Opinion Battles Round 7 Best Sports Movie


Opinion Battles Round 7

Best Sports Movie

When it comes to Sports movies we have had nearly every sport put onto camera, we have had football to ping pong, ice staking to boxing and most include the typical underdog story but just what is the best film?

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Warrior (2011)

When it comes to fighting films I am normally turned away because I find boxing films rather boring, but when I sat down to watch this one I wasn’t really sure what to think. I couldn’t believe how intense this film was, I have never seen UFC before but the film managed to pull me into a world of sport I have no interest in. the fights come off realistic and the conflict between the two brothers works because you really don’t know which one will win the final fight. Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton and Nick Nolte all shine through every seen.

Rob – Movie Rob

Hoosiers (1986)

The way that Gene Hackman works his team to give them a chance at glory is so inspirational. His teaching methods are different, but he nevertheless has his share of doubters and supporters alike.

Hackman is not the first actor that would come to mind when casting a high school basketball coach, but he was able to somehow pull it off, thus giving IMHO one of his best performances.

This movie tops many people’s list for being the best sports movie ever made. A case can definitely be made for that, but very few could argue that it doesn’t deserve to be close to the top if not already perched on top of it.

Excellent sports as an analogy for perseverance in life movie.

Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Shaolin Soccer (2001)

Shaolin Soccer is more of a personal choice.  One reason is that I watched Stephen Chow growing up and he is my absolutely favorite comedy actor.  His humor is of the absurd and ridiculous variety but it almost always makes me laugh. Of his newer movies, this one has to be the one I enjoy the most.  I don’t watch a lot of sports movies to begin with but to merge the art of Shaolin with the intensity of soccer was a unique match.  Shaolin Soccer revives how great humor in the Stephen Chow world and reunites him with his greatest partner in crime Man Tat Ng, plus it focuses not only on dedication in winning the competition but also rebuilding teamwork and each of the characters find their pride and their confidence in their journey through Shaolin Soccer.  Fun, entertaining and even a little sad and heartwarming at times, Shaolin Soccer mixes in a little bit of everything but doesn’t forget the essence of a sports movie being in pride in the sport and the concept that it takes a team to win in a team sport. 


Mean Machine (2001)

I don’t think I’ve ever had a guilty pleasure as big as this guilty pleasure. Mean Machine is a light

hearted comedy about a football match in prison, between the cons and the guards. I believe

Adam Sandler did a dumb US version. Anyway, I love this film and I’ve definitely watched it more

times than Scarface (for your benefit James!) it’s really funny and it has a great soundtrack. It’s

totally silly and ridiculous of course but I still enjoy it every time I watch it. Plus the cast is great -it’s pretty much every actor who was in Snatch or Lock Stock (except Brad Pitt obvs). Also, Danny

Dyer is adorable in it! I love his character in Mean Machine more than any other, even the fit bloke

in The Busineess.

Jenna & Allie – Flicks Chicks

Cool Runnings (1993)

I’m generally not a huge fan of sports movies, there are a few that I enjoy but this one, is the best, by far!! It has all the makings for a great sports movie, actions, tense moments, high emotion and the ‘bad guy’ team – plus the comedy genius of the four guys hoping to be Jamaica’s first Olympic bobsled team with the help of disgraced coach, Irv played by the legendary John Candy.

After Leon loses his chance at becoming an Olympic runner, he convinced a team of local lads to join him as the Jamaican bobsled team, although there are hilarious moments in there quest to succeed.  It’s also really heart-warming and you find yourself on the edge of your seat with your fingers crossed hoping that they win.  Never have I been so engrossed in a sports movie and so desperate for them to prove everyone wrong.

Khalid – The Blazing Reel

Raging Bull (1980)

Boxing films and more importantly sports films simply do not get any better than Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull. Arguably the best film of the 1980’s, this film for me defines everything a sports movie should be about. Scorsese directs this film with such flawless precision and focus that his direction shines through and there are not enough words to describe how amazing Robert De Niro is in this movie. If Taxi Driver and The Godfather Part 2 established De Niro as one of the best actors of his generation, this film established him as one of the all-time bests and his performance in this film is one of the greatest ever put on screen. Raging Bull presents us with perhaps one of the most fascinating character studies in recent times, it takes the rise and fall story to a completely different level. It’s powerful and riveting and I don’t think any other sports film even comes close to rivalling it.

That Other Critic

Point Break (1991)

I’m going to pull in a technicality here and pick Point Break as the best sports movie. Okay, it’s not a conventional choice, and Point Break is more of a cops and robbers flick than a sports movie. But, the main bulk of the movie is spent on extreme sports, so there!

Point Break, for those of you who have never seen it, is a movie in which Keanu Reeves plays a Los Angeles cop named Johnny Utah who goes undercover as a surfer to sniff out a group of bank robbers known as the Ex-Presidents who wear masks of former presidents as they commit crimes. Utah befriends Bodhi (played by Patrick Swayze), and eventually learns that Bodhi and his friends are the bank robbers. So, it’s basically a better version of the first Fast and Furious film, but with extreme sports. Yes, this is an extremely tenuous choice, but I’ll stick to my guns, and pick Point Break as the obviously best sports movie.

James – Back to the Viewer

Moneyball (2011)

Very rarely do we come across a sports movie that isn’t based on a true story. There’s something inherently moving about a sports movie that deals with magnificent feats of sporting achievement, that tells a touching underdog tale and takes the viewer on a personal journey. Because of that trend this week has been particularly difficult to choose from many worthy options. I’ve opted for Bennett Miller’s Moneyball starring Brad Pitt as Billy Beane.

Telling the story of how Billy, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics vies to rebuild his team after his major players are swiped by major budget teams such as the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Sitting at the bottom of the pile and trying desperately to rebuild and replace his key players he employs the help of computer-generated analysis to build his team with a tiny budget around anaysis and statistics. A gutsy move that is painfully never fully appreciated by the suits or the Manager as Beane builds a championship team against all odds. A great sports movie that delivers outstanding performances from Pitt, Jonah Hill and the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.

Drew- Drew’s Movie Review

Caddyshack: (1980)

Personally, I don’t consider golf a sport. It’s more of a past time.  But my opinion on the matter doesn’t count for much, especially since there is a whole organization in the US saying otherwise.  In this case, I will change my stance, if only for the next two weeks.  You see, for my best sports film pick, I chooseCaddyshack.  Most sports movies have some sort of a lesson, something along the lines of determination, not giving up, don’t bend the rules, play with all your heart, or some of that jazz. Caddyshack, on the other hand, couldn’t give a damn about any of that.  It’s all about being as crude as possible.  This film boasts three great comedians: Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, and Bill Murray. Each has their own unique humor and delivery that makes each scene special and stand out on its own.  Caddyshack may be a non-traditional pick for a ‘best of sports movie’ category but that’s what makes it such a great choice!

S.G. Liput

Rudy (1993)


Sports films are dominated by one major element: the underdog. From boxing to golf to anything with a ball, most films feature an unlikely player or team who manage to beat the odds and gain the glory, despite unsympathetic parents or invincible opponents. While I could have chosen any number of such films, the most uplifting underdog story I can imagine is Rudy, the real-life account of Rudy Ruettiger (played by a determined Sean Astin). He’s just a working class kid, much too weak and short to impress, yet a childhood of passionate football viewing has planted deep within him the dream of playing for Notre Dame. He takes every opportunity he can find to make that dream a reality; he earns some sympathy and kindness but even more opposition and slammed doors. Yet for every time he’s knocked down, he gets back up for more; for every time he’s rejected, he profoundly celebrates the little victories. Even his inspiring moment of truth at the climax is small compared with most sports films, but as the culmination of all his efforts, it’s a cheer-worthy achievement. By the end, he has earned the respect of the audience, his team, and the entire university, not for possessing the strongest tackle or fastest legs, but the biggest heart. That’s what the sports underdog story is all about.

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    1. Kim I love Shaolin Soccer, what a great choice!!!!!!!! I only watched it because I loved Kung Fu Hustle so much but I never even thought of it when I saw this round of opinion wars….what a fool! An inspired choice seriously 🙂

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        Thanks Emma! I’m a HUGE Stephen Chow fan and seriously, I don’t watch a whole lot of sports movies so it was between this and Bend it like Beckham or whatever that movie is called. Haha! 🙂

      2. You’ll have to recommend me some more stuff! I’ve only seen Kung Fu Hustle (which I really adored – the madness was simply wonderful!) and Shaolin Soccer which I didn’t love as much but still found very funny and a good movie.

        Yeah I know the one you mean, with Keira Knightley! Shaolin Soccer is way better 😀

  6. Great choice Emma, before I even got the Scarface mention I was going to comment on your choice. now it’s even more personal. Mean Machine is great

    1. Really? Do you really mean it?! Just hearing someone else say (admit) they like Mean Machine is so cool!!! Thanks 🙂 🙂

      You’re welcome to the shout out! It was kind of unplanned, as I wrote – it just came out! And I thought it would be cool for you to see 🙂

      It does make you think though….I’ve definitely seen this film far more times than Scarface and some other ‘classics’ too !

      1. Jason Statham (The Monk) is just brilliant! It’s because it is always on Channel 4, they love it!

      2. He is great!! Good old Channel 4!

        (but that’s not the ONLY reason is it…I mean you’d buy it on DVD surely?)

        Only kidding! But I did. Buy it I mean…..

  7. Woo hoo! And this may be the first time I vote for someone other than me 🙂

    (nah…..I’ll just say it here instead – I LOVE Warrior. But I’m voting for me! No-one else does)


    1. i never vote for myself, but this week was hard, because i haven’t seen half of the films and can’t vote for Vinnie Jones lol so i went with the other one i have seen

      1. DO NOT tell me anything as I’ve just ordered it from Amazon. Jordan told me it was good and it has excellent reviews so I will just wait and see…… 🙂

      2. don’t worry the review will be out next year as it will be on a midnight horror and well on toop of them

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    Great round, I’m still not sure if my choice really counts as a sports film.

    1. we had Batman and Robin for disaster film, if you respect the sporting style used in the film i am welcome to have your opinion

      1. Jacob Forster – Who am I? Just some dude who loves to talk about movies. A cinephile if there ever was one, but, in all honesty, only recently did I fully dive into my love for film, which is why I fabricated this blog. Because I love to talk about film, and this is the best outlet for me to do so.
        That Other Critic says:

        Great, and I do respect surfing. Basically, how I decide if something is a sport is if I could do it well in any capacity, it’s not a sport. 😉

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    Great round and some great choices.

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