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Kratt (2020) Movie Review


Kratt – Movie Review

Director: Rasmus Merivoo

Writer: Rasmus Merivoo (Screenplay)


  • Mari Lill
  • Nora Merivoo
  • Harri Merivoo
  • Elise Tekko
  • Roland Treima

Plot: Children are left at grandma’s house without their smartphones. Real life seems boring until they find instructions for kratt – a magical creature who will do whatever its master says. All they need now is to buy a soul from the devil.

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Kratt starts when Mia (Nora Merivoo) and Kevin (Harri Merivoo) are sent to their grandma’s (Lill) for the summer. With strict rules about no phones or internet, the pair get restless quickly.

When the siblings make new friends in the small town, they learn about the Kratt. The Kratt is a magical creature that does whatever its master asks, and it takes the soul of their Grandma. They put the Kratt to work, completing all their problems in everyday life.

Verdict on Kratt

Kratt is a fantasy horror comedy that sees a group of children accidentally release a dangerous magical creature. It sees the siblings starting to enjoy their summer with the freedom created until they run out of ideas for the magical creature. Elsewhere, there is a battle between locals and a businessman who wants to take their sacred areas.

When it comes to the kid’s side of the film, there is plenty of fun with what they get to possess. It feels like a natural set of events they would use a slave creature for. When it comes to the cult side of things, it takes a different tone, which becomes almost too serious for the rest of the film.

In the performances, we get the wacky characters that come together, where the performances make everything even better.

Final ThoughtsKratt is a fun wacky fantasy horror comedy.

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