DVD Collection Round 5

Today I started looking at my DVD beginning with the letter E.

What films beginning with E should i have in my collection?


  1. I seriously do want to revisit Eight Legged Freaks. I just remember it being way over the top and that was when it was first released when I went with a bunch of friends to see it in theatres.
    And Easy A is just awesome and genius! It was what made me have a massive girl crush on Emma Stone 🙂
    Thinking quickly at my collection. The East is a good one that I own. My fiance would say The Expendables. And The Eye (the Asian original) is my favorite horror. or like Event Horizon 🙂

    • yeah 8 legged freaks i have seen loads, i have seen The East and might have a recorded copy of that but i do have all the other 3 in my collection, only just seen the original Eye after watching the awful remake in the cinema

  2. Ironically, that’s how my blog began: my friends only want short & snappy from me without all my thematic this and narrative that’s tossed in. : (

    • If you look at my early reviews Star Trek remake is one and see how short that is compared to the ones i write now, most if not all the people i know from everyday life are not into films much, so i came here to meet new people and now i want a career in it

  3. Escape is epic. I thought for sure you were going with Eraser for Schwarzie, but EoD is equally fun. Elysium, I felt, was about immigration laws.

    I love these videos! I skipped ahead on YouTube to your G and went out to find The Gathering which instantly made my guilty pleasure list – thank you. 😀

    • Thanks, we had an incident in UK very similar to the final sequence without the supernatural angle. I think Eraser will be coming up, i have so many DVDs but short and snappy update gives me more time to look at different ones

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