Oscar Winners Early Work 5 – Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore won her first Oscar in 2015 for Still Alice but what roles have we forgotten about that made us all love and respect the talented actress. I would say there are some brilliant films that went under the radar but also some terrible ones in there too, though her performance was never in question. An interesting fact is that she replaced Jodie Foster in two roles one being Clarice Starling in Hannibal and later in the Carrie remake.

I will start with just a couple of mentions that being ‘Chloe‘ and easily forgettable thriller, and ‘Blindness‘ a brilliant and underrated sci-fi where everyone suddenly goes blind except Moore’s character.

5. Brenda Martin – Freedomland (2006)freedomland

Brenda is the victim of car theft but her child is in the car at the time, this leads to her working with detective Council (Samuel L Jackson). This thriller went under the radar and is filled with twists but most people lost a lot of money.

4. Telly Paretta – The Forgotten (2004)forgetton

Telly wakes up one day and nobody has any memory of her child, what follow is searching for the truth and while the twist is shocking many people slammed it as being lazy.

3. Lila Crane – Psycho (1998)psycho

In what is wildly considered one of the worst remakes solely because it was a shot for shot remake this mega cast but this was slammed.

2. Dr Anne Eastman – The Fugitive (1993)fugitive

In what is a very small role in a very popular film most of her role got cut.

1. Benny and Joon (1993)bennt

In what is one of the most entertaining films of the early 90’s that really showed how big of a star Johnny Depp was going to be, Moore took the role of love interest of the titular Benny.


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