The Simpsons Challenge Season 3 Episode 20 – Colonel Homer

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 20 – Colonel Homer

Couch Gag – This time the family get folding into the sofa, I would like to point out these do get more exciting over time.

Plot SynopsisHomer becomes the manager of a beautiful young country singer and finds himself almost attracted to her, sparking Marge’s jealousy.

What is going on reallyWe start with the family heading to the cinema with Homer and Marge seeing a political thriller which is too complicated for Homer who makes a spectacle of himself, while Bart and Lisa see a horror movie that traumatises her.

Homer gets embarrassed in the cinema and decides to go for a drive to recover and calm down ending up in a redneck bar. In this bar, Homer hears the song by country singer and bar maid Lurleen Lumpkin. Homer takes the chance to make Lurleen a household name and overnight she becomes a sensation and Homer becomes her manager Colonel Homer.

Marge becomes jealous of Homer and Lurleen’s relationship leaving Homer with the ultimate decision, a new career in music or his family.

Star Character

Lurleen Lumpkin

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the enjoyable but not best episodes, we get to see Homer’s mindset on a new career as well as learning how a career could be changed by one person. The songs are relatable too.

Rating 4/5

The Simpsons Challenge Season 3 Episode 19 – Dog of Death

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 19 – Dog of Death

Couch Gag – This time Homer lays on the sofa with the rest of the family jumping on top of him.

Plot SynopsisThe Simpsons wind up regretting paying for an expensive surgery for Santa’s Little Helper. He then runs away from home, winds up in the animal shelter, and is adopted by Mr. Burns to become an attack dog.

What is going on reallyWe start with the state going mad for the lottery which promises a three figure million prize, Homer buys plenty of tickets with each family member going through what they want if they win, but back home Santa’s Little Helper is very sick.

Learning the price of the operation $750 Homer must explain about Doggie Heaven as the family can’t afford the operation, Homer finally gives in to look into a way of making the operation affordable, but Marge brings the sacrifices the family will have to make.

With the operation being a complete success, the family grows tired of Santa’s Little Helper as the sacrifices they make leave them missing out on things they would have had. Santa’s Little Helper decides to run away going on his own adventure around Springfield.

Mr Burns adopts the stray looking to turn him into the latest attack dog using A Clockwork Orange reference to make this happen. Bart’s determination to find Santa’s Little Helper brings them back together again.

Star Character

Santa’s Little Helper

Final ThoughtsThis is an episode all dog owners will enjoy and understand the problems owning a dog can be when it comes to medical bills, but is an entertaining episode which could be enjoyed by all.

Rating 5/5

The Simpsons Challenge Season 3 Episode 18 – Separate Vocations

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 18 – Separate Vocations

Couch Gag – This time Bart arrives late jumping on the family.

Plot SynopsisThe results of a standardized test steer Bart in the direction of law and order at Springfield Elementary School. However, Lisa becomes so depressed by her results that she turns to juvenile delinquency.

What is going on reallyWe start with Bart and Lisa taking the standardised test to figure out what they should be when they grow up, Bart gets police officers while Lisa gets home marker, which leaves her depressed, crushing her dreams of being a jazz musician.

Bart gets a chance to go on a ride along with Eddie and Lou only to find himself capturing the fugitive Snake understand this is now his dream. On the other side of the coin we see how Lisa becomes the rebellious character.

In a twisted world now Principal Skinner uses Bart new love for the law to recruit him as Hall Monitor cleaning up Springfield Elementary potentially clashing with his own sister.

Star Character

Bart & Lisa

Final ThoughtsThis is one of the strongest episodes we have seen, we get to see how school tests to assign careers are stupid and can take away the focus of the student. We also get a role reverse for Bart and Lisa as well as seeing how Bart is smart enough to know which one of the kids of the family is going to have the brightest future. We also get plenty of police drama and film references.

Rating 5/5

The Simpsons Challenge – Season 3 – Episode 17 – Homer at the Bat

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 17 – Homer at the Bat

Couch Gag – This time the family crash into each other all falling on the floor with Maggie take the sofa.

Plot SynopsisHomer and his co-workers qualify for the plant softball team’s league final, but Mr. Burns hires nine professional MLB players in order to win a $1 million bet.

What is going on reallyWe start when Homer signs up and motivates his co-workers to join him in the company softball team even though they have an awful record. With a new secret weapon, his homemade bat he is ready for the season.

Homer leads the team to the victory with the rest of the team looking to build their own bat as well as references the idea slow motion replays. When the team makes the final they must play Mr Burns big rival which leads to him places a $1 Million bet.

Mr Burns goes out of his way to make sure he wins by recruits professional baseball players to replace the workers who made it to the playoffs. When the star players sudden get stricken with different problems it is up to Homer to save the team, but can he do it?

Star Character


Final ThoughtsThis is a fun episode but it does lack the true heart, it shows that hard work will give you a chance to be a star. The biggest problem here is for the world audience like myself as we don’t understand one of the baseball references.

Rating 3/5

The Simpsons Challenge – Season 3 – Episode 16 – Bart the Lover

The Simpsons Challenge

Season 3

Episode 16 – Bart the Lover

Couch Gag – This time with one of the aliens hiding out on the couch before escaping before the family arrives.

Plot SynopsisAfter Mrs. Krabappel gives Bart a month of detention, he gets his revenge by responding to her newspaper singles ad. Meanwhile, Marge suggests Homer to start a swear jar to stop him cursing.

What is going on reallyWe start with Bart watching in video in a world without zinc sending him to sleep as always. We watch how Miss Krabappel is living a single working girls life, lonely after teaching and looking for love in the person ads.

When the class gets obsessed with yoyo Bart becomes the popular kid in class again but his latest trick finds him in one month detention, but this gives Bart a chance to learn about Miss Krabappel search for a man and decides to play along.

With this story we have the side story of Homer’s cursing causing troubles in the Flander’s household. This leads to a wager where Homer must put money in a swear jar and Ned will shave off his moustache.

Bart learns that he pranks could go too far when he stands Miss Krabappel up on the date with the dream man he has created but he learns that just pranks can effect the personal life of the people he plays them on and must find a way to say goodbye to Miss Krabappel that doesn’t break her heart.

Star Character

Bart & Miss Krabappel

Final ThoughtsThis is a one of the more memorable episodes, it shows how lonely Miss Krabappel is in her life and how she does have a connection with Bart. We also get a small lesson on how Homer can change himself with age.

Rating 5/5