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Niewidzialna wojna (2022) Movie Review


Niewidzialna wojna – Movie Review

Director: Patryk Vega


  • Rafal Zawierucha
  • Justyna Karlowska
  • Anna Mucha
  • Pawel Olearczyk

Plot: Inspired by a real-life story, a controversial narrative that relentlessly strikes against the entertainment industry. The film lays bare the machinery that propels mass entertainment and reveals the price people are ready to pay to succeed in that world.

Runtime: 2 Hours 19 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Niewidzialna wojna starts as we get to see Patryk in his early life, growing up with a single mother who struggled to make ends meet. He will look to learn to use people to get what he wanted, going through phases in his teenage years.

Once Patryk (Zawierucha) reached adulthood, he looked to continue his ability. He starts working as a detective, cutting out crime in the city as he continues to chase his own dreams of celebrity status. Sending him down a dangerous path of addiction.

Verdict on Niewidzialna wojna

Niewidzialna wojna follows the life of the director in a semi-autobiographical movie. This takes us down a dangerous path of addiction, leading to paranoia.

In this film, it is all about what the director saw in his life, believing this is the vision of his life. It doesn’t become the most engaging and is overly long for what little actually happens. There is way too much time spent in childhood, while the adult area becomes rushed.

Final ThoughtsNiewidzialna wojna is overly long and drags along.

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