Horseplay – Release News

Director Marco Berger’s latest film HORSEPLAY in theaters June 2, on digital and on DVD June 13


Acclaimed LGBTQA+ thriller Horseplay, hot from a range of celebrated festival screenings, will release in theaters, digital and DVD this June from Dark Star Pictures.

A boundary pushing look at masculinity, homophobia and sexuality, HORSEPLAY is the latest film from critically acclaimed filmmaker Marco Berger (Mariposa, Taekwondo). It stars Bruno Giganti, Agustin Machta, Franco De La Puente, Ivan Masliah.

In the hot Argentine summer a group of friends get together to enjoy the holiday. They drink, party hard and make videos together. A rare mix of homophobia and horseplay comes together, however under the surface jealousy and violence begin to emerge. A twisted triangle of friends between a repressed gay, a secret bisexual boy and a homophobe will push tensions to the limit.

Horseplay will hit theaters June 2 before releasing on DVD and Digital June 13.

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