Movie Reviews 101 Year Review


Movie Reviews 101 Year Review

2017 has ended and what better way to finish the year, to look back at the year and see how far we have come.

First I would like to thank everyone who has visited, liked or commented on any of my posts, we have reached a comfortable level of traffic visiting the site on a daily basis.

We had a new Champion in Opinion Battles congratulations S.G. Liput from Rhyme and Reason.

I would like to thank any of the publicists that have given me a chance to see movies I wouldn’t normal get a chance to see from all around the world.

Talking Stars has gotten bigger and better through the year and we even had our first interview on the show with director David Palamaro who directed Murder Made Easy.

Matt Tory gave me a chance to see his movie ‘We Make Movies’ and even designed a poster with one of my quotes on, which for me is a huge achievement and something I had been aiming for in recent years.

I have also returned to Youtube with reviews and will be looking to bring videos to everyone on a more regular basis.

Looking into the future I am taking on my biggest ambitious project yet, with the ABC Film Challenge, where I am using the first 27 days of each month to give a different answer on different themes for every single month of the year.

This has been a fantastic year for me, I will be looking to reach the next level in the next year and hopefully you can all join me on this journey.

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