New to Netflix Saturday 5th November

New to Netflix Saturday 5th November

Films New to Netflix Saturday 5th November

Orgasm Inc: The Story of One’s Taste
Netflix Saturday 5th November

Synopsis – A sexual wellness company gains fame and followers for its practice of “orgasmic meditation” — until members come forward with disturbing allegations.

Country of Origin – United States

The Haunting of Margam Castle

Synopsis – A team of American parapsychologists travel to Wales to conduct a study of Margam Castle, one of the UK’s most haunted buildings.

Country of Origin – United Kingdom


Synopsis – Out of one small London venue called The Blitz came a generation of outrageous teenagers, working class and art school kids, who would define the look, the sound, the style and the attitude of the ’80s and beyond. This is their story.

Country of Origin – United Kingdom

Cuba’s Wild Revolution

Synopsis – In Cuba, turtles nest, iguanas breed and crocodiles jump. As the island’s international relationship evolve, will its lush natural wonder stay intact?

Country of Origin – Germany

Kac Wawa

Synopsis – Five buddies take part in a crazy bachelor party of one of them. Meanwhile, the bride and her female friends have a nice time with male strippers. The parties get totally wild and out of control.

Country of Origin – Poland

Health is Wealth

Synopsis – LIVE TV show broadcast in 50 countries around the world. Bringing you the best kept secrets, how to’s and go to’s for health and wellness.

Country of Origin – United State

El Dorado

Synopsis – HIGHWAY to HELL Is a story like no other as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets the wild west when two Las Vegas entertainers end up in the town of Eldorado. Watch Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia and The Last Emperor) and Daryl Hannah (Bladerunner and Splash) guide you through this story as the horror engulfs our heroes. Will they be eaten alive by the town’s occupants or will they manage to escape? With Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill 1 & 2) giving chase as the local hoodlum. Steve Guttenberg (Three Men and a Baby, Police Academy) as the crooked manager along with Rik Mayall as the cannibal chef. Patrick Bergin, Sylvester McCoy, Robert Llewellyn, Jeff Fahey and Oliver Tobias. In this star studded story where blood drips and laughs are heard aloud in the most unusual horror film you will see this year. You’ll die laughing…

Country of Origin – United Kingdom

Half Elf

Synopsis – Trausti the lighthouse keeper prepares his hundredth birthday and/or funeral while trying to reconnect the elf within. Meanwhile, Hulda retreats into a world of poetry with the help of an electric magnifying glass.

Country of Origin – Iceland

Corsica Mountains in the Sea

Synopsis – The island of Corsica boasts spectacular mountain vistas filled with unique wildlife. Explore the shrubland and meet moufflons, hybrid pigs and more.

Country of Origin – Germany

Erbarme Dich Matthaus Passion Stories

Synopsis – A labyrinthine narrative in which people relate their special relationship with the music of Bach, with Pieter Jan Leusink’s Bach Choir and Orchestra providing the score and a group of homeless people serving as their audience.

Country of Origin – Holland

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