Signature Entertainment FrightFest Line-Up

Signature Entertainment FrightFest Line-Up

FrightFest will screen Bitch Ass in 101 Films Discovery One on Thursday 25th August at 20:15

Inspired by the SAW and DON’T BREATHE franchises, four young adults raid the house of an old woman and her bullied grandson Cecil as part of a gang initiation. What they don’t know is that Cecil is actually the “First masked Black serial killer,” to quote Tony Todd’s opening introduction, and in his super slasher guise as Bitch Ass Cecil starts picking them off one by one making his prey compete in deadly, limb-ripping games. Win and you live – lose and you die. Directed by Bill Posley & written by Jonathan Colomb & Posley, starring Teon KelleyTunde Laleye & Me’lisa Sellers.

FrightFest will screen Hounded in 101 Films Discovery Two on Friday 26th August at 13:10

Signature Entertainment presents Hounded on Digital Platforms 31st October
Signature Entertainment FrightFest

They shouldn’t have planned to rob the aristocracy. They shouldn’t have even attempted to take on an elite inner circle on their own stately home turf. And they definitely shouldn’t have got themselves caught. For now an urban gang of arrogant thieves must fight for their lives as the evil lady of the manor sets her hounds loose on her estate to hunt them down for the most twisted sport. It’s Tally Ho for tradition and terror in the survival thriller debut feature from director Tommy Boulding. Starring Samantha BondMalachi Pullar-Latchman & James Lance.

FrightFest will screen Final Cut in Main Screen on Friday 26th August at 20:30

In 2017, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD caused a FrightFest cult sensation. Now, after opening the Cannes Film Festival, the critically acclaimed French remake by Michael Hazanavicius, director of the Oscar-winning THE ARTIST, takes us back to its inception and shows all the gory tricks of the Z-movie trade needed to get it on screen in the first place. It’s the silly, excessive and cheery meta-zombie movie of the year that’s a feel-good over-the-top riot. Starring Romain Duris, Bérénice Bejo Grégory Gadebois.

FrightFest will screen Control in 101 Films Discovery Two on Sunday 28th August at 16:00

Signature Entertainment presents Control on Digital Platforms 26th September 

Get ready for a mind-bending sci-fi thriller. With a fragmented memory and no clear way out. Eileen (Sara MitichStar Trek: Discovery) is forced to complete tasks by an unseen entity whilst trapped in a mysterious room, or else her daughter will be killed. Her only clue is Roger (George TchortovKick-Ass). The man imprisoned alongside her, claiming to be her husband – thrust into a reluctant partnership. The two must work together to save Eileen’s daughter. However, nothing is truly as it seems, and very quickly, a much greater plot is unveiled – with Eileen at the centre. Control is directed by James Mark (Enhanced) and written by Mark & Matthew Nayman (Enhanced).

FrightFest will screen Terrifier 2 in Main Screen on Monday 29th August at 15:00

Signature Entertainment presents Terrifier 2 on Digital Platforms 24th October

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, demented Art the Clown returns to the timid town of Miles County where he targets a bereaved family. Especially teenage Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan. And it’s Halloween night too so pray you don’t get in deranged Art’s way! Directed & written by Damien Leone, starring Felissa RoseGriffin Santopietro & David Howard Thornton.

FrightFest will screen Fall in Main Screen on Monday 29th August at 21:00

Signature Entertainment presents Fall exclusively in Cinemas from 2nd September

Experience a heart-pounding tale of survival from the producers of 47 Meters Down. Where sacrifice may just be the only way out. A fast drop and a sudden stop awaits Becky (Grace FultonShazam!) and Hunter (Virginia GardnerHalloween) as they find themselves trapped 2,000 feet up an abandoned radio tower in the desert. Highly trained and resourceful, these climbers were still not ready for every eventuality. A series of unfortunate events see their gear and supplies taken from them and as temperatures rise and vultures begin to circle, the chance of survival begins to fall rapidly. Also starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen), Fall is produced & directed by Scott Mann (Final Score) and written by Mann and Jonathan Frank (Final Score). 

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