New Trailers: Sabotage, Godzilla, Amazing Spiderman 2,

I am going to start looking at previews and this maybe one at as time but I am going to start with a group of new trailers. This week i have picked four big action base films.

Godzilla – everyone has been waiting for this one and it delivers we just can’t wait for this film.

Anticipation rating 98%

Sabotage – With Arnie back in action and not politics we will be looking forward to his return, seems to have ditched his one liners and going back to raw action based films.

Anticipation rating 80%

The Amazing Spiderman 2 – All of the new superhero films seem to be coming off very well, this looks like it could be massively impressive or absolutely terrible. it all depends how much time all of the many villains get treated.

Anticipation rating 80%

Protector 2 – Tony Jaa has made some incredible martial arts action films with his amazing technique. This looks brilliant and simply put I can’t wait.

Anticipation rating 95%

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