Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 7 Moondust

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 7 Moondust

In the episode we moon landing is about to happen which has captured the attention of Prince Philip like most of the world, he has started to become bored with his everyday routine, wishing he could have done more outside of his royal responsibilities leading him to have a mid-life crisis.

With the landing on the moon changing what man could achieve, Philip goes in search for his new challenges including trying to get to the stars himself, risking his own life to try and push the boundaries of what a plane could handle. While a priest wants to open a building that is previous unoccupied on the grounds to help other people reaching middle aged and losing enthusiasm for life.

When a chance to meet the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins presents itself, Prince Philip sees it as a chance to meet three men he would have inspired to be, asking for time alone to talk shop with them.

This episode is a Philip heavy one which ones against highlights how Prince Philip gave up a lot of his ambition to be part of the royal family, Tobias Menzies steals this episode with his acting and shows us just how content his life has become living this life of opening brick factories over having his own adventures. This episode is big on focus on a major event in history and how the Royal Family was watching over them from a far, without being a big part of it.

Rating 8/10


Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 6 Tywysog Cymru

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 6 Tywysog Cymru

In this episode the government puts forward the idea of sending Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) to a Welsh school for a term in Aberystwyth, to learn Welsh so he could fulfil his duties of the Prince of Wales in the future, being able to address the people in their own native language.

Prince Charles finds himself learning from a Welsh Nationalist one of many who don’t see the point of his future role, while not being against Charles himself, but being against the Crown’s vision of Wales.

As Prince Charles spends his time in the school he shows the position he is facing with no experience or no knowledge of Wales, while the teacher learns that he is just a young man that is being thrown into this position. After Charles learns more about what the problems are between the Welsh and the Royals, he starts to adapt his speech to make a difference to show he will be there to support and represent the people correctly.

This is the first Prince Charles episode of the series, we barely get a look at the rest of the characters, with Josh O’Connor doing an excellent job as the royal, this does show that the royal family can learn to adapt and that they will do anything to learn about a culture they believe they have distant from. It might not be as slow as the previous episodes, but it shows the import royal duties the family has.

Rating 7/10

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 5 Coup

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 5 Coup

In this episode Harold Wilson is facing pressure from the media about how he has been running the economy, which sees him turning to the defence sectary Lord Mountbatten (Charles Dance) to be relieved of his duties, only the highly-respected man is only seen as a sacrifice in the media.

The Queen is seeing her horses not perform to the levels they once would and is encouraged to travel to learn more about the evolution of the horse racing industry, while the pound is struggling to compete on the worldwide market needing to be devalued, with great embarrassment to Harold Wilson.

With The Queen away, Lord Mountbatten has been offered a chance to lead a coup against Harold Wilson, one he isn’t 100% but he would like to see a change, performing his research we see just how much he will support this big idea.

With the idea in place Queen Elizabeth II is the only person that could make the coup happen and being cousin to Lord Mountbatten makes it a difficult personal decision, she must decide on whether she wants to back a plan which could change England forever or continue to support Harold Wilson.

This is another episode which isn’t as interesting as the first couple, it is more about what is happening with the government, rather than focusing on the Crown, there is a small side story that shows the Queen and her passion for horse racing which is the highlight of the episode. We do get the reflection of a life that Queen Elizabeth II would have like to do and one where she is left to make the hard decisions, which is always compelling to see.

Charles Dance is the welcome addition to the new cast and you know he will give excellent speech moments, which he does save from being just another scheming scene too, but the lack of Helena Bonham Carter and Tobias Menzies is noticeable in this episode.

Rating 5/10

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 4 Bubbikins

Recap & Review – The Crown Season 3 – Episode 4 Bubbikins

In this episode we start in Athens in 1967 with the closure of an Order, Prince Philip is touring America being interviewed on the finically side of the royal family running, while an ambitious Scotish reporter is planning an article which states the problem with royal family, which the Labour Party wants to jump on.

Harold Wilson must confront the Queen about the alarming misworded quote about the pay rise the royal family has never asked for, while already living a life of luxury compared to the rest of the country, which sees Philip wanting to increase the funds available to the royal family.

Prince Philip’s plan is to invite the BBC to shot a documentary following the Royal Family around to show the hard work they are doing behind the doors of Buckingham Palace, while Princess Alice of Greece (Jane Lapotaire) is the in the middle of the coup happening in Greece, she gets an open invitation to stay with the Royal Family.

While the documentary gets to show the behind the doors look at the Royal Family, it becomes one of the most watched shows on television and the same journalist John Armstrong rips the show to shreds continuing his branding of the royal family a waste of taxpayer’s money.

This is one slow episode, it is focused on the divide between the people and the royal family and how they will do something outside the normal in a documentary, which doesn’t help their case, with only Harold Wilson being honest enough to the Queen. The performances are again flawless without dropping in any case, it just isn’t the most interesting chapter of the royal life.

Rating 6/10

James Bond Month – GoldenEye (1995)

Director: Martin Campbell

Writer: Jeffrey Caine, Bruce Feirstein (Screenplay) Michael France (Story)

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Sean Bean, Izabella Scorupco, Famke Janssen, Joe Don Baker, Judi Dench, Robbie Coltrane


Plot: James Bond teams up with the lone survivor of a destroyed Russian research center to stop the hijacking of a nuclear space weapon by a fellow Agent formerly believed to be dead.

Tagline – When the world is the target and the threat is real, you can still depend on one man. 

Runtime: 2 Hours 10 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Most Action Packed Bond


Story: GoldenEye starts with James Bond (Brosnan) joined by 006 Alec Trevelyan (Bean) on the latest mission, one that goes wrong, seeing Alec executed and James escaping. James starts his latest mission 9-years-later investigating a Georgian woman Xenia Onatopp (Janssen) who has connections to a criminal group operating in Russia.

When the group launch their first attack, James must search for the lone survive Natalya Simonova (Scorupco), first to find out what was being worked on in the apparent abandon satellite facility and soon stop an old friend that has changed sides.


Thoughts on GoldenEye


Characters – James Bond still sees himself, charming the ladies, completing the missions, enjoying a drink. This latest mission will see him come face to face with an old friend, which will see him face his toughest enemy, a man he once trusted. Alec Trevelyan is the fellow 00 agent who James believed died in action. He didn’t and now he has been working with the Russians to become richer than God (his words), he does hold a grudge against James, with this being a chance to kill two birds with one stone, he will become the most difficult enemy to face because of his knowledge of how James operates. Natalya works in the satellite facility, she becomes a target after not being killed, which makes her one of the few people in the world that could disarm the bomb that is being planned to be released. Xenia Onatopp is the henchwoman in this case, military trained, willing to kill anybody, she even enjoys killing her victims.

PerformancesPierce Brosnan in his first outing as Bond is great to watch, he mixes the charm of the most popular, with the action presence needing to make the character his own. Sean Bean brings us one of the best villains to the franchise, he makes his character feel like a try terrorist over super villain. Famke Janssen as the henchwoman is strong, she does make the character her own, but it is the lack of character behind Izabella Scorupco that struggles the most in this film.

StoryThe story here sees James take on one of his closest enemies, in Alec a former agent turned terrorist that is planning on sending England back to the stone age. This story does seem to bring everything into a more personal level for James, it feels fresh from the last few outings, it does have the longest gap between the film to date. We do seem to have the most realistic battle between hero and villain because Alec could easily be James himself if he was to turn, they know each other’s tricks. For me this is easily the most entertaining story we have seen, as we do start to lose some of he sexist behaviour James was known for.

Action/AdventureThe action in this film is easily the best the franchise has offered to date, we have the tank chase through St Petersburg before the train collision with a tank, even the fight sequences feel more intense in this film. The adventure takes James around the world once more, this time we go through Russia and Cuba to save the world.

SettingsThe settings takes us to the known locations we are used to seeing, this does however have one of the most memorable endings in any Bond film with the hidden satellite dish.

Scene of the Movie –
The old friend returns.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Alan Cumming’s generic Russian accent.

Final ThoughtsThis is easily the best Bond movie in the franchise to date, it has the most intense villain for James to face and a personal story for James to take on.


Overall: Pure action entertainment.