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Don’t Let Go (2019) Movie Review


Director: Jacob Estes

Writer: Jacob Estes (Screenplay) Drew Daywalt (Story)

Starring: David Oyelowo, Storm Reid, Mykelti Williamson, Alfred Molina, Bruan Tyree Henry, Shinelle Azoroh

Plot: After a man’s family dies in what appears to be a murder, he gets a phone call from one of the dead, his niece. He’s not sure if she’s a ghost or if he’s going mad, but as it turns out, he’s not.

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Don’t Let Go starts when detective Jack Radcliff (Oyelowo discovers that his brother Garret (Henry) and his family Susan (Azoroh) and niece Ashley (Reid) have been murdered.

Jack wants to solve the case, but getting phone call from Ashley, he starts getting new clues to the people behind the crime, but is this real or is he losing his mind, as the connection he had with his niece is the only thing keeping him from losing everything.

Thoughts on Don’t Let Go

ThoughtsDon’t Let Go is a horror thriller that will see a detective getting a chance to remain in contact with his own niece after her death, as he searches for clues as to who was behind their murders. This will give us a fine line between reality and fantasy, as we see how things could unfold for the niece, as the battle to save her becomes the main part of what drives Jack’s decisions. The story will have an intense final third, which will bounce between the two time lines, as we get to learn who is behind everything and what it will mean to the people involved. David Oyelowo is great in the leading role, balancing the two sides of what could be going on through his mind, while Storm Reid as the niece is strong too in her role. Don’t Let Go is an entertaining thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Final Thoughts Don’t Let Go is an edge of your seat thriller.

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