Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 10 – Worst Horror Franchise

Opinion Battles Year 4 Round 10

Worst Horror Franchise

It is October once again, which means we must pick a horror related subject, this time we are looking at the ones we didn’t like, the simple rule is, the franchise must have at least 5 films in it. Lets see what we hate in the world of horror below.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Wrong Turn

The Wrong Turn franchise is one that I did watch from start to finish, now I will praise three of the films the first, second and sixth, but for me the middle three are easily worst horror films I have seen. The problems start with the tonal difference between each film, the first two are a cannibalistic tribe living in America which works, the third just brings us three, the fourth is a prequel which focuses more on getting all the actresses naked and fails to just kill the villains when we had the chance, the fifth just becomes a mess of the same trying to bring an end to the saga, while the sixth is trying to restore family connection which adds interest to the story. for me this is the reason why I simple couldn’t get through them all again.


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Paranormal Activity

I love horror films but I’m unlikely to ever watch ANY of the Paranormal Activity films either again or for the first time (I’ve seen the first and second one, I think). I mean I can appreciate them SLIGHTLY for what they are in a way but personally – just not for me. Kinda boring, not my cup of tea. I’d genuinely be more excited about watching the next Saw or Hatchet film, or a film from ANY other horror franchise (even the really silly ones).


The horror genre is an interesting ones, films can be genuinely scary or weird or disturbing or clever or shocking ORRRRRR just a load of crap – but somehow still enjoyable (like some of the Friday the 13th franchise – ludicrous, of course, but still fun). And for me, Paranormal Activity has nothing going on really. It’s not scary, it’s not particularly likable or fun. It’s just MEH. Commendable effort due to tiny budget of course, but still easily forgettable to me.


Milo – Stuff and That

Paranormal Activity

My name is Milo White and I have something to say: Paranormal Activity has f*cked up horror. In all seriousness, however, the franchise it utter tat, drawn along by the same, thin, boring-ass concept. Colour me not interested.

Cinema Parrot Disco


Hmm. There are probably much worse films but I’ll go with Saw for this. Which is a shame, as I actually thought the first film wasn’t bad. Then it turned into crazy torture porn. Ugh. No thanks!

Kim – Tranquil Dreams


I’m missing a ton of horror franchises under my belt to give an accurate answer but in my memory, I think the franchise that has gone downhill in accelerated speed has to go to Underworld. While the first (and maybe even the second) had its fun moments, by the time it got to the third movie, it was just stupid action horror thing that made no sense at all. How it got to 5 films (or maybe more at this point) seems like a surprise.


Damien Riley – Riley on Film


At 6 movies in, I consider this a colossal waste of time and money. Technically it’s a small screen film so it could be worse. Everything from the concept to the acting is unengaging and not interesting. I’ve sat through 2 if these and can say they were awful.

S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason


I feel a bit underqualified for this round, considering that I don’t think I’ve even seen a horror franchise with more than a couple entries (at least not all of them), but I can certainly pick one based on reputation. One horror franchise I regard with contempt is the Saw series. While I’ve heard the first film has merit, the rest seem like a sick excuse for inventing new ways to kill people gruesomely, and I really don’t understand why anyone would want to watch such torture porn, especially for “entertainment.” Why did they even make so many? When it comes to horror, I’d rather be creeped out than grossed out, so this is one series I’ll continue to avoid.


John – Johnrieber.com

Friday the 13th

One of the most iconic slasher films of the 80’s was “Friday The 13th”.  It was simple and effective: a group of good looking kids were slaughtered at a summer camp by Jason Voorhees, who became a horror legend.  Then they made ELEVEN sequels, reach less successful than the one before, reaching its nadir with the inevitable “franchise swapping” turkey “Freddy Vs. Jason”, which hurt more than a stab wound from either of them.






  1. Can I vote for them all please? Every time I like an original horror idea, they go and ruin it by churning out abysmal ‘franchise’ sequels. Other that ‘Alien’, and to some extent ‘Final Destination’, almost every second and subsequent film is just dire, and simply cashing in.
    Talk about never knowing when to stop!
    Best wishes, Pete.

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