DVD Collection Round 10

Today I looked at the letter J, what films beginning with J should I add to my collection?


  1. Keira Knightley Weekend!! That is an awesome way to spend your weekend 🙂 How many movies will you watch?

    As for J, right off the top of my head, Jumanji and Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart! 🙂 And maybe The Jetsons Movie….
    But I’m on board with Jeepers Creepers. That’s a good one 🙂

    • most of my weekends are focused on a star or franchise but i keepp well ahead as i am doing mid oct one at the moment, the keira knightley one will be 3 i think, it is a way to pick films i havent always seen too

      • I need your organization..haha! 🙂 Good job! Although I have started planning my Halloween marathon so I guess I’m ok? 😉

        Looking forward to your reviews! 🙂

      • Thanks, i only end up doing it this way because sometimes youo get that feling of not wanting to watch something and if you give yourself the time you can have a week off, i had my first 4days without a film last weekend which was good. i did my halloween which is a midnight horror film everyday in oct few months ago but i love watching horror, i always finish with a franchise too not halloween though

      • Yeah..my Halloween marathon always has one highlight franchise and other movies sprinkled in between. I’ve done Halloween and Friday the 13th. This year, its Nightmare on Elm Street. I’ve never seen any of them so its some nice discoveries.

      • stealing my idea lol, i keep Friday the 13th for that date, still got half to do, i do 3 halloween films for the weekend of halloween, last year i did all 6 Wrong Turn films. i was gonna do Saw. Also on a side note so you can plan if you are interested and not been announced yet, movie rob and i are putting a plan together for a stephen king blogathon through oct

      • Sounds fun! You know I’m in! 🙂
        Stealing your idea? Don’t be silly. I’m an old fart in blogging years 😛 My fiance won’t let me do Wrong Turn. He says I’m going to be sick. Haha! I did think about doing Saw eventually but I think I’ll probable end up doing Final Destination for next year. Still too early to decide 🙂 Mine is actually a month long marathon. Last year I launched a poll so you all can decide what I watch between B-Horror, Psychological Thrillers/Horror. I think I’ll do it again this year 🙂

      • i will email you when we have everything sorted out, Wrong turn 3 onwards is kind of terrible but i liked 6. i might do leperchaun, i have a complete random selection of horrors ending with 9 freddy krueger films. which i do love watching.

        i could easily suggest some good or bad horrors to watch too if you tell me one type zombie/vampire/gore etc you like i will suggest soemthing

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