Opinion Battles Results Round 10

Opinion Battles Results

Best Animé

We had a large selection of films here with most being fans favourites but just what came out on top?

Well in joint third was Khalid pick Grave of the Fireflies and Kim & Flicks Chicks My Neighbour Totoro giving both .5 points.graveneoghbour

In 2nd comes Filmfunkel with the choice of Princess Mononoke getting 5 pointsprincess

But getting the full 10 points are both Emma and James who selected the classic Spirited Away.spirited

This leaves the table looking like

1st Rob – 46.1

2nd Emma – 32.1

3rd Drew – 29.9

4th Flicks Chicks – 29.4

5th Khalid – 29.1

6th James – 22.9

7th Kim – 20.9

8th S.G. Liput – 17.9

9th Filmfunkel – 13.5

10th That Other Critic – 8

11th Darren – 2


  1. I wasn’t expecting to place with this round, but it’s still fun. Congratulations to Emma, James, and the rest! Let’s wear down Rob’s lead!

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