Opinion Battles

opinion battles

Opinion Battles Year 4 – Monthly

For the fourth year we are going to be cutting the game back to just monthly for now. The new subjects will be published on the dates below and be the first Saturday of the month. The closing date will be the Friday before, but I will accept late entries over the weekend only. We will continue to have the polls open for a month with the results being announced on the Friday before the new round too.

If you want to join in email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk

Round 1 – Saturday 6th January – Favourite Oscar Winning Actress in Lead or Supporting Role

Round 2 – Saturday 3rd February – Most Anticipated Movie of 2018

Round 3 – Saturday 3rd March – Favourite Steven Spielberg Movie (Ready Player One).

Round 4 – Saturday 7th April – Least Favourite Oscar Winning Actress in Lead or Supporting Role

Round 5 – Saturday 5th May – Worst MCU Movie (Infinity War)

Round 6 – Saturday 2nd June – Biggest Acting Oscar Snub (S.G. Liput Winners Choice)

Round 7 – Saturday 7th July – Favourite 90s Animated Movie (Kim’s Winners Choice)

Round 8 – Saturday 4th August – Favourite Movie from 2017

Round 9 – Saturday 1st September – Favourite Martin Scorsese movie.

Round 10 – Saturday 6th October – Worst Horror Franchise (5 Minimum Films)

Round 11 – Saturday 3rd November – Favourite Performance in Harry Potter Franchise

Round 12 – Saturday 1st December – Worst Animated Sequel