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Smackdown Recap – 12th August


Smackdown Recap – 12th August 2022

Match One – Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah vs Shotzi & Xia Li

In Smackdown’s first match in the tournament, we get a mix match of teams here. During the match, Sonya Deville and Natalya look to get a better view before taking a beat down from both teams. Shotzi and Xia control Aliyah through the match, teasing for the hot tag to the powerhouse Rodriguez.

Winners – Raquel Rodriguez & Aliyah

A Recap of the upcoming Roman Reigns Drew McIntyre match at Clash at the Castle. Along with the shocking return of Karrion Kross last week, leaving the question, where does he stand in the future?

Karrion Kross cuts a promo about how he was been waiting for his chase of vengeance after being cast aside in the past and how he is waiting and watching Drew McIntyre.

Next up Drew McIntyre comes to address the crowd about his upcoming match at Clash at the Castle. As well as Karrion Kross promising to deal with him later and Roman isn’t on Smackdown. As Scarlett distracts Drew, the Usos attack, who takes a stand against the best tag team in the company.

A video package looking at the history of the Intercontinental title, preparing for the match between Gunther and Nakamura later tonight. This shows the many different halls of Famers that held the title.

Ivar is about to face Kofi, but Kofi attacks the Raiders in the entry ramp before the Raiders take control leaving Kofi laid out.

Not much wrestling in this show yet.

Yet another backstage segment, as Sami Zayn looks to see the Usos, but Drew attacks, as Sami runs away, with Drew stalking him.

Match Two – Hit Row vs Brandon Scott & Trevor Owen

Three parts of Hit Row return with Swerve in AEW. Top Dolla, Ashante ‘Thee’ Adonis and B-Fab. This match was only here to show Hit Row off and test the stupid Pat McAfee poop discussion.

Winners – Hit Row

Contract Signing is next, Ronda Rousey arrives with a bag before it starts, getting a cheering reaction from the crowd, bringing the fine money in a bag. Threatening to attack anyone who tries to stop her. A confrontation with Shayna wondering why she isn’t a killer anymore. Shayna cuts a quick effective promo about how she walked through the women’s locker room and Liv Morgan is next.

Liv decides to take cheap shots at Shayna, calling her a knock-off Ronda Rousey, which only rages Shayna into an attack on the arm. Hitting the arm stomp that she took out many of the talents in NXT. Though Morgan survives the attack, with a reversed move into a bulldog through the table.

Back to Sami Zayn explaining why he didn’t help the Usos when they got attacked by Drew, demanding he steps up if he wants to be in the Bloodline. The Usos head to the ring to call out Drew McIntyre for another confrontation with him, expecting Sami to help them.

Match Three – The Usos vs Drew McIntyre & Mystery Partner

Drew hasn’t found a partner, with Drew looking to deal with the Usos alone. Madcap Moss surprises to become Drew’s partner, letting Moss take the beat down before Drew gets the hot tag. Sami Zayn distracts Drew letting the Usos take control for a new fall.

Winners – Drew McIntyre & Madcap Moss

Post-match Drew McIntrye looks to eliminate the other Usos, with Sami Zayn taking the bullet for them.

Maximum Male Models shut down a shoot, before Angel and Humberto interrupted, offering a better modelling service.

Ricochet claims he will be coming for the winner of the main event, only for Happy Corbin to leave him laying out.

Next week, Drew and Roman come face to face. The Viking Raiders host a Viking funeral for the new Day and the next match for the women’s tag team tournament, between Sonya Deville & Natalya and a hype package of Nikita Lyons & Zoey Stark.

Match Four – Intercontinental Title Match Gunther © vs Shinsuke Nakamura

The main event is one of the most anticipated hard-hitting matches fans will be getting. In a strike heave match, with Nakamura’s kicks and Gunther’s chops. Nakamura has focused on the arm of Gunther, looking to take away the power game.

Winner – Gunther

In a show that only had four matches, it moved forward with stories and teased at new ones happening in the future.

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