Opinion Battles Round 8 Results

Opinion Battles Results Round 8, Best Remake

When it came to remakes we have a full range of subjects we had apes, a fly and even a thing, but with the dawn approaching over the eleventh hour it is time we trek into the mail and see who departed with the most points.

In 3rd place we have a tie between Ocean’s Eleven and The Thing giving, Filmfunkel, Khalid and That Other Critic 1 point each, splitting the 2 points with the two films.

But the join winners this week with The Departed and The Fly we have Emma, Movie Rob, Drew and James getting 7.5 points each.flydeparted

This leave the table looking like this,

1st Movie Rob – 36.1

2nd Drew – 29.9

3rd Flicks Chicks – 28.9

4th Khalid – 23.6

5th Kim – 20.4

6th James – 12.9

7th Emma – 12.1

8th Filmfunkel – 8.5

9th S.G. Liput – 7.9

10th That Other Critic – 6

11th Darren – 2

As always thank you for taking part and voting and if you want to join the next round on Opinion Battles Email moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk


    • I personally wouldn’t be able to pick between the 3 but on rewatch value i usually just edge things out on the Thing. I got a couple of interesting ones coming up soon

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