DVD Collection 12

I have started looking at the ‘L’ today, what films beginning with L should I add t my collection


  1. I fell asleep at the Return of the King premiere for like 5 minutes at the theatres so yeah, boring…even though it was those stupid 8:30am premieres and I was already only half awake..haha~!
    Some awesome L movies I own: The Last Emperor, Little Miss Sunshine and Love Actually!! 🙂

  2. I am at such a complete loss on 5. You and so many others really don’t care for 5 and I love them both (though I think I love 4 better for personal – not cinematic – reasons).

    I actually have my fingers crossed that they’ll make one more in which Jack and the two kids rescue Holly and the whole family gets reunited. Corny, I know – I’m just a romantic that way. 😀

    • My person dislike toward 5 is that i didn’t feel like i was watching John. i liked Justin Long as sidekick in 4 but Jai didn’t work for me. I just felt it was a forced action film with Bruce (who is one of the few stars i am getting tired with for other reason)

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