Opinion Battles Results Worst Sequel

Worst Sequel Results

When it came to Worst Sequel we did get the widest array of opinions which lead to a a four way tie between Super 4, Ocean; s Eleven, Batman & Robin and Indiana Jones Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which has lead to only 4.25 points for Rob, Khalid, Drew and S.G. Liputsupermanindinabatmanocean 12

The table now looks like

1st Rob – 50.4

2nd Drew – 34.2

3rd Khalid – 33.4

4th Emma – 32.1

5th Flicks Chicks – 29.4

6th James – 22.9

7th S.G. Liput – 22.2

8th Kim – 20.9

9th Filmfunkel – 13.5

10th That Other Critic – 8

11th Darren – 2

We only have a couple more rounds to go this year before we start a fresh next year and I am happy to announce we will be having a couple of new players in the future but as always if anybody new wants to join in contact us at moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk

We are also looking to making this into a podcast, if anyone is interested in this idea let me know.


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