For the Sake of Vicious – Release News

Signature Entertainment presents For the Sake of Vicious on DVD & Digital Platforms 19th April 

Synopsis: It’s Halloween night and nurse Romina (Lora BurkePoor Agnes) just wants to relax after a hard day. Suddenly all hell breaks loose when desperate Chris (Nick Smyth) breaks in demanding angry justice for wrongdoing from the past. The crazed intruder is owed a debt of blood and wants a mystery confession from his hostage. Then, just as suddenly, a band of masked mercenaries invade the house causing even more mayhem. New alliances will be tested as the occupants struggle to survive a night marked by death. Loaded with guts and gore, here’s the eye-grazing splatter rollercoaster head-on-collision to leave you begging for more.

For The Sake Of Vicious was written and directed by Gabriel Carrer (The Demolisher)and Reese Eveneshen (Defective).

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