Opinion Battles Round 13 Which Animated Film would you NEVER like to see made into a live Action Film?

Opinion Battles Round 13

Which Animated Film would you NEVER like to see made into a live Action Film?

Hollywood has gotten into a habit of remake animated movies into live action twists of the much-loved tales, be it Cinderella, Jungle Book, Beauty and the Beast or Maleficent. Every time we hear of the next played adaptation we react the same with Aladdin, Mulan and The Lion King planned, we need to get our rants out with the ones we don’t want to see.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101


I must go with Up, thee adventure the young boy scout Russell and elderly man Carl Fredricksen as Carl wants to go on the adventure that he failed to take his late wife on, only he ends up taking Russell with him. We have talking dogs and a crazed adventurer but just imagine seeing the adventure in live action, it just wouldn’t have the magic the animated version does.


Cinema Parrot Disco

Spirited Away


Interesting question… Well, I wouldn’t really like to see most of my favorite animated films made into live action. They rarely do a good job with this. Things like the live action Cinderella & Beauty And The Beast were really just pointless & paled in comparison to the brilliant originals. I don’t want to see any more live action Disney remakes but so many have already been done anyway that it kind of doesn’t matter. I don’t want Pixar movies to be touched. Please don’t make those live action too, movie-making people! I also do NOT want a live action Akira but that’s going to go ahead, right? Stop it, Hollywood. Just STOP! But I won’t choose Akira as my answer as I think it’s happening anyway. I have to choose a Studio Ghibli film for this question as I think those films would be harmed the most by live action remakes. The Ghibli films have a beautiful mysteriousness & even the thought of them being messed with makes me angry. I’d choose Totoro but I already chose that for an Opinion Battles question this year plus I don’t think they’d attempt that one anyway. I think the one most at risk of Hollywood trying to get their dirty, cash-grabbing hands on would be Spirited Away. I can see them thinking that’s live-actionable (is that a word?!). No. It’s not live-actionable. Stay away. Don’t touch any Ghibli films & don’t touch Spirited Away!


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

My Neighbour Totoro

If I had the choice, it’d be almost all of the Studio Ghibli films however My Neighbor Totoro is magical and it has a lot to do with the charming animations and the character design of Totoro. I can’t even begin to imagine what a CGI Totoro would look like. How about the Catbus? There’s something about keeping magic in an imaginary world that works for a lot of the Studio Ghibli films and seeing as My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite, its the one I’d least like to see tarnished with a live action remake.

Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews



The one that springs instantly to mind because it’s actually happening!

With Guy Ritchie directing and, at this point in time, Tom Hardy being considered for the role of Jafar, it’s worrying to think of what Ritchie will do to my favourite Disney film as I don’t think that it’s something that can really work as a live action adaptation and it’s probably one that should have been left well alone. 


Damien Riley – Riley Film Reviews


I did a search of CGI-animated films and came up with so many realistic ones. In fact, I surmised that most animated films today are done in 3D CGI style animation that looks like real people and things. It’s as if we’ve tried so hard in the animated genre to make it look real that a live action version might get lost in the mix. IN other words, this was a very tough one for me. I came up with Shrek. I can’t imagine a movie with a giant playing a real-life character. It might have intellectual humor but I don’t think you can recreate the magic of Shrek without the CGI animation. For that reason, I picked Shrek as the animated film should NEVER be turned into the live action. What do you think? If you agree, please vote for Shrek! 🙂


Rob – Movie Rob


Robin Williams was perfect in this film and there is absolutely no one who could replace his energy and humor in the role of genie.  Even with special effects, nothing would be able to top the way they showed us all of the genie’s powers via animation!


S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

The Lion King

I had to pick The Lion King, even though this choice may ring hollow because Disney is actually working on a live-action remake as we speak. A live-action Lion King just seems so pointless because it won’t be live-action, just CGI animation instead, since we know they won’t use real lions. Unlike The Jungle Book, there are no humans in the story to interact with the CG animals, and neither is there a literary source material that a new film could explore more fully. Does Disney really think it can improve the story of the first Lion King or translate it into 3D animation that comes anywhere close to the quality of the original? I suppose it could surprise me, but a live-action Lion King seems doomed to fail from the start.


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews



I am not a fan of this trend of live action adaptions of animated films. A couple I have liked but I’d still rather stay with the animation. Most I have really disliked. The film that I would least like to see adapted in live action iRatatouille. It’s one thing to watch an animated rat cooking French food with a cute vocal performance by Patton Oswalt. It’s an entirely different thing to see a real rat doing it. Yuck! It would be especially gross to see the beginning scene where all the rats come through the ladies ceiling and the ending where they are all helping Remy cook for Ego. It would just be too gross to enjoy.


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Despicable Me


Simply because I can NEVER imagine real actors in minion costumes being funny. 

Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

Toy Story

When thinking about this round, I looked at several of my favorite animated films and wondered what they would look like as live action films. I’ll admit that when it came to Toy Story, I did initially think a live action version might be pretty cool. But once I started thinking about it, one thought crossed my mind: why? As cool as it would be to see a real life Andy or genuine plastic Buzz or fabric Woody, more than likely some sort of computer animation would be used to capture their movements and facial expressions. So replace one form of computer animation for another? I don’t think so. Then I also thought why mess with perfection? Toy Story, well the entire series really, is a perfect movie with a great story, great message, and great characters.  You really can’t expand on that to make it any better. I don’t see any reason to have a live action Toy Story and I think one should never be made.



  1. I personally never wanted to see “Beauty and the Beast” live action, because I cherish the original Disney animation so much, but too late now lol.

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