ABC Film Challenge – Thriller – P – President Under Siege (2016)

Director: Erik Van Looy

Writer: Erik Van Looy, Carl Joos (Screenplay)

Starring: Koen De Bouw, Tine Reymer, Charlotte Vandermeersch, Dirk Roofthooft, Stijn Van Opstal, Saskia Reeves


Plot: The Belgian prime minister is kidnapped. If he wants to be released, he must murder the American president.


Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Tense Thriller


Story: President Under Siege starts as the Prime Minster of Belgium Michael (De Boew) is ambushed and kidnapped by a group of criminals. They have his family, threatening to kill them if he doesn’t follow the instructions to kill the American President (Reeves).

With Michael following his instructions, his wife Christine (Reymer) must protect her children with her daughter Laura needing medical attention, which throws the plans from the criminals into turmoil.


Thoughts on President Under Siege


Characters – Michael is the Prime Minister of Belgium, he is about the close one of the biggest deals of his career with a meeting with the President of United States of America, but he must show his levels of commitment to his cause and his family, when he gets blackmailed into killer the President.  We get from this character a man that is pushed to his limits to do the right thing and protect his family. Christine is Michael’s wife, captured and forced to wait for her husband to complete his tasks while caring for their children. Eva is the assistant that has a secret with Michael and forced into playing into the games that are being played.

PerformancesKoen De Bouw is great in this leading role, we see his desperation to keep his family safe and the turmoil he is feel inside about which decision to make. Tine Reymer is good as the wife which is shown to be strong for the children. Charlotte makes for a good supporting character too. The performances from the whole cast are good because they all play their part in the puzzle.

StoryThe story follows the idea that a person in power is blackmailed into committing a crime which will ruin their career, life and legacy. We see how he tries to figure out a way to allude the enemies, while playing along with the game. As for twists and turns we are kept on edge wait to see where thing could go next, this is a highlight of the film and like all time-based movies, this story works for everything we are seeing.

ThrillerThis movie does keep us on the edge of our seats from start to finish, we are left to see just how everything will unfold.

SettingsWe do get multiple settings for this movie, this shows the life of the Prime Minister when it comes to having guests from America over for big announcements.

Scene of the Movie –
Alone with the President.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Strange decisions being made by the Presidents staff.

Final ThoughtsThis is an interesting thriller that does keep us guessing, it shows how politicians can be pushed to limits, even the good ones and throws up a story which would leave us wondering if it could happen in real life.


Overall: Thriller that truly does keep us guessing.