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Recap on Resident Evil Episode 2 The Devil You Know


Resident Evil – Episode 2 – The Devil You Know

Director: Bronwen Hughes


There will be spoilers for the episode below

Recap on Resident Evil Episode 2 The Devil You Know

After Jade’s daring escape into the infected, she is willing to do anything to escape Umbrella. Baxter is waiting for her to accept their rescue. While a stranger has his own plan to escape, seeing Jade join him. Even if he doesn’t last that much longer.

In 2022, Billie has survived the attack, somehow, as the sisters look to escape the facility. Saved by their father Albert, who could be the only one to save them from the attack. Covering up the attack to save his girls. Albert explains to the boss Evelyn Marcus who wants answers to the incident.

Back in 2036, Jade looks to find a way across the channel, turning to a former connection in Dover. The town is now under Umbrella protection, meaning Jade will need to sneak around. She learns that the captain has become infected, and his wife is keeping her locked up in the bathroom.

In 2022, Albert is checking up on Billie, trying to make sure she hasn’t become infected. Jade starts researching what happened in the Tijuana branch of Umbrella. A facility that has seen an incident happen previously. This has forced the research to move to New Raccoon City. Albert starts looking into the side effects of the bite, using his position to learn what might happen to his daughter.

Returning to 2036, Baxter is still on the trail of Jade. Meanwhile Jade has turned to a tavern searching for a captain who will take her across the channel. Stealing her way towards a pass, but Umbrella isn’t going to let her escape that easily.

In 2022, Albert needs to answer questions from Evelyn, who still demands the product be put on sale in 2-months. She exposes his need to remain injected on a daily basis to maintain his life. Billie isn’t seeing an improvement in her wound. As Jade finds someone else who was in the previous facility and knows the Wesker name. Billie sees her beloved dog turn on her, as a more violent side starts to come out.

What to look out for next time?

Albert Wesker’s connection to the previous facility

What does older Billie want from older Jade?

What does Albert take each day?

Can older Jade get across the channel?

How dangerous is younger Billie becoming?

Short Verdict

The change in Billie is becoming the biggest mystery in the show. In previous Resident Evil’s the infection is usually a lot quicker, so what is making her transformation slower. Learning more about Albert and his past is going to drive the series forward.

In the future side of things, it does feel a lot slower, it is mostly the same, Jade goes from one location to the next, being hunted down by Umbrella. They will kill everyone to get to her.

The split is still causing a lot of pacing issues here. In this episode, not enough time is given to the future Jade, which already feels repetitive.

Final Thoughts: The continuing build to something bigger is there but this slower episode, doesn’t unleash enough of the mystery. 3/5

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