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Incubus (2006)


Director: Anya Camilleri

Writer: Gary Humphreys (Screenplay)

Starring: Tara Reid, Akemnji Ndifernyan, Alice O’Connell, Russell Carter, Christian Brassington, Mihai Stanescu, Monica Barladeanu


Plot: Stranded after a car accident, a medical school student and her friends try to find shelter – only to cross paths with a deranged killer.


Verdict: Mediocre at Best


Story: We follow the six friends who have had a car accident looking for help, while five enter the building they find themselves trapped in an underground facility. With bodies all over the place the group has to look for a way out, but they find out they are not alone they have to battle to survive in a facility where experiments were taking place.

What this film offers is a look at the old lost idea, where the five people have to work out what is going on, they find things they shouldn’t be looking for and then try to figure them out. Did they need to? Well no, would you figure out about a murderer who is in some form of sleep or would you leave him/it alone? Could you stay awake for one night? I think the answer is simply yes, not sure why they all suddenly fall asleep one by one when they know that is the danger. Enough of the negatives, right positives we have the idea that people have the power to enter into a mind of people after they fall asleep turning them into killers, which is a nice idea. The group offers no interest in them never pulling you in to root for them. It tries to be a psychological thriller, I say try because it fails. (3/10)


Actor Review


Tara Reid: Jay seems to take control of the situation and is meant to be the brains of the group (now I have finished laughing) she keeps wanting to investigate stuff that is obviously locked underground for a reason and her involvement seems to cause most of the problems. Tara as a lead brainy character is like keeping frozen food in an oven. (1/10)


Akemnji Ndifernyan: Bug part of the group who is considered the strongest but also seems to fill the geek role, which does take him away from the stereotyped black character in horror. He does all he can but can’t pull anything off. (4/10)


Alice O’Connell: Holly part of the group who enters but wants out the quickest, they can’t find one but she plays the will she won’t she break before she becomes a problem but will she get through the experience. She does an ok job but you won’t remember anything she does. (4/10)


Russell Carter: Josh one of the people who goes investigating where they shouldn’t and is someone who goes out to make sure they take the first steps before the rest of the group. Poor performance as he never really pulls you into care about his character. (3/10)


Christian Brassington: Peter last member of the group who entered the facility and he does it the hard way, he is the first to get taken over if you like and once he is he turns evil. Does all he can which isn’t much do to poorly written script. (3/10)


Mihai Stanescu: Sleeper the killer who is in some sort of coma but when people sleep he can take over them turning them into monsters who like to kill people. Spends most of the film sat with eyes closed so hard to judge performance. (2/10)


Support Cast: Mostly doctors in the facility and the one friend who didn’t enter the facility they all come and go very fast mostly showing what will happen if they stay inside much longer.


Director Review: Anya Camilleri – With the cast it was always going to be hard to direct a horror, but poor story didn’t help which led to a messy film that never really pulls you in. (3/10)


Horror: Offers no scares, no jumps, but the trapped feeling works to a small level showing how being in a building with creatures and a mad man could cause problems. (4/10)

Mystery: It tries to offer you a mystery but fails to give you enough to work out yourself. (5/10)

Thriller: You really never get near the edge of your seat as the film unfolds. (2/10)

Settings: The setting is mostly inside the facility which does create the isolation needed for a horror film. (8/10)

Suggestion: If you were to see this on TV one night you could give it a go, but I don’t think you should go out your way to see this. (Midnight TV)


Best Part: The idea is interesting

Worst Part: Tara Reid

Believability: No (0/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Chances of Sequel: It gets left open for one

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Budget: $5 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 24 Minutes

Tagline: Do Not Disturb

Trivia: The first direct-to-download film. The film premiered on the Internet and was released through AOL.


Overall: Forgettable Horror Thriller



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