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Shorts (2009)


Director: Robert Rodriguez

Writer: Robert Rodriguez (Screenplay)

Starring: Jimmy Bennett, Jake Short, Kat Dennings, Trevor Gagnon, Devon Gearhart, Jolie Vanier, Rebel Rodriguez, Leo Howard, Leslie Mann, Jon Cryer, William H Macy, James Spader


Plot: When a mysterious wishing rock turns up in a small town it constantly falls into the wrong hands. What is told in a series of short stories that all fall into place creating one larger story. Told through the eyes of Toby (Bennett) who learns the value of friendship and working together.


Verdict: A good family film

Story: With moral messages coming from every angle we end up seeing how everyone should treat each other and learn not just to wish quick fixes. Each story is short enough to be entertaining and will really appeal to a younger audience. (7/10)


Actor Review: Jimmy Bennett – Toby tells the stories as well as getting bullied in school and being a loner. It is a good performance from the young man should be a stepping stone to a bright future. (7/10)


Actor Review: James Spader – The boss of the company whose power hunger mind makes him disrespectful for his employees. Good villainous role without really being something you will remember for long. (7/10)

Director Review: Robert Rodriguez – Robert likes making films for his kids and this is a perfect example of it we know he has talent and this shows he has range. (8/10)


Comedy: Good humour for younger audience. (7/10)

Family: Good family film that will keep the kids happy. (8/10)

Fantasy: Some good fantasy elements that will entertain. (7/10)

Special Effects: Some good special effects to create the wishes. (7/10)

Believability: The human nature side of the story is believable but the wishing rock is not. (3/10)

Chances of Tears: (0/10)

Settings: A small work community town creates a good setting showing how everyone knows each other and have to come together to overcome the rocks power. (7/10)

Suggestion: This is a good film to show the kids but it will not be one for adults to watch on their own. (Show To The Kids)


Best Part: Loogie wishes all going wrong.

Worst Part: The bogie monster.

Action Scene Of The Film: The final battle.

Funniest Scene: Loogie fortress.

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: No


Overall:  A good family film to show the kids.


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