ABC Film Challenge – Action Movies – A – Assassin (2015)

Director: J.K. Amalou

Writer: J.K. Amalou (Screenplay)

Starring: Danny Dyer, Gary Kemp, Martin Kemp, Deborah Moore, Holly Weston, Natalia Ryumina


Plot: Ruthless killer for hire (Danny Dyer) breaks the rules of his profession and falls for a beautiful young woman. Discovering the notorious gangland brothers (Martin & Gary Kemp) had hired him to kill her father, his world breaks down and he must turn against his criminal employers and their gang to save the woman he loves.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Straight to DVD for a Reason


Story: Assassin starts as we see just how slick Jamie (Dyer) an assassin in London can be, he works for the Alberts John (Gary Kemp), Lee (Martin Kemp) who hire him for one a new job, but Jamie breaks the rules he put in place by having Chloe (Weston) distract him into falling in love.

When Chloe has a connection to the latest job, Jamie’s escape plan goes out the window and he is left to watch over her and see what his employees would do with her.


Thoughts on Assassin


Characters/PerformanceJamie is an assassin in and around London, he is good at his job but falls in love risking his reputation and life. John and Lee Alberts are the gangsters gone clean well they claim to have. Chloe is the druggie stripper that Jamie falls in love with who also puts up a fight when wanting to know the truth.

Performance wise, Danny Dyer isn’t known for his acting ability and it shows here as he struggles to pull off the leading role. The Kemp brothers are both filled with menace through the film but Holly Weston does struggle in the leading lady role.

StoryThe story of an assassin breaking his rules and having a hit put out on him is a story we have all seen before, it is fine, it works and this follows those trends easily without doing anything fresh.

ThrillerWe kind of figure out the routine here, we are interesting on seeing what happens to the characters involved.

SettingsLondon is a popular setting for the gangs and assassins storyline which works in places but we never see any of the iconic locations used.

Final ThoughtsI think the audience for this film will be Danny Dyer fans only, the genre has way better options out there.


Overall: Not one of the better assassin films around.





We Still Steal the Old Way (2017)

Director: Sacha Bennett

Writer: Sacha Bennett, Simon Cluett (Screenplay)

Starring: Ian Ogilvy, Julian Glover, Chris Ellison, Deborah Moore, Billy Murray, Patrick Bergin, Vaz Blackwood, Tanya Franks, Sacha Bennett, Jonathan Sothcott


Plot: The Archer Gang are back and doing a daring heist in London. Remanded in prison, they will try to break out their old friend Briggs.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: British Gangster Prison Break Edition


Story: We Still Steal the Old Way starts with Richie Archer (Ogilvy) warning Sir Edward (Glover) that if he doesn’t return the money he stole from the innocent, he will be taking it. Putting his team together Richie engages in his crime only for getting caught to be part of the plan.

The plan is to help George Briggs (Pergin) get out of prison so he can spend time with his dying wife. The plan has a spanner thrown into the works when Vic Farrow (Murray) gets himself transferred to the same prison so he can kill and get revenge on Richie. Can the plan still come together the way Richie has planned.


Thoughts on We Still Steal the Old Way


Characters/PerformanceRichie is the confident London gangster who always has a plan, he has loyal friends as well as respected by the higher ups within the crime world. Richie is happy to have a respect filled conversation and doesn’t enjoy the new world youth that is full of disrespect. Vic comes from the same world as Richie but has become the great rival against him, he is serving time waiting for his revenge to come. The rest of the characters are a mix of different associates within the crime world.

Performance wise we have good performance from Ian Ogilvy as Richie with Billy Murray being the great villain of the piece. All the performances are good with most of the cast being the guys you would expect to see in the gangster style movies. Vaz Blackwood does give us a scene stealing performance in this film too.

StoryThe story is a sequel to ‘We Still Kill the Old Way’ and this time we continue to see how Richie can keep everything under control, the story revolves around breaking one man out of prison with the problems that could intel. We do get to have moments where we see the older character’s poke fun at how things have changed in the game they have made their own.

CrimeThe crime world has been created in the first film, this is the next chapter as we see old enemies and friends work together in this gritty crime thriller.

SettingsMost of the movie takes place inside the prison which shows how the two worlds are similar for the characters involved.

Final ThoughtsNot being the biggest fan of the British Gangster films, I did find myself enjoying this because of the colourful characters not being to extremely stereotyped and the heist side of the film.


Overall: Gritty British Gangster movie that can be enjoyed by the fans of the genre.