Leave a comment as a request and I will try to give you my opinion on that movie. if you want me to review your film contact me at

12 comments on “Requests

  1. I am considering watching the original, as I hear (depending who you talk to) it is the better of the two. Though I have heard from other’s that Rooney Mara’s version is truer to the book “Lisbeth”… Though I am also hearing that both are equally good in their own right. So yeah, don’t really know where I stand on that as have not yet seen both. The Daniel Craig/Rooney Mara one is really loyal to the book. There are some slight changes but in the scheme of things, I consider it a pretty solid adaptation. If you see the new one, would love to hear your take on each, and which one you liked better.

  2. Hello

    My indiefilm Cabin of Errors is on Amazon Prime. Free to view with a Prime membership.

    I don’t know if you’d be interested in reviewing it, but if you would here’s the link. Thanks for your time, and have a great day.,TopLeft,0,0_AC_SX118_SY170_QL70&keywords=cabin+of+errors&dpPl=1&dpID=51pEQA-fgrL&ref=plSrch

    Isaac Platizky

    • I did watch episode 1, I do however struggle to fit TV shows in my schedule, it might be a month or so before I get around to watching completely, I am not keen on the full seasons releases in one go, I like the old once a week format (even though i did watch Stranger Things and The Crown in the days of release)

  3. Are you going to review the ‘Into The Dark’ movies on Hulu? They are short separate horror movies under the anthology umbrella of ‘Into The Dark’. They have been going with one for each holiday theme. ‘The Body’ for Halloween. ‘Flesh & Bone’ for Thanksgiving. ‘Pooka’ for Christmas. And on December 28th ‘New Year New You’. They have been all different types of horror and lower budget yet fun.

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