Sharknado Shark Movies – What is Sand Sharks Really About?

This tongue in cheek review is on Sand Sharks and will contain spoilers.ogo

Tagline is rip off version of Jaws 2.jaws 2

Routine over the top opening sequence to introduce the sharks in the sand as the victims as motor cross

How does this film need 2 yes TWO as in more than ONE SCREENPLAY WRITERS?writing

Aqua Man’s side kick Sandy Power is in this film against villain Amanda Gore, well maybe not but they are character names in this film.aquaman

Cocky money grabbing lead character Jimmy Green as money is Green.jimmy green

Brooke Hogan is playing a doctor, I think I laugh for five minutes before realizing Tara Reid was once one and didn’t a better job.tara

Stuck up lawyer things she is too good for the location being set, she is so going to

A stupid intern who gives away all the plans.inern

Shark attack leads to chaos but the town argues over whether to close the beach where the attack happens.meeting

Rich guy puts bounty on sharks head.bounty

Town drunk promises to catch the shark for $10,000.hunter

Stereotypical hill billies try to catch shark in a rubber dingy proving the hunt will bring out all the idiots.hillbilly

Beaches stay closed line while beach is filled with people.beach

Shark eats power cables destroying any contact with the outside world leaving everyone trapped on the power

Power gets cut by shark because that is what all villains do.power cut

Shark decides to just stalk Sandy on the beach rather than jump attack, well maybe it was just checking out Brooke.checcking out

Worst reaction to shark attack EVER.reaction

Character named Sparky gets electrocuted, but blows up a sand shark.sparky

Brooke Hogan goes to the scientific school previously attended by ark Wahlberg for Transformers of learn fancy words that make them sound smart but look stupid.walhberg

Just when they think everything is safe we have to deal with a new shark attack.think again

Shark kills lawyer, told you so.told you so

Shark attacks the party killing hundredsshark attack

I love you on characters death bed cliché.death bed

Scientist has super spray to lead sharks away.spray

Asshole gets chance to redeem himself.villain

Trap set that sounds like one of Freddie’s in Scooby Doo.plan

Beethoven music attracts sharks.beethben

Blowing up sharks while having buckets of blood thrown on you.fake blod

It’s not over.not over


  1. Those memes are great. Esp the Lion King one. Alone in the Dark really was a bad film (shudders). And I didn’t even see all of it. From all accounts it has one of the worst love scenes ever apparently.

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