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Blindfire (2020) Movie Review

Advertisements Blindfire is an interesting thriller, putting up plenty of questions Director: Michael Nell Writer: Michael Nell (Screenplay) Starring: Brian Geraghty, Sharon Leal, Bethany Joy Lenz, Jim Beaver, Edwina Findley, Chike Okonkwo, Wayne Brady Plot: Lives are left in pieces after a white cop responds to a hostage call and kills the Black suspect, only … Continue reading Blindfire (2020) Movie Review

Spycies (2019) Movie Review

Advertisements ABC Film Challenge – Animation – Z – Spycies (2019). This is under Z because of co-director Zhiyi Zhang. Director: Guillaume Ivernel, Zhiyi Zhang Writer: Stephane Carraz, Michel Pages, Zhiyi Zhang (Screenplay) Starring: (Voice Talents) Kirk Thornton, Dino Andrade, Salli Saffioti, Karen Strassman, Jamieson Price Plot: Vladimir and Hector, two secret agents opposed in … Continue reading Spycies (2019) Movie Review

MEAD (2022) Movie Review ‘Wonderfully Ambitious’

Advertisements MEAD – Wonderfully Ambitious Director: J. Allen Williams Writer: J. Allen Williams, Jan Strnad (Screenplay) Starring: Samuel Hunt, Robert Picardo, Lillie Young, Shawn Young, Voice Talents) Patton Oswalt, Patrick Warburton Plot: A fugitive starship (MEAD) and a lone passenger (Fritz) evade earth forces utilizing their ability to project the passengers’ thoughts creating illusions that … Continue reading MEAD (2022) Movie Review ‘Wonderfully Ambitious’

A Yeti Adventure (2017) Movie Review

Advertisements ABC Film Challenge – Animation – Y – A Yeti Adventure (2017) Director: Pierre Greco, Nancy Florence Savard Writer: Pierre Greco, Andre Morency (Screenplay) Starring: (Voice Talents) Sylvie Moreau, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Rachid Badouri, Alexandrine Warren, Stephane Crete Plot: Quebec City, 1956. Nelly Maloye, an ebullient novice detective, accidentally crosses paths with Simon Picard. An … Continue reading A Yeti Adventure (2017) Movie Review

The Ghost and the Tout Too (2022) Movie Review

Advertisements The Ghost and the Tout Too – Movie Review Director: Michael Akinrogunde (Films) Writer: Uyoyou Adia, Yusuf Carew, Akay Ilozobhie (Screenplay) Cast Toyin Abraham Osas Ighodaro Mercy Johnson Okojie Alexander Abolore Lateef Adedimeji Plot: A woman who can reluctantly communicate with ghosts tries to help the spirit of a woman whose body is in … Continue reading The Ghost and the Tout Too (2022) Movie Review

Burn Country (2016) Movie Review

Advertisements Burn Country is a standard small town America crime story Director: Ian Olds Writer: Ian Olds, Paul Felten (Screenplay) Starring: Dominic Rains, Melissa Leo, James Franco, Rachel Brosnahan, Thomas Jay Ryan, Tim Kniffin Plot: A former Afghan journalist seeking asylum discovers the dark underbelly of his new small-town home in Northern California. Runtime: 1 … Continue reading Burn Country (2016) Movie Review

The Drone (2019) Movie Review

Advertisements The Drone is a fun movie which knows it isn’t being taken seriously. Director: Jordan Rubin Writer: Al Kaplan, Jon Kaplan, Jordan Rubin (Screenplay) Starring: Alex Essoe, John Brotherton, Anita Briem, Gonzalo Menendez, Sam Adegoke, Neil Sandilands, Simon Rex, Rex Linn Plot: A newlywed couple is terrorized by a consumer drone that has become … Continue reading The Drone (2019) Movie Review

The Skunk Ape Experiments (2022) Movie Review

Advertisements The Skunk Ape Experiments Movie Review Director: Stacy Brown Jr Plot: Brown leads his bearded cast on three different investigations that are woven together to keep the experience moving as the team explores the central Florgator-investigator-infested hell-hole – Myakka River State Park. These investigations look into what feral beasts hide in the swamps, whether … Continue reading The Skunk Ape Experiments (2022) Movie Review

Astro Kid (2019) Movie Review

Advertisements ABC Film Challenge – Animation – W – Astro Kid (2019). This is under W because of the lead character Willy. Director: Eric Tosti Writer: David Alaux, Eric Tosti, Jean-Francois Tosti (Screenplay) Starring: (Voice Talents) Landen Beattie, Jason Anthony, Laura Post, Keith Silverstein, Susan Myres Plot: Upon the destruction of their ship, Willy is … Continue reading Astro Kid (2019) Movie Review


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