My Apocalyptic THanksgiving (2022) Movie Review

My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving – Movie Review

My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving

Director: Charles B Unger

Writer: Richard Soriano (Screenplay)


  • Joshua Warren Bush
  • Ray Chang (Strange Days)
  • Chris Wu
  • Grace Shen (Itsy Bitsy)
  • Walker Haynes

Plot: A zombie-obsessed, special needs adult searches for his absent mom while a Korean family and gang compete to be his family.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving starts as we meet the special needs man Marcus (Bush). He has been raised in a home to help him adapt to adult life. Here, he gets to watch his favourite TV show Apocalyptic Zombies and wants to watch the last episode with his long-lost mother.

As Marcus gets a job working for Jung (Chang), he stats to learn about responsibility. Only the local gangs look to take advantage of him, causing him to not understand what is going on. This puts his life in danger, as Jung and Frank (Haynes) look to help him no matter what he has done, trying to do the best for him.

Verdict on My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving

My Apocalyptic Thanksgiving is a comedy-drama following a mentally handicapped young man. It shows how he gets a chance to take part in more everyday activities in the world, only to see him taken advantage of by the people around him.

This looks like a movie that wants to get an important message across. One that just because somebody has a learning disability, they aren’t worth giving a chance in life. On the other side, it shows how people will take advantage of them, using their good nature for their own gain.

The problems come up quickly when it doesn’t feel like an authentic performance where the lead actor doesn’t have the same condition. This doesn’t help the movie because at times it feels almost insulting to anyone with the same problems.

Final ThoughtsMy Apocalyptic Thanksgiving tries but fails to get the bigger message across.

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