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Card Counter – Movie Review

Card Counter Movie Review There’s something about the fickle nature of games of chance that makes them incredibly compelling as a subject matter for films and TV shows. While it’s easy to see the appeal of playing at an online poker site, something about the glitz of a brick and mortar casino holds an appeal…

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Scream (1996) Victim List

Scream The Victim List Scream VI is about to come to the cinema. Meaning one thing, we have a new Ghostface or Ghostfaces. So, before the movie comes out, it is time to look back through the franchise and try to figure out who the killer is in each individual kill in the movie. We…

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Darkness Falls – 20 Years Later

Darkness Falls – The Tooth Fairy Horror On the 24th of January 2003, Darkness Falls was released in the United States. For some reason outside of Canada, the rest of the world didn’t get this movie till later in the year, with my own UK having to wait till the 9th of May. Darkness Falls…

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Fallen – 25th Anniversary

Fallen 25th Anniversary On the 16th of January 1998, Warner Bros released Fallen in the cinema. it struggled to make a major impact due to the juggernaut that was Titanic. Fallen only ended up making $25.3 Million in its 9-week cinema run.  Having already made $21.3 million by its third week. Cast Denzel Washington took…

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Treasure Planet the Forgotten Disney Gem

Treasure Planet the Forgotten Disney Gem On 27th November 2002, Treasure Planet was released by Walt Disney 20 years ago. It went on to become one of the weakest Box Office returns in the studio’s history. The question is what went wrong with Treasure Planet’s release? Directors Treasure Planet was directed by Ron Clements and…

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20th Anniversary of Ghost Ship

20th Anniversary of Ghost Ship Ghost Ship was released on the 25th of October 2002. Two-time director Steve Beck returned for his second and last movie following Thirteen Ghosts. Steve has previous experience in visual effects teams for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, The Abyss and The Hunt for Red October. The screenplay comes…

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