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Sue (2021) Short Movie Review


Sue – Movie Review

Director: Nancye Ferguson

Plot: Sue Ferguson, at 97 years young, after losing her husband of 69 years, expresses to her daughter Nancye that she would like to meet a man to spend the rest of her life with. In the hopes to fulfill her mom’s dream, Nancye creates an online dating profile for Sue. After three months of trying, hope turns to disillusionment. Then magically one day Jim White, age 87 and also a widower, sends a message and Sue goes on her first online date. It was love at first sight and they are now a happy couple enjoying the adventures of a new romance. Whether it’s a trip to Puerto Vallarta, going to films, restaurants, parties, or just sitting at home watching old movies, they just love being together. It’s a mini-miracle. Sue is now 101 and living with Jim in her home. For Sue, dreams do come true.

Runtime: 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Sue

Sue is a documentary following the director trying to help her 97-year-old find love once again. It shows how the lonely Sue has many friends but at her age, finding love had becoming difficult. Using online dating, they help fulfil her dream and dive head first into the dating game.

This might only be a short documentary, but you can see the passion put into it by Nancye Ferguson. She only wants the best for her mother and for her to have what everyone wants happiness. It feels like a series of home videos covering a couple of years with Sue’s new boyfriend and gives everyone hope that love can happen at any age.

Final Thoughts Sue is a delightful short documentary about finding love at any age.

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