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Getting Away With Murder(s) the universally acclaimed film will be debuting on 27th January 2023, International Holocaust Memorial Day.

The filmmakers behind the highly-acclaimed Holocaust documentary Getting Away with Murder(s) have decided to give people the opportunity to view the film for free to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, on January 27th.

After a successful theatrical release, the filmmakers have decided to undertake this strategy in the USA, Canada and Australia to give viewers the opportunity to watch for free via select streaming platforms. In the UK, Benelux, the Baltics, the Nordics and Poland, the film is licensed to just a single broadcaster in each territory.

Director David Wilkinson thought outside the box, “We made this film with the intention for it to be seen by as many people as possible to educate them about the atrocities. Going the VOD/AVOD route widely in the USA, Canada, and Australia ensures that anyone who wants to see the film can view it for free on all platforms, apart from Amazon, without having to pay subscriptions. With the rise in antisemitism worldwide, everyone involved with the film agreed”.

Despite the extensive documentary coverage of the Holocaust to date, not one film has ever explored in any depth the almost total lack of justice, statistically, towards the vast numbers of eagerly-participating perpetrators who, at war’s end, simply walked away – untouched by justice. Up to 1 million people in 22 countries carried out the unprovoked murder of well over six million innocent men, women and children. 99% of those responsible were never prosecuted; most were never even questioned.

Writer, Director and Producer David Wilkinson’s journey takes him all over the UK, to Ireland, the USA, the killing fields of Lithuania, Latvia and the Czech Republic, to the infamous death camp Auschwitz – Birkenau in Poland, Austria, France and Germany.

The narrative leads with interviews, including with the now 102-year-old Benjamin B Ferencz, who is the last living prosecutor from the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, Professor Mary Fulbrook, Prof Dan Plesch, Holocaust survivors Kitty Hart-Moxon, Malka Levine, Arek Hersh, Nazi hunter Dr Stephen Ankier, British broadcaster and writer Robin Lustig, German prosecutor Jens Rommel, Holocaust, educator and campaigner Philip Rubenstein and Holocaust memorial co-founder and humanitarian campaigner Dr James Smith.

This universally acclaimed film will be debuting on 27th January 2023, International Holocaust Memorial Day, on the following platforms:

Amazon USA, Canada, Australia.
Tubi USA, Canada, Australia.
Roku USA, Canada.
Xumo USA, Canada.
Peacock USA.
Plex USA.
7Plus Australia

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