Nuclear (2019) Movie Review

Director: Catherine Linstrum

Writer: Catherine Linstrum, David-John Newman (Screenplay)

Starring: Emilia Jones, Sienna Guillory, Oliver Coopersmith, George MacKay, Noriko Sakura

Plot: Following an act of violence committed by her own brother, Emma escapes with her mother to wild, open country, where they find refuge in an isolated retreat in the shadow of a nuclear power station.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Nuclear starts when Emma (Jones) helps her mother (Guillory) after she is assaulted by her brother (Coopersmith), taking the two on the run. As Emma looks to explore the area that they have found themselves in, she meets a Boy (MacKay) who offers her friendship in her time of need.

As Emma starts to learn the truth about what has happened, she finds herself needing to discover the darkness from her past, which could continue to rip the family apart.

Thoughts on Nuclear

Characters & Performances – Emma is the teenager that has gone on the run with her mother after an assault of her mother, she is hiding from her brother, while trying to discover herself, only to be bought back into the terror of the abusive family she was raised in. Emilia Jones is wonderful in this leading role, showing us just how conflicted the teenager is. When we look at the other characters, they don’t get real names, just figures in her life, Mother who she is trying to rescue, Brother who she is trying to hide from and Boy who will give her guidance in her time of need. The performances in this film are great by everyone, who has their own mystery about them.

StoryThe story here follows a teenage girl that goes on the run with her mother after an incident involving her brother, which will see her needing to understand what has happened to finally escape the years of abuse she has been living through. This is a powerful drama that will give us plenty to think about as we wait to see where everything will go next for Emma, just what is real or not for her and showing us just how difficult escaping trauma can be. It is given a deliberate slow pace, to help us believe how calm she is with the world she is in, despite always looking over her shoulder in fear. Leaving us with wonderful story telling.

Final Thoughts Nuclear is a powerful drama that will hit hard in all the important moments.

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