Opinion Battles Results Favourite Clive Owen Roles

Opinion Battles Results

We have had a small selection of Clive Owen Roles this round but what were the most popular answers?resuslts

2nd – we have a tie between Theo Faron (Children of Men) and Smith (Shoot Em Up) meaning we will split the points with 4.5 award to, Myself, Kim and Table Mutant with Emma picking Smith.theosmith

1st – Dalton Russell – The Inside Man picked by Movie Rob, S.G. Liput and Alan each getting 12 pointsdalton-3

If you want to take part in the next round we are looking at our guilty pleasures and send you choices to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk. Closing date will be Sunday 13th November 2016

Here is the table, (Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews, Kim – Tranquil Dreams, J – Film & Nuance, Cinema Parrot Disco, Rob – Movie Rob, Damien Riley – Riley Central, Summer – Serendipitous Anachronisms, Daniel – A Tale of Two Dans, Emma – Emma Explains It All, S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason, Richard – The Humpo Show, Paul – Return to the 80s, Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews, Daniel – Dellens 456 , Alan – Content for you

 Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews, , Kevin – The Mental Attic) can anyone take this league by storm like last year?



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