Isolation (2015)

Director: Shane Dax Taylor

Writer: Shane Dax Taylor, Chad Law (Screenplay)

Starring: Dominic Purcell, Luke Mably, Marie Avgeropoulos, Stephen Lang, Claudia Church, Chelsea Edmundson, Tricia Helfer


Plot: Inspired by the true events of a couple vacationing on a remote island in the Bahamas who are hunted by a group of modern-day pirates, after their identities and their lives.


Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Perfect Getaway Rip Off


Story: Isolation starts with a holidaying couple Max (Purcell) and Nina (Avgeropoulous) who get chased away by a local in William (Lang). We move onto follow another couple Creighton (Malby) and Lydia (Helfer) who are trying to put their marriage back together after his mistake, he takes her to a remote island to relax and enjoy.

Creighton and Lydia get welcomed by William and his wife Mary (Church) who invite them over for dinner, but during the dinner their apartment gets robbed and they find themselves with nothing, needing to search for help to survive.


Thoughts on Isolation


Characters – Creighton is the successful businessman that has made a terrible error in his marriage, he is trying to in his wife’s heart back and her trust, he takes on her the holiday on the remote, he is doing everything he can, he knows how much he messed up and will need to prove this in the fight to survive here. Lydia is the wife that has seen her marriage destroyed by her husband, she is willing to give him one more try though which is what we see her going through on the holiday. Max is one of the neighbours on the island, first chased off, but soon welcoming the couple with his partner Nina. William along with his wife Mary also live on the island and have chased people off before, but he welcomes Creighton and Lydia as he enjoys the life in paradise. We are left to guess which couple is the pirates here, which is interesting even if the outcome is more confusing.

PerformancesThe performances are mixed here because you have some big named talent which the film is advertised on, with Stephen Lang and Dominic Purcell, they are both fine in what is supporting roles. it is Luke Malby and Tricia Helfer that are the main leads and never get out of the blocks because while they have an interesting problem, they still are forced into silly decisions.

StoryThe story here follows a couple trying to fix their marriage on a remote island, only to find themselves needing to fight to survive against pirates who want to steal their identities. The problems mount up early in this film, first the opening scene only confuses, the second comes from their only being 3 couples and one needs to be the pirates, much like ‘A Perfect Getaway’ this movie falls into the position of just trying to keep you guessing on one couple, only to pull the rug out, only this one doesn’t even give you the rug, it points directly at one couple then decides to go, nah, it’s the other one. there is way too much talk and bonding moments between the couple’s which doesn’t need to be here. The only interesting side of the story comes from Creighton and Lydia trying to fix their marriage, only this gets forgotten in the film too.

ActionThe action is most chases and fights that are badly edited to make them feel like if you blink you might miss something big.

SettingsThe film does use the settings to its advantage, by having it set on a remote island with no phone signal, creating the isolation needed.

Scene of the Movie –

That Moment That Annoyed Me The running.

Final ThoughtsThis is a weak rip off, of A Perfect Getaway that did this story so much better, in a shocking way too, it has bland characters and story that doesn’t seem to go anywhere.


Overall: Disappointing, dull and boring.



Mission: Impossible II (2000)

logoDirector: John Woo

Writer: Robert Towne (Screenplay) Ronald D Moore, Brannon Braga (Story) Bruce Geller (TV Creator)

Starring: Tom Cruise, Dougray Scott, Thandie Newton, Ving Rhames, Richard Roxburgh, John Polson, Brendan Gleeson, Rade Serbedzija, William Mapother, Dominic Purcell


Plot: A secret agent is sent to Sydney, to find and destroy a genetically modified disease called “Chimera”


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Not As Slick As It Should Be


Story: Mission Impossible II starts yet another iconic city this time Sydney. Here we watch as Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is running a mission to capture biological weapon transfer in mid-flight but it turns out that Sean Ambrose (Scott) and his men have been undercover to take the weapon for themselves. IMF track down the real Ethan Hunt to give his latest mission which means he will have to assemble a new team which has to include Nyah Nordoff-Hall (Newton) a master thief.

When Hunt has finished recruiting Nyah he gets the details for his latest mission with an old friend. Ethan’s mission is to retrieve the stolen information from Ambrose and use Nyah to get close to him. The story follows as Hunt tries to cover the transportation of the virus while Ambrose tries to keep one step ahead of him.

Mission Impossible II really tries to add a spark to the solid and enjoyable first chapter in the Mission Impossible saga, the problem is that everything goes way too overboard making nearly every scene feel very much unbelievable and losing what looked like it would be a previously believable storyline. The idea behind the story is very simple and easy to follow but the unmasking and disguises get boring quickly now, yes it is a surprise when they do it but come on how many times can you really do it in one film? Out of the four Mission Impossible films I find this one has the weakest storyline that never manages to pull you in like the rest do. (6/10)


Actor Review


Tom Cruise: Ethan Hunt who gets his holiday interrupted to go on his latest mission impossible, where he has to talk mastermind thief into going undercover with former IMF agent trying to sell a virus on the black market. Tom continues to show his slick style in the film but he gets too many mad jumping shooting scenes that make very little sense. (7/10)


Dougray Scott: Sean Ambrose is the former agent who turns on the agency to get rich selling a virus on the black market, he keeps one step ahead of Hunt as he knows how an agent would think. Dougray makes for a good villain and to say he plays the character in a way we wouldn’t usually see a villain where he will kill the hero given half a chance. (7/10)


Thandie Newton: Nyah Nordoff-Hall is the mastermind thief who agrees to go undercover with her ex-boyfriend Ambrose but ends up getting caught up in the middle of the battle between Hunt and Ambrose. Thandie plays the beautiful almost Bond girl figure in this film very well and convinces along the way. (7/10)


Support Cast: Mission Impossible II has a supporting cast that includes Hunt’s team, Ambrose’s team and the mystery buyer, all of which help the story get to the next chapter by giving us characters to be killed off.


Director Review: John Woo – John puts his trademark staples on this film with flying shooting scenes and plenty of doves but doesn’t reach the levels we would expect form him. (6/10)


Action: Mission Impossible II has plenty of over the top action sequences with bullets flying everywhere. (7/10)

Thriller: Mission Impossible II doesn’t manager to pull you in as much as the previous instalment of the franchise. (5/10)

Settings: Mission Impossible II has the most part of the film set in Sydney which works for the threat being used by Ambrose. (8/10)

Suggestion: Mission Impossible II is still going to be one for the action fans to watch even if it isn’t as good as the rest of the franchise. (Action Fans Watch)


Best Part: Motorbike chase.

Worst Part: Too far over the top.

Action Scene Of The Film: Motorbike chase.

Favourite Quote: Mission Commander Swanbeck ‘Mr. Hunt, this isn’t mission difficult, it’s mission impossible. “Difficult” should be a walk in the park for you.’


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: Has 3 more sequels

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $546 Million

Budget: $125 Million

Runtime: 2 Hours 3 Minutes

Tagline: Expect the impossible again


Overall: This lacks the edge the first one had and ends up feeling very much over the top and out of place next to the rest.

Rating 60

Equilibrium (2002)

logoDirector: Kurt Wimmer

Writer: Kurt Wimmer (Screenplay)

Starring: Christian Bale, Dominic Purcell, Sean Bean, Sean Pertwee, William Fichtner, Taye Diggs, Emily Watson


Plot: In a Fascist future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Emotionless Action


Story: Equilibrium starts by telling us that we will have a third world war and to stop a fourth man has lost its humanity taking the idea that we can feel away from us. We meet elite team John Preston (Bale) and Partridge (Bean) who eliminate anyone caught with any items that could cause emotions. We see how they take out a whole hideout of ‘criminals’ (known as sense offenders) in an all guns blazing, picture burning style. We enter into what is a cult like city run by Father (Pertwee) who keeps the people on their drug Prozium which will cut out any emotion the people will ever have.

Discovering that his partner might have turned into a sense offender Preston has to locate and find out why he has changed and to give him a mercy killing rather than letting the leaders do it. (Yes Sean Bean does die again) this introduces Preston’s new partner Brandt (Diggs), we know have the rookie joining up with the experienced officer cliché. Preston haunted by the loss of his wife to sense offending. The latest bust finds involved a mysterious lady Mary (Watson) who starts to push Preston while he tries to discover who she is working with. After missing a dose of his medicine Preston starts to understand why everyone he was killing didn’t care because they were actually living but can he survive in a world where everyone knows when you are feeling and bring it down from the inside?

Equilibrium was doing the futuristic revolutions before any of the teenage ones we get flooded with now. I do feel the story has plenty of plot holes like how everyone seems to be on the plan for Preston and not a single person gives it away. I also do have an issue with the end, with the leader taken out and revolution happened why they saw it fit to butcher everyone who is only stuck on mind control rather than show that they had the mercy side to the humanity which they were fighting for. I also found the idea that Preston started doing everything that his partner did like he was the backup plan. On the positive I found the costumes very good with Preston starting in all black before turning to full white once he goes through the change. In the end it does lack certain storyline issues but is a simple action film. (6/10)


Actor Review


Christian Bale: John Preston at first the best agent against sense offenders who fast turns into the very person they are hunting. He ends up fighting for the resistance against the very people he has worked for. Christian gives a good performance and shows the basic emotionless performance before he starts turning to emotions. (7/10)


Taye Diggs: Brandt rookie who is assigned to work with Preston but soon picks up on the emotions he has started to feel and leads the offensive against Preston and the resistance. Taye gives a good performance but fails to match Bale’s performance. (6/10)


Support Cast: Equilibrium has a group of supporting members who all have few scene that seem to help the story unfold.


Director Review: Kurt Wimmer – Kurt does a good job directing to make a new style of combat but the story telling falls flat. (7/10)


Action: Equilibrium has jaw dropping action with fight scenes, gun battling that comes thick and fast. (9/10)

Sci-Fi: Equilibrium paints a future that we have seen before just with slightly different motives and crimes. (7/10)

Settings: Equilibrium settings are all well created to show the uniformity on wide side and the freedom on the other. (9/10)

Suggestion: Equilibrium is one for the action fans to enjoy, it has plenty going on but don’t think about enjoy any major story. (Action Fans Watch)


Best Part: Final Showdown battle.

Worst Part: Brutal killing of the innocent, but I know it was needed to show how villainous they are.

Action Scene Of The Film: Final battle.

Kill Of The Film: The sword finale


Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Ultraviolet


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $5 Million

Budget: $20 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

Tagline: Two men. One battle. No compromise


Overall: The Matrix Knight Rises

Rating 60

Blood Creek (2009)

logoDirector: Joel Schumacher

Writer: David Kajganich (Screenplay)

Starring: Henry Cavill, Dominic Purcell, Emma Booth, Michael Fassbender


Plot: When two reunited Brothers Evan (Cavill) and Victor (Purcell) seek revenge on the family that kept Victor captive. By doing this they uncover an occult and unleash a beast that dates back to the third Reich.


Verdict: occult thrills and blood spills

Story: Getting involved with the occult can open a lot of doors in horror and leave plenty of doors open for twist. This story does not use these chances very well and stays to a very linear storyline going nowhere fast. All the Third Reich beliefs give a good base for anything in horror as we all know about Hitler’s obsession with it. My biggest problem with the story is that two guys end a curse that has last over half a century in one night. (3/10)


Actor Review: Henry Cavill – Evan the brother who has been searching for the other brother for him in the missing years. Ok performance from Henry but he must be counting his lucky stars that Man of Steel came along because this won’t get him any positive reviews. (4/10)


Actor Review: Dominic Purcell – The missing brother who turns up and wants revenge on the family who held him hostage. Shows some leadership potential in the performance but not enough to control the situation and continues his slide to straight to DVD films since prison Break finished. (5/10)


Actor Review: Emma Booth – Girl on the farm who reveals the secrets of the occult activate on the farm. Makes little impact with this performance not offering anything that you will remember. (3/10)


Actor Review: Michael Fassbender – I think he is the demon but can’t be sure. If it is luckily you don’t see his face and don’t recognise him. (3/10)


Director Review: Joel Schumacher – This guy used to make good films right? Well he continues his slip off the face of the industry with this film that makes Batman & Robin look like the best in the series. (2/10)


Horror: No scares, only gets the two for the occult stuff. (2/10)

Thriller: no suspense created at all. (2/10)

Special Effects: few bits of cleverly placed blood and some good creation on the demon. (5/10)

Believability: One for you to decide how much you believe in The Third Riech. (5/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Settings: Has a good horror setting with the isolation but fails to use it. (6/10)
Oscar Chances
: None

Chances of Sequel: Sadly yes but hopefully will get a better script.

Suggestion: Sometimes it is good to see where bigger names started off and this would be a good film to show how far Cavill and Fassbender have come in a couple of years. I wouldn’t suggest this to any of my film fan friends. (Avoid)


Worst Part: The Plot


Overall: Terrible occult film


Rating 21%

Blade Trinity (2004)

Director: David S Goyer

Starring: Wesley Snipes, Kris Krisofferson, Dominic Purcell, Jessica Biel, Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey, Mark Berry, John Michael Higgins, Callum Keith Rennie, Paul Levensque, Paul Anthony, James Remar, Natasha Lyonne, Patton Oswalt

The third movie in the Blade series and guess what? they ran out of original ideas for villains and went with Dracula well Drake (Dominic Purcell) is his official name. So basically the baddie vamps lead by Danica (Parker Posey) her brother Asher and their bodyguard figure Jarko Grimewood (Triple H). These guys decide to raise Drake to help take over the world blah blah blah.

On the good guys side Blade (Wesley Snipes) has to deal with the death of Whistler ( Kris Kristofferson) when he is saved by Whistlers daughter Abigail (Jessica Biel) yes this is a major storyline plot hole but it gets explained as an unwed lock baby. she is aided by Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) and the rest of the Night Stalkers.

Both sides have ways to stop the other the vamps try to become day walkers by using Drake’s blood while the night stalkers want to create a virus that could take out the vampires forever.

David S. Goyer directs and does an OK job if u believe reports of how Wesley Snipes was meant to have behaved thought out shooting. Ryan Reynolds and Triple H steal the movie with great supporting performances.

Overall this a good movie just for a little blood splatter and fun action one liners and sequences i will give it a 81%