Horror Movie Marathon Selection

With Halloween around the corner we are going to look at our dream horror marathons to show on Halloween night.Mine

My choices are going to try and include different types of subgenres to help create a mix of different types of scares, but the idea is to make sure these are all films that have re-watch value. I have also made the rule for myself to not include more than one through any franchise.

1st Halloween (1978)hallwoen

I am choosing to start with the classic to get everyone in the mood with this suspense thriller.

2ndCabin in the Woods (2012)cabin

Next up we have the lightest film of the night, this genre busting horror puts together a horror that will give you a few laughs, plenty of scares and a final third that is absolutely crazy.

3rd The Evil Dead (1981)evil dead

The low budget time, Ash and his friend in the cabin when they find the book of the dead, this is the closest to a possession film I will be getting for the night.

4th The Host (2006)host

Now for my creature feature selection with the Korean masterpiece. This follow a family trying to find their youngest member who gets taken by a mutant creature.

5th The Orphanage (2007)orphange

 I will finish my selection with a ghost story and this Spanish selection seems the most fitting.


      • Ha ha ha 🙂 I wouldn’t need a pillow…until we got to The Orphanage. And then I’d need a whole duvet!

        The other movies are fantastic choices though, I love The Host, I love Halloween, I love The Evil Dead and I’ve only see Cabin in the Woods once but thought it was really good (I love Joss Whedon!) so it’s all good with me – really, genuinely lovely choices.

        I guess my pillow could come out of hiding slightly with The Evil Dead, but I could probably just use my hand for the pencil scene! Ahhhhh.

        How about you? Or I guess that could sound SLIGHTLY dodgy when asking a guy how big a pillow he needs! Ha ha. Sorry 🙂 couldn’t resist.

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