Plastic (2014) Movie Review


Director: Julian Gilbey

Writer: Chris Howard, Sacha Bennett, Julian Gilbey (Screenplay)

Starring: Ed Speleers, Will Poulter, Alfie Allen, Sebastian De Souza, Emma Rigby, Thomas Kretschmann

Plot: Sam and Fordy run a credit card fraud scheme, but when they steal from the wrong man, they find themselves threatened by a sadistic gangster. They need to raise £2m and pull off a daring diamond heist to clear their debt.

Tagline – Hustle. Heist. Repeat.

Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Plastic starts when four college students Sam (Speleers), Fordy (Poulter), Yatesey (Allen) and Rafa (De Souza) have been running a credit card fraud scheme out of their dorm room. When the guys rob the wrong person, they will find a sadistic gangster Marcel (Kretschmann) who puts them in the position of needing to pay 2 grand a week or get 2 million in two weeks.

This will see the boys recruit Frankie (Rigby) who works for a credit card company, as they travel to Miami to target the biggest spenders to make the money and escape their debts.

Thoughts on Plastic

ThoughtsPlastic will follow ambitious criminal students that are looking to make money quick of big spenders with credit fraud, that somehow manage to turn their small time business into an international diamond heist within a matter of weeks to clear their names. This is a story that is incredibly hard to suspend your disbelief, as the increase in their heist is so dramatic, it doesn’t make you believe it could possibly happen. The four main characters do fall into the typical figures we would expect to see in a heist team, the leader, the calm smarter one, the loose cannon and the one easily led astray. The younger cast all works well through the film, with the gangster figures being the over the top, which is needed in this environment. The style everything unfolds is everything we have seen in the heist genre through the years, where everyone has their own way to stay ahead of the game.

Final ThoughtsPlastic is a flashy, entertaining heist movie that goes big.

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