Weird Science (1985)

Director: John Hughes

Writer: John Hughes (Screenplay)

Starring: Anthony Michael Hall, Kelly LeBrock, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, Bill Paxton Suzanne Snyder, Judie Aronson, Robert Downey Jr


Plot: Two high school nerds attempt to create the perfect woman, but she turns out to be more than that.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: 80’s Teen Comedy Fun


Story: Weird Science starts as we meet our two social outcasts high school students Gary Wallace (Hall) and Wyatt Donnelly (Mitchell-Smith) who tired of being shunned by the girls at school, decide to build their perfect woman on a computer. This creates their perfect woman, Lisa (LeBrock) who they gave intelligence to go with her sexiness.

Lisa shows the boys a good time as well as teaching them to stand up for themselves be it Wyatt over his military school brother Chet (Paxton) or Gary when it comes to talking to woman. The two boys learn so much from Lisa so they will be ready for the real world.


Thoughts on Weird Science


Characters/PerformanceGary is the slightly more confident of the two boys, he stays positive through all the bad things that have happened to the two, but he can get them in trouble too. Wyatt is the constantly worrying of the two, he is the computer whiz that does the technical side of creating Lisa. Lisa is the created woman that finds a way to bring out the best in the boys as she is a free spirit that will let the boys see the new vision on life.

Performance wise, Hall was one of the go to teen stars of the time and this shows why he was great in these geek like roles, Mitchel-Smith was also good through the film too showing he could handle the teen comedy genre. Kelly LeBrock fits the role perfectly looking the part needed for the sexy woman the boys couldn’t understand.

StoryThe story does follow two nerds that don’t fit in getting shown the way to fit in by just being themselves rather than trying to impress others. This story fits into the 80 style of storytelling with an over the top idea into a fantasy film.

Comedy/Romance/Sci-FiThe comedy clicks for the time even if some moments do come off dated in places with the romance being teen romance which is all fine and the sci-fi comes from being able to create your own woman.

SettingsThe settings show us the different environment Gary and Wyatt must go into to fit in as well as keeping the home comfortable for them.

Final ThoughtsWhen it comes to 80s film this will must go down as one of the best, parts have dated now but this still does what teen comedies should do throughout.


Overall: Classic 80s teen comedy.





ABC Film Challenge – What I Enjoyed in 2017 – Q

What I Enjoyed in 2017


This month I won’t be doing reviews at all, just a small discussion on this character from this film.

Queen Victoria – Victoria and Abdul

Why I’ve Picked this choiceLet’s all be honest, Q is going to be one of the hardest letters on any of these lists, I also doubt it will be the only time I use the word Queen to get through this idea. In this film Queen Victoria is bored with her royal appointments until she meets the Indian man Abdul who breaths new life into the Queen, which turns into a nice drama with a splash of comedy that recounts a moment in history we tried to erase.

2017 Award Worst Horror

2017 Award

Worst Horror

January is here and that means award season and for the whole of January I will be looking at a range of best and worst subjects, before going into what I think are the true best nominations.


Don’t Hand Up

Don't Hang Up Poster


The Bye Bye Man

Open Water 3: Cage Dive






Open Water 3: Cage Dive

Reason – Wow this was a bad selection of horrors, we had terrible sequels, reboots, prequels and a few original ideas that just didn’t work, but this one must take the worse film of the year.

Here is why, it is the third film about people being left in the ocean, seriously how many times do you need to do the same thing, it is called Cage Dive, they are in the cage for about 1 minute of the movie and make the worst decisions in the history of movies.

The Texture of Falling (2018)

Director: Maria Allred

Writer: Maria Allred (Screenplay)

Starring: Maria Allred, Benjamin Farmer, Patrick D Green, Donny Persons, Julie Webb


Plot: Louisa (Julie Webb) is a filmmaker reeling from a recent professional dejection, who meets Luke (Patrick Green), a pianist experiencing his own artistic crisis. Despite a long-term relationship with Ati, (Donny Persons), Louisa is intrigued by Luke. As Louisa falls for him, her skepticism of romantic love begins to unravel as she surrenders to her passions. But as Louisa and Luke’s romance blooms, a simultaneous story arises as Michael (Benjamin Farmer), a wayward architect estranged from his wife, meets Sylvia, an enigmatic painter. But are these parallels merely a coincidence?

Tagline – An intricate tapestry of love, power dynamics, and artistic drive weaves through Portland, Oregon’s picturesque cityscape and begs the question, what is real?

Runtime: 1 Hour 25 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Smart Thriller


Story: The Texture of Falling starts as we meet filmmaker Louisa (Webb) that is struggling with her work, who bumps into Luke (Green) a man she had previously met at a film gathering even though Louisa is in a dwindling relationship. We also follow Michael (Farmer) an architect who isn’t enjoying the company of his wife who meets artist Sylvia (Allred) that opens new doors for experiences for him.

Just when things start to look promising for the four, things start to go badly as the previous current relationships show the importance of where they want to be going.


Thoughts on The Texture of Falling


Characters – Louisa is a filmmaker that is struggling with her latest project, she has put added pressure on herself to succeed with this project, but a spark with musician Luke distracts her from this only to leave her right where she started. Luke is a musician that previously worked with Louisa on projects, but now he is also lost with his carer which drives him to the arms of Louisa even if it does mean losing he kids or not. Sylvia is an artist that gets involved with Michael the architect, she pushes him to new limits, while having an air of mystery about her. Michael is an architect that has never come out of his comfort zone until he meets Sylvia a woman that shows him something new away from his wife.

PerformancesThe performances across the film are good with Julie Webb giving the strongest as down on her luck and inspiration filmmaker, I feel we do spend slightly more time with her and Patrick Green and they work well together. Maria Allred pulls double duty, both behind the camera and on front and you can see her talent through as a director with her use of visuals in the movie.

StoryThe story follows two different relationships play out with four people who have their own problems which could stop them finding their way to make everything work out. Everything plays out to give us a real relationship feeling and by the end of the film everything will be turned on its head for you.

ThrillerThis does a thriller side to things as we see how things could be going wrong.

SettingsThe settings keep us in Portland which is a big city showing the people from different worlds can collide.

Scene of the Movie –
The final 10 minutes.

That Moment That Annoyed Me Michael really can’t pour champagne

Final ThoughtsThis an enjoyable relationship based drama thriller that shows how difficult it can be when meeting people in the life which could change it, with a twist that will surprise you.


Overall: Smart drama thriller that reflects moments of real life.