Opinion Battle Round 4 Results

Heist movies proved to bring out sme very interesting opinions but the results are in.

In Third place we have Reservoir Dogs, selected by Emma and Rob both getting 2 points

in second we have Ocean’s Eleven which was a popular choice with Flick Chicks, Drew and James all getting 5 points

The winner for the week is Khalid with his selection Heat and he will get 10 points.heat

The Table current looks like this

1st Rob – 20.5

2nd Flick Chicks – 18.5

3rd Drew – 17

4th Kim – 10

4th Khalid – 10

6th James – 5

7th Emma – 2

8th Darren – 2

9th S.G. Liput – 0

9th That Other Critic – 0


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