My Geek Box First Box

My First Geek Box

I recently signed up for a three month subscription to the My Geek Box, I have tried a different service before but found myself paying nearly half the money just on packaging. My Geek Box is based in United Kingdom which works for me because the box has package included.

So what did I get?

First I got a Darth Maul Mouse Mat,WIN_20150622_173944

granted this is from the best of the worst Star Wars franchise but it will make a change from my current mouse mat which is basically just a cut up beer mat.

Justice League Button BadgesWIN_20150622_174003

These include Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman and The Flash.

Spiderman Heroes & Villains Power CardsWIN_20150622_173955

Pop! Marvel Unmasked CyclopsWIN_20150622_174037

and finally this T-ShirtWIN_20150622_174134

Overall I like the box is very interesting and wonder what I will be getting the next box.

If you are interested in signing up clink HERE


  1. Awesome gear! I love it when there’s Funko Pop! 🙂 Geek Box looks great!

    I’m on my last month of 1up Box (July) and I’ve been ordering Arcade Block since January and some random Nerd Blocks. Overall, the Arcade Block is the best.

      • Thats definitely a better deal. The 1UP Box includes shipping in their price and its less than other boxes but then it just started less than a year ago so I think they ship to less places.

        I do want to try out the Horror Block like for October. Keep with the whole Halloween themed month 😉

  2. I don’t know what the shipping would run you for Box of Dread, but if it isn’t too crazy you might try them for a month. They’re a little hot and cold overall, but they do have some really good stuff in there sometimes. I tried the new Comic Block last month. It was decent at best (a Batman print, three comics and a T-shirt), but I’ve got a feeling it might see a slight overhaul and show some big improvements in the next few months. If nothing changes (I really didn’t like the shirt at all, and only one of the comics really won me over… although the Batman print is cool) I’ll be cancelling that, but I’m hoping for a swing in the right direction.

  3. I subscribe to the Horror Block. While I have to pay a heftier chunk for shipping (they’re based in Canada and I’m in the US) it’s a very worthwhile investment. Every month comes with a t-shirt (a year of subscribing and I’ve only received one shirt I wasn’t crazy about) and a copy of the latest Rue Morgue magazine. Those two items alone cover the cost – and there are typically a few cool extras included (sometimes DVDs/Blu-rays, which ALWAYS works for me). Good to see that this Geek Box looks like a comparable deal. This is one of those business ideas that I think really works for fans.

    • i did have a Horror Block but i was paying 12 dollars for shipping and while i would prefer the horror selection this is based in UK and only 15.99Pounds everything included

      • It certainly sounds like a solid deal. I can’t lie, I’d LOVE it if I didn’t have to pay so much for shipping. It’s really the only negative to the whole deal, but I spend a shitload of money sending contributors of my site and contest winners packages, so I COMPLETELY understand why the shipping is so damn high. Are you into a comic books? This seems like the perfect kind of box to include comics. The autographed comics are the primary reason I still have my box of dread subscription. LOVE getting limited signed copies, and so far I REALLY like the books that BOD includes (they’re going through the new reanimator series right now, which is a blast.

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