: Alexis Sterling, Jesse James, Clayton Snyder, David Kaye, Mercy Malick, Chandler Massey, Lindsay Lamb


Plot: An adventurous group of friends dare to break into the abandoned orphanage and quickly find themselves trapped and fighting against unnatural forces.

Tagline – Trapped in the famous Witch’s House, a group of urban explorers soon realize that a thirsty demon hides in the shadows awaiting for new souls.

Runtime: 1 Hour 18 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Haunted Abandoned Building Done Correctly


Story: Hide in the Light starts as the Urban Explorers group including Kate (Sterling) who picked this location, Adam (Kaye), Todd (James), Shane (Massey), Ryan (Snyder), Becca (Jones), Eric (Jones), Karen (Bravo) and Tiff (Schwartz) head to a former orphanage which mysteriously closed down in the 60s.

As the night goes on the friends investigate the many rooms to learn the truth about what happened, leaving them to battle against an evil force surrounded the mysterious Amanda, one of the orphans in the home.


Thoughts on Hide in the Light


Characters – The characters are large group of Urban Explorers that head off to nights in haunted or mysterious locations, they don’t go in search of ghosts, rather go in search of adventure searching for thrills. Apart from the brother sister relationships we don’t learn too much more about this group, other than that they enjoy this type of experience. This helps us because it keeps us guessing to who could be in for the next attack.

PerformancesThe performances are strong from the whole cast, it would be unfair to stay anyone didn’t stick out as the true star of the show, but no one came off like the weak link. Each performance made the film feel real throughout.

StoryThe story is one that in the past could have been one that goes in a couple of direction, we have had awful ones, we have had forgettable ones and on that rare occasion we have had that one that stands out. This is in the stand out group, because it takes away the details of ghost hunting to keep the story focus on a group that just enjoy exploring the abandoned buildings. The keep things simple as the film does everything to keep us guessing o just where things will be going and who might make it to the end which is, all we ask for at times.

HorrorThe eerie tone of the movie helps with the horror, we have the setting which makes each moment feel like we are trapped in a building which could leave horror around any corner. The horror also doesn’t hold back any moment, which will surprise you.

SettingsThe film is set in an abandoned building with a history to be mysterious, it keeps our characters in a location through the film.

Special EffectsThe effects are strong here, instead of using too many we are left to imagine what is happening in the scene.

Scene of the Movie –
Cellar doors closing.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Not knowing any stories of the previous adventures of this group.

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the horrors to watch out for in 2018, this brings a forgettable sub-genre and makes it one of the best enjoyable and edge of your seat horrors of the year.


Overall: Early contender for Horror of the year.




Franchise Weekend – The Prophecy II (1998)

Director: Greg Spence

Writer: Matt Greenberg, Greg Spence (Screenplay) Gregory Widen (Characters)

Starring: Christopher Walken, Russell Wong, Jennifer Beals, Brittany Murphy, Eric Roberts, Glenn Danzig, Steve Hytner


Plot: Gabriel returns to try to destroy the human race he despises so much, with the help of a suicidal teen and the opposition of the angel Danyael.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Slow Sequel


Story: The Prophecy II starts as the former angel Gabriel (Walken) returns from hell to once again give the angels the upper hand in the battle for heaven. Angel Danyael (Wong) also has plans for this battle which involves impregnating Valerie (Beals), Danyael continues to eliminate Gabriel’s army as the two battle for the upper hand in this battle. Valerie is carrying the child written in prophecy that could help one side win the war but who will walk out of this battle alive?


Thoughts on The Prophecy II


Characters/PerformanceGabriel is back and even deadlier than last time wanting to take his war back to heaven but he just isn’t as threatening as he was before because he doesn’t understand technology now. Danyael is a hugely forgettable character that is an angel on the good side of the battle. Valerie is a nurse that becomes the mother too be in the battle between good and evil.

Performance wise, Walken just isn’t as menacing as he once was, Wong is forgettable throughout and Beals is fine but not at the level of Madsen.

StoryThe story continues to build on the battle within heaven being played out on Earth, this tries to give us a bigger world battle but in the end it just feels like more of the same.

Fantasy/HorrorWe move into fantasy more here by learn of prophecies and different angels but this doesn’t reach the horror needed for the subject.

SettingsThe settings are once again forgettable and could be used for any film out there.

Special EffectsWe continue to have weak special effects that all come off dated.

Final ThoughtsWeak sequel that just doesn’t capture anything from the first film and you can see how it ended up on DVD.


Overall: Poor sequel.




Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Camp Dread (2014)

campDirector: Harrison Smith

Writer: Harrison Smith (Screenplay)

Starring: Eric Roberts, Danielle Harris, Felissa Rose, Joe Raffa, Montana Marks, Davy Raphaely, Gnomi Gre, Alexander Mandell, Ashely Summer, Angel Anthony Marrero, Nicole Cinaglia


Plot: The “Summer Camp” horror trilogy was one of the most popular franchises of the 1980s. However, the decade ended and so did director/writer Julian Barrett’s career. Now Barrett has a plan to resurrect “Summer Camp” in a modern reboot that entails using a reality show as its template and source of fundraising. Should it succeed Barrett would once again be at the helm. Bringing together an eclectic group of young “contestants” as well as his former stars Rachel Steele and John Hill, Barrett seems to have put together a sure fire recipe for success. Then people start dying. For real. And “elimination” takes on a whole new meaning as “” clearly shows the slasher film has grown up.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fresh Approach to the Slasher


Story: Camp Dread starts with audition tapes of the contestants Novak (Raffa), Katie (Marks), Vinny (Raphaely), Missy (Gre), Matty (Mandell), Sarah (Summer), Calvin (Marrero), Adrienne (Cinaglia) and Jerry (Brennan) in the new reality show being hosted by horror director Julian Barrett (Roberts) in his attempts to get a reboot going on his horror trilogy Summer Camp. We get to see the early tension between Julian and Sheriff Donlyn (Harris) about her father’s time in the sheriff’s role.

With the kids arrived Julian plays out the rules turning what was meant to be a rehab outreach program into a reality show with the winner taking away $1million. Julian has a limited crew well he has Rachel (Rose) the former star of his films turned therapist.

The rules in place we learn the contestants are going to be ‘killed’ with the lone survivor taking home the prize but things take a turn for the worse when the contestants start getting killed for real but just who is the killer?camper

Camp Dread is a film that could have gone down many roads to mediocrity because the slasher genre isn’t as strong as it once was. Saying this we do get offered up a fresh take on everything with creative twists on what would be basic characters. Having the film set as if a horror director is desperate to reclaim the fame he has lost works because it establishes a new take on the leader of the camp. Having the contestants in their early 20s gets to have fun at the age of the casting we once saw for ‘teenagers’ in the slasher genre. The overall biggest plus I found about this movie is that it channels what Scream once did where it is a serious horror in places but it also likes to poke fun at the horror genre without being a parody but pointing out errors the serious horrors can have. My only negative was that we didn’t see the Sheriff enough especially with it being Danielle Harris one of the best Scream Queens in horror today. Overall the story is great because we need a fresh look at the slasher genre that we needed.


Actor Review


Eric Roberts: Julian is the director of the horror films Summer Camp trilogy, he is desperate to bring his franchise back he designs a reality show on the set of Summer Camp where the contestants get killed off. Julian is filled with anger against the people he worked with turning their back on him and his measures will leave him the prime suspect. Eric is good in this role as we know he can be Mr reliable in any film role.julian

Felissa Rose: Rachel is the star of the Summer Camp movies, she is bought back by Julian as a therapist for contestants but it soon leads to them questioning her skills and her questioning Julian’s motives. Felissa is good in this role which is clearly created as a nod to her fame from the cult horror film Sleepaway Camp.

Joe Raffa: Novak is the typical asshole jock of the contestants he believes he shouldn’t be there but is only there because easiest option. He will do anything for the prize. Joe is good in this role because creating an asshole character is something needed in horror films.

Nicole Cinaglia: Adrienne is the trouble young woman that is one of the contestants, she has committed the biggest of the crimes but in self-defence. She doesn’t fit in with the rest of the players because of her distant mentality throughout but when it comes to fighting she can handle herself. Nicole is good in this role as the one we have to feel sympathy for over the rest of the contestants.

Support Cast: Camp Dread does give us the supporting cast we expect to see with the slutty character, the joker, the redeemer, the spiritual one and the class underachiever. Each one of these cast members is strong and given enough time to developed their character enough to make us understand their mind-set.

Director Review: Harrison SmithHarrison writes, produces and directs this film that has taken the slasher genre in a direction we haven’t seen before by adding extra twists on what could have been a ‘we have seen this before’ slasher, that we once saw the great Wes Craven do with Scream and New Nightmare. If you want to see more from Harrison check out his production company Class of 85harrison


Horror: Camp Dread uses the kills to create the horror side of the story which are filled with plenty of blood and gore the trademarks for a slasher horror.

Mystery: Camp Dread creates a mystery about who is the killer and even after finishing you are left to wonder who did commit the early ones.

Thriller: Camp Dread keeps us on edge as we wonder where the film with go and who is killing off the contestants.

Settings: Camp Dread puts our characters in a camp creating the isolation of having nowhere to escape.
Special Effects
: Camp Dread uses great effects to create the kills making each one come off believable.

Suggestion: Camp Dread is one for all the horror fans to enjoy. (Horror Fans Watch)


Best Part: The final morning.

Worst Part: Not enough Danielle Harris.

Kill Of The Film: Drink this.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Friday the 13th Scream Style.


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Tagline: Pitch your tent, dig your grave.

Trivia: The film was shot at a real summer camp in the Poconos of Pennsylvania.


Overall: One of the best modern slasher movies out there.



Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror – Deadly Famous (2014)

deadlyDirector: Jim Lane, Eric Troop

Starring: Jackie Moore, Eric Roberts, Tiffany Adams, Stephanie Jones, Brett R Miller, Daniel O’Meara


Plot: People go missing every day and most of them won’t be missed. At least that’s what Alan, a narcissist with an inflated opinion of himself, who thinks the world is full of stupid people or ants as he calls them, believes. The world is full of dark stories about sinister figures who live off the hopes and dreams of people trying to survive. So what happens when you have a reclusive, former famous narcissist, whose side hobby is murdering young women, who’s new roommate is the perfect California blonde? Let’s just say his hobby becomes a full time occupation and the puppet master becomes the one pulling the strings.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Chilling Thriller


Story: Deadly Famous starts as we follow a mysterious stalker following a woman before brutally killing her in L.A. we move to meet Pamela (Moore) a young actress who moves in with seasoned actor Alan Miller (O’Meara) who takes his methods to the next levels. Alan is trying to get his script made while he watches Pamela given a chance of major studio film.

We get to see the dark and murderous side of Alan who does continue to show Pamela the darker side of Hollywood and where it can drive a once famous actor to commit the worst crimes.

Deadly Famous brings us a disturbing thriller which follows just how twisted a falling actor can go. This has moments real shock as we see how the actor goes with a kill of chance to the most twisted ideas to come. I would have liked to follow Pamela a lot more than we did as it could have been used to drive Alan’s motives more.  Overall the story is very twisted with most of the horror off camera.


Actor Review


Daniel O’Meara: Alan Miller is an actor who was famous in his younger years but as time has gone by he has faded from the limelight. He spends his days filming each part of his day as he goes on a killing spree while he wants to get his script made. Daniel is very creepy in the leading role.

Jackie Moore: Pamela is fresh to Hollywood; she moves in with Alan as she starts her career while making her roommate jealous of her new success. Jackie is good but I would have liked to see more from the character.

Eric Roberts: Eric Roberts plays a version of himself as he is a friend of Alan, he likes the wild party side of the lifestyle as we see him all coked up and drunk throughout. Eric gets to have fun in this role without being involved too much.

Support Cast: Deadly Famous has a supporting cast which mostly are the victim of Alan’s.

Director Review: Jim Lane, Eric TroopThe pair give us a chilling thriller.


Horror: Deadly Famous fits in the disturbing side of horror throughout.

Settings: Deadly Famous keeps the settings in and around of LA which shows the darker side of the world.
Special Effects
: Deadly Famous has good special effects even though most of the effects are off camera.

Suggestion: Deadly Famous is one for all the horror fans to try because once it gets going we are not let down. (Horror Fans Try)


Best Part: The Kills.

Worst Part: Slightly slow paced at the start.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes


Overall: Disturbingly chilling thriller that is filled with shocking kills