The Simpsons Challenge – Season 3 – Episode 3 – When Flanders Failed

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 3 – When Flanders Failed

Couch Gag – This time we get a dance before finishing on the sofa.

Plot SynopsisNed Flanders opens a mall store catering to lefties. Homer, however, wishes Flanders would fail.

What is going on reallyWe start with Homer getting invited along with his family to Flanders’ barbeque but Homer is in the mood of not liking how Ned seems to be better off than his family doesn’t want to go.

Refusing to go he gets tempted by the smell of the barbeque and heads to the barbeque. The barbeque has an alternative motive to announce Ned is leaving his job to open a Left-Handed Shop.

Marge also becomes concerned the Bart is watching too much television but ends up seeing an advert to learn karate, this gives Homer an excuse to go to the mall to check on the store which isn’t going well.

When Homer sees his friends and people around Springfield struggling with lack of left handed equipment he doesn’t help but when he sees the shop fail Homer goes out his way to save Ned, while Bart learns his lesson about faking taking karate lessons.

Star Character

Ned Flanders

Final ThoughtsThis is a strong episode because we get to see how Ned and Homer are friends even though Homer acts like he hates him. It shows how the town can come together to help each other too.

Rating 4.5/5

The Dam (2011)

damDirector: Sohan Roy

Writer: Sohan Roy (Screenplay)

Starring: Joushua Smith, Vimala Raman, Ashish Vidtarthi, Vinay Rai, Linda Arsenio, Thampy Anthony


Plot: After many years two mariners return to homeland with the hope of a new beginning, little did they know about a disaster that would change their destiny.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Not What it Says on the Tin


Story: The Dam starts as Captain Frederick Brown (Smith) is selling his newest book Dam999 as we flashback to learn the story behind the book. On the cruise liner Captain Brown is with his wife Raziya (Burman) and close friend Vinay (Rai) and his son Samuel (Rath) who are all heading to Vinay home searching for a cure for Sam’s diabetes.

As we follow the idea of lost love between Vinay and Meera (Raman) everything takes place in a small town next to the Dam built by the ancestors of Captain Brown and Sandra (Arsenio) the wife of Vinay arrives in the town. The town is being run by a corrupt Mayor who has cheaped out on the new dam which upon opening becomes a threat to everyone in the town.


Thoughts on The Dam


StoryWhen you look at the story I can’t help but find this miss-sold because this is very much a love story about following fate or your heart what could have been or what could be with a disaster tagged on the end of the film. This is all fine but it does feel very long in places making us lose interest in wait for the disaster event to actually happy.

Adventure/Thriller The adventure side of the story doesn’t really come through until the disaster moments of the film and with that we get some tense final moments on the dam disaster idea, the problem is the early stages take too long to get going.

Characters/PerformanceThe characters all feel like they have been perfectly pick to deal with the situations of the love story going on and have all the different dynamics going on for the characters without the shock value. When you look at the performances well let’s just say they are not the best and keep it at that.

SettingsThe settings all work giving us the traditional location for the characters with the location next to the dam just part of the bigger story.

Special EffectsThis is subject that I can’t really say anything good about so I will be keeping away from the criticism of it all.

Final ThoughtsThis is mostly an endless love story of how love can never die with the disaster storyline is just tagged on really.


Overall: Be carefully what you go into this one looking for.




2017 Watched List – Part 14

2017 Movie Watched List

Movie Watched list are always interesting to read to see what order people watch films in, over the past two years I have started doing watched lists with two different styles to talk about the over 1000 movies I had seen. This year I decided to mix it up once more. This time I will be listing the films in 10 like before and then picking just my favourites on a couple of subject’s I am picking favourites over best because sometimes the best films are difficult re-watches which is why I like the term favourite.

Here is 131 – 140

1.    The Great Wall

2.    Beauty and the Beast 2017

3.    Backdraft

4.    The Appearing

5.    Groundhog Day

6.    Metropolis

7.    The Fast and the Furious

8.    2 Fast 2 Furious

9.    The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

10.  Fast & Furious


Favourite Film

I have picked this as my favourite because it is iconic, you can see how influential it was to modern cinema and is truly something special.

Worst Film
The Appearing

This was dull and awful throughout.

Favourite Character
Gaston – Beauty and the Beast

How fun can a villain be, well this is the most entertaining part of the film and a villain that is easily the highlight of the film.

Worst Character
Matt Damon – The Great Wall

This character was so plain and averagely boring for a leading man in an action film I can’t even remember his name.

Star Performance
Luke Evans – Beauty and the Beast

To steal the show it always hard but to be a villain against a Disney Princess is all the harder, this is his best performance of his career to date.

Any other question you would like to know about the selection feel free to leave a comment and I will answer or maybe even add to future Watched Lists.

The Answer (2017)

Director: Iqbal Ahmed

Writer: Iqbal Ahmed (Screenplay)

Starring: Austin Hebert, Alexis Carra, David S lee, Adam Shapiro, Mark Deklin


Plot: After being attacked, an introverted young man must follow clues left by his dead parents in order to figure out who is after him – and who he really is.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Interesting Sci-Fi Thriller


Story: The Answer starts as we meet Bridd Cole (Hebert) a mild-mannered office delivery man, he has the ability to see things happening before disaster strikes and an early moments romance with new office worker Charlotte (Carra) makes everything look like a simple romantic drama, but No.

Things take a turn when masked me attempt to attack Bridd leaving him and Charlotte needing to go on the run for their lives. Armed with only a technology left by his deceased mother Bridd and Charlotte must look for the answers to just what is happening to his life.


Thoughts on The Answer


Characters/PerformanceBridd is your everyday man, he has a routine job that he doesn’t enjoy as he just goes about being normal as possible. He must deal with the change in his life as he learns his true identity. Charlotte is the office temp that starts with a first date with Bridd but ends up having to go on the run with his. Leader is the one controlling the people after Bridd but we don’t learn much about him until late into the film.

Performance wise, Austin Hebert works very well in this role, he doesn’t have the full action man look which is what we need from it. Alexis Carra is good as the strong streetwise female lead with David S Lee doing well as the villainous leader.

StoryThe story of an everyday person learning their true identity is a film we have done before and it takes a lot to find something fresh in the genre. This does that very well as we are left wondering just where everything will go and how big the situation is. Sure we do borrow from other films in places but overall this does grab your attention with the story from start to finish.

Romance/Sci-FiThe romance side of this film puts our main two characters on the journey for answers which is fine as it is a tool used to create opposites working together. The sci-fi side of everything comes once we learn more about Bridd and just what his involvement in the bigger picture is.

SettingsThe locations used are what you would expect from the genre of film about people on the run, none of them define any moment in the story.

Special EffectsThe effects are used well when needed but you can see the budget holding things back in places.

Final ThoughtsIf you like a god sci-fi mystery this one is for you to try.


Overall: Give it a go.




Opinion Battles Results Favourite Asian Language Film

Opinion Battles Results

Favourite Asian Language Film

This round we have had an excellent selection of Asian Language Films but just which one was the most popular?


Choice – Battle Royale and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Players – Movie Rob, Emma, S.G. Liput

Points – 1.5


Choice – Seven Samurai

Players – Tom

Points – 6


Choice – My Neighbour Totoro

Players – Table 9 Mutant

Points – 12

If you want to take part in the next round, we are looking at Which Animated Movie Should NEVER be Made into Live Action

send you choices to

Closing Date – Saturday 24th June 2017

Here is the table, (Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews, Kim – Tranquil Dreams, J – Film & Nuance, Cinema Parrot Disco, Rob – Movie Rob, Damien Riley – Riley Film Reviews, Emma – Emma Explains It All, S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason, Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews, Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews, Kira – Film and Tv 101, Allie – Often Off Topic, Ben – Views From The Sofa, Mike –, Carl Wonders – Listening to Film) can anyone take this league by storm like last year?