Opinion Battles Round 8 – Favourite Car Chase Scene

Opinion Battles Round 8

Favourite Car Chase Scene

Each year we seem to see an action film go out of its way to make sure we get a more jaw-dropping car chase scene. These will often become the most iconic scenes in what can be average action films but every time we sit at the edge of our seat filled with tension to what will be happening next. Today we will pick our favourite car chase scenes.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Car Chase Including Fight – The Raid 2

The Raid 2 is easily one of the best action movies ever put to film and where the film built on the first was taking it all outside the solo location which does involved our hero Rama having been captured and on his way to meet his maker when he awakens to take on all of the henchmen in his car while also having another car coming to rescue him having to take on all the henchman and back up cars and bikes in a high speed car chase which includes plenty of gun fire. The whole film does take your breath away and this just stands up as one of the many highlights without a single line of dialogue spoken through it either.


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Heist Chase – Fast Five

The Fast and Furious series has brought so much over the top car chase scenes ever made. They are incredibly out of this world but yet so amazing to watch. Nothing quite beats Fast Five and the exhilaratingly fun car chase down the streets of Rio de Janeiro with the vault trailing behind the car and how it angles the shot to see everything and still guess what they’ll do next. The awesome cars, the excitement and the thrill this car chase has is just amazing.


Cinema Parrot Disco

Final Chase – Mad Max Fury Road


My favorite car chase scene would be the one in Mad Max: Fury Road. You know – the one that lasts for 90% of the movie? Surely you can’t top that! It’s completely & utterly bonkers. It’s over the top. It’s insane. It’s awesome. Hopefully this answer counts… Is it a scene when it’s pretty much the entire movie? 😉


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

 Car Chase Through the Mall – Blues Brothers


Loads of wild, crazy car chases to be found in “The Blues Brothers” – who could forget the showstopper at the finale with the huge police car pile up?

But then there’s that really entertaining one earlier on in the film where the police chase Jake and Elwood through the mall, set to the fun tune of “Can’t Turn You Loose” and with the brothers pointing out all the shops (and the amount of space) as they go.


Fun, entertaining and crazy!


Rob – Movie Rob


This is another easy one. Despite being filmed almost 50 years ago, the car chase scenes with Steve McQueen at the wheel in Bullitt (1968) are some of the most exciting and tense scenes ever filmed.


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

Car Chase Through the Mall – Blues Brothers


My favorite car chase in a movie is from Blues Brothers. They use a lot of different camera techniques during the chase. One minute you are top of the car. One minute on the side. One minute looking down on the brothers. Then we see different angles and finally it culminates in the massive pile up. It feels fast, exciting and unexpected for a comedy. 


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Final Chase – Deathproof


No traditional, ‘James Bond’ style car chases really came to mind (and I don’t like the Fast & the Furious movies that much to choose one of those) so I went with a car chase I genuinely love, in a film I really like, that is generally about…..car chases.


The last car chase in Death Proof is really cool. Finally Stuntman Mike is revealed as the huge coward he actually is, while a group of crazy chicks get their revenge on him. Both of the cars used in the chase are cool too. Stuntman Mike drives his ‘death proof’ vehicle and the girls drive a 1970s Dodge Challenger (used in the car movie Vanishing Point). For extra kudos, actress Zoe Bell (who plays Zoe) is a stunt woman in real life and everything you see her do on camera (riding on the bonnet of a car and hanging out the window with a makeshift spear – for example) she really does do.


As expected the music is great too. All round, fantastic scene.


Carl Wonders – Listening to Film

The Bourne Supremacy


There have been many car chases in movie history that are exciting to watch. The Bourne Supremacy was the first time I felt like I was IN a car chase. Add in some kinetic editing and a fantastic music cue from John Powell, and you have a recipe for excitement.The filmmakers created a new vehicle system for filming the chase, and the results are spectacular, especially when you consider that there are no CGI vehicles at all. There are many shots in this chase sequence, in which Bourne evades the police and an assassin through the streets of Moscow, that I had simply never seen before, nor was I able to figure out how they managed to put a major star like Matt Damon in such a precarious position. In fact, the stunt coordinator has said that he received flack from others in the industry for putting Damon in danger…which of course, he never was. High praise indeed for possibly the most white-knuckle chase ever filmed.


S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Blues Brothers

I went back and forth between the climax of The Blues Brothers and the final chase of Mad Max: Fury Road, but I decided to go with classic comedy over explosive action. Jake and Elwood Blues on their mission from God attract all manner of enemies, from the police to Nazis to a country/western band, and it’s a rush and a pleasure watching them chase the Bluesmobile as chaos ensues. The streets of Chicago become an all-out demolition derby at the end, and who can forget the earlier chase through the mall too? At the time, The Blues Brothers held the record for most cars destroyed in a film; even the Bluesmobile itself actually falls apart at the end!


Kira – Film and Tv 101

Blue Brothers

It’s 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it’s dark… and we’re

wearing sunglasses.’ I’ve seen a lot of films with iconic car chases, but one that has always stuck

in my mind from the very first time I saw it was the one at the end of The Blues Brothers. The

whole film is a wild ride, and the car chase is just such a phenomenal way to end things. The

comedy that is laced throughout the entire movie is ever-present here, but I also admire the

amount of work it must have taken to put things in place to get the scene filmed. For me, it is one

of the highlights of the film, but is also goes down as one of the greatest car chases of all time

Drew – Drew’s Movie Reviews

Bank Vault Chase – Fast Five

I think it is a surprise to everyone that The Fast and the Furious franchise has lasted as long as it has.  With 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift nearly destroying the franchise, it needed a miracle to bounce back. That miracle was Fast Five.  One of my favorite movie genres is heist films, so to see a franchise combine what made the original The Fast and the Furious enjoyable with a genre I love so much was a real treat.  That’s why my favorite car chase is the heist scene when the crew / family steal an entire bank vault and drive down the streets of Rio with the vault in tow, all the while being chased by the police.  It is crazy. It is over the top. And it is one of the most entertaining car chase scenes I have ever seen.

J – Film & Nuance

Opening Chase – Drive

Drive Poster

The opening scene in my favourite film (Drive) is a very easy entry for this round of Favourite Car Chase. It’s not the flashiest, craziest, maddest or baddest car chase scene. For those, you have the bonds, and the fast and furious chases etc etc. But Drive’s opening scene is the coolest. Amped with a catchy monotone beat soundtrack, it sets the neo-noir tone of the film as we get a glimpse into the shady, silent and fast-paced world of the anti-hero. The whole scene is exhilirating in itself, and once it ends, Drive’s opening credits begin with the neon-filled skylines of L.A, the synthwave tunes accompanying the Driver…driving endlessly into the endless city. It’s just beautiful.

Opinion Battles Round 7 – Favourite Performance in a Comedy Movie by a Non-Comedic Actor

Opinion Battles Round 7

Favourite Performance in a Comedy Movie by a Non-Comedic Actor

Over the years of acting we have had plenty of comedic actors’ nail comedy and move into drama but quite often it has been more difficult going in the over direction. I have loosed the rules on this and will be accepting the first few performances by a serious actor who stepped into comedy and may be doing it a lot more often now.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Arnold Schwarzenegger – Twins

This had to be one of the hardest decisions I have had to make in Opinion Battles, I was looking through lists of comedy films thinking who was a serious actor before make certain films. I had to make quick eliminations of Robert DeNiro for Meet the Parents as I feel he had shown ability in comedy before and even Robert Downey Jr for Tropic Thunder for similar reasons. I narrowed my list down to 4 actors Russel Crowe, Jason Statham, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tommy Lee Jones before finally making my decision. First I eliminated Crowe because the film is brilliant but I personally feel Gosling gets most of the laughs. Statham from Spy who does steal the film but we don’t see him enough and Tommy Lee Jones from Men in Black because his dead pan expression shows he is still being serious with comedy happening around him.

I have gone with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Twins because when this film got released he was easily one of the hottest properties in action films and this role isn’t even an action comedy so we get to laugh at his innocent persona through the film and making him the body guard like figure to Danny DeVito whose mouth gets him in more trouble than it needs to always has protection from his long lost twin brother.

Damien Riley – Riley Film Reviews

Leslie Nielsen – Airplane

In the annals of history for me, there is no film quite like “Airplane.” It’s a deadpan satire of the “Police Squad” type tv shows as well as the mega grossing disaster films of the 1960’s and 1970’s. (“Towering Inferno,”  “Airport”) These became commonplace with films like Charlie Sheen’s “Hot Shots” and later morphed into film genre satire like “Scary Movie.” But film goers remember the best withe Leslie Nielsen as Dr. Rumack in “Airplane.” It’s bit and after bit, gag after gag the best comedic performance I recall seeing. I hope you agree and vote for it! Remember this quote before you vote!


Ted Striker: Surely you can’t be serious!

Dr. Rumack: I am sure. And don’t call me Shirley


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

Ralph Fiennes – The Grand Budapest Hotel

While I firmly believe that the film’s trailer was funnier than the film itself, even I have to admit that the normally oh-so-serious Ralph Fiennes delivers a surprisingly hilarious performance in this. His comic timing is really quite exemplary, hitting those zingers confidently, and proving himself to be a fine physical comedian as well. I mean, that little run after “She’s been murdered . . . and you think I did it” is genius!

He confidently ventured into comedy with this film and went on to do even more successful comedy in films like “Hail Caesar!” and “A Bigger Splash”




Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Kate Winslet – The Holiday


Kate Winslet is a beautiful and elegant actress full of talent. She has pulled off a ton of wonderfully dramatic roles as early as when she did Rose in Titanic. There was a powerful role in The Reader and so much more. If you look at her filmography, its lined with a lot of dramatic roles except for this little romantic comedy that I adore, The Holiday. I do have to say that The Holiday is particularly fantastic because of Kate Winslet showing us that she can be so naturally comedic and entertaining and that Jack Black can dial it back but still be sweet and funny (but then Jack Black doesn’t fit here because he does a lot of comedic roles already.


Rob – Movie Rob

Leslie Nielsen – Airplane

Surely you can’t be joking!


We all know Nielsen as Frank Drebin, Mr. Magoo, and tons of other comedic roles, but beforehand he was known as a serious actor (like in The Poseidon Adventure as the Captain of the ship).


This role as the Doctor on the doomed flight is where we all got to know him for the comedic genius he was.


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

Spencer Tracy – It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World


The first performance I thought of is Spencer Tracy as Captain T.G. Culpeper in It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. This is one of Tracy’s last roles and while he had certainly done romantic comedies with Kathryn Hepburn there was never anything this mad cap to my knowledge. He kind of has the straight man role in the comedy with all the madness going around him but that is really important because madness isn’t funny if there’s nobody to bounce it off of. He kind of has a big reveal at the end but he really sells it and holds his own with the greatest comedians of all time. It’s a hilarious movie and a great performance from a multiple Oscar winner Spencer Tracy.


Kira – Film and Tv 101

Ryan Gosling – The Nice Guys


There are potentially a lot of actors who could be in contention for this week’s round, but I had to go with Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys. What a hugely pleasant surprise he was with the comedic chops he displayed in what I think is one of the best films he has been in, and certainly his best

role. He was phenomenal as Holland March, sharing terrific chemistry with co-star Russell Crowe and showing us what excellent timing is. With hindsight, we should have known he could be such a comedy goldmine – Gosling has one of the best dead-pan faces going, on-screen and in interviews. Why did we wait for so long to see him in this light?


Cinema Parrot Disco

Mandy Patinkin – The Princess Bride


My favorite performance in a comedy movie by a non-comedic actor would be Mandy Patinkin’s performance as Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. People must get sick of me saying how much I love The Princess Bride but the movie is perfection & Patinkin’s character is one of the biggest reasons why the film is so loved. His story of vengeance is timeless and his chemistry with Fezzik & Westley is charming & hilarious. Who doesn’t love Inigo Montoya? He never fails to make me smile, no matter how many times I watch the movie. 🙂


S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Leslie Nielsen – Airplane!

This battle’s concept left me torn between a few dramatic actors in comedic roles (Ricardo Montalbán in The Naked Gun came close), but then I realized that a comedic actor’s first switch from dramatic roles could count too. Given that, I had to choose Leslie Nielsen’s now classic performance as Dr. Rumack in 1980’sAirplane! Before that, he was known for straightforward dramatic roles in films like Forbidden Planet and The Poseidon Adventure, but one “don’t call me Shirley” later, he had revolutionized himself as a master of deadpan humor. Many more comedies would follow, such as The Naked Gun, but Airplane! was the start of them all and served as a then-unexpected makeover for Nielsen’s career.

Carl Wonders – Listening to Film

George C Scott – Dr Strangelove


Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove is undeniably a classic in the black comedy genre and is full of incredibly funny performances. But the best might just be from an actor that you would least expect from the rest of his body of work: George C. Scott. Playing the gum-chomping, Russian-hating, 5-year-old-in-a-man’s-body, General “Buck “Turgidson (just watch his face light up towards the end, as the reality of what repopulating American society would truly mean as far as his libido is concerned), Scott imbues the role with an incredible over-the-top performance that works perfectly for the tone the film. The rumor is that Kubrick asked Scott to go all-in for “rehearsal” takes, claiming the cameras were off. Of course, this was a lie, but it allowed the movie to capture choices that Scott would have refused to make had he known he was being filmed. Perhaps my favorite moment is a scene where, in the middle of a rant about the need to prepare for a counter strike, Scott loses his balance, rolls over backward, and gets up while continuing to speak as though nothing had happened. Also memorable is his tussle with the Russian ambassador (Peter Bull); he truely owns every scene he is in, which is saying a lot considering he’s often up against one or two incarnations of Peter Sellers (who does get to deliver the famous line, “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here, this is the War Room!”). Especially when considering his famous turn later as General Patton, Scott turns in an incredible comedic performance that stands out as unique among his work and is easily my favorite by a non-comedic actor.

Emma – Emma Explains It All

Robert Downey Jr – Tropic Thunder

My reason is – he’s very, very funny and plays Kirk Lazarus so damn well.

J – Film & Nuance

Jeff Bridges – The Big Lebowski

He was super hilarious and always so chill. There’s just something enigmatic about ‘The Dude’ and his laidback and cool demeanor and attitude. He seems to perfectly exist in his totally imperfect world, though his actual purpose in life is a big question mark. I can’t get enough of his antics and perfect comedic timing gets me going everytime. This is supposed to be an opinion battle where I convince you to choose my pick, but in the spirit of his dudeness, if you don’t like him, well that’s just your opinion man 😛



Opinion Battles Round 6 – Favourite Film From 1987

Opinion Battles Round 6

Favourite Film From 1987

To celebrate my 30th birthday I have decided to challenge everyone to pick their favourite film from the year of my birth so 1987 will be the selection of films we will be looking at.

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Darren – Movie Reviews 101


Predator was one of the very first adult action movies I ever saw and while it definitely isn’t the best movie from 1987 it is easily one of the most fun movies from the year. We get Arnold Schwarzenegger facing off against an alien creature with better weapons then him in the middle of the jungle. A role Arnie was born to play, and battle we could have watched for days and you add in all the one liners we have a perfect popcorn flick that can be enjoyed by all.

Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Dirty Dancing

Patrick Swayze; Jennifer Grey; Lots of dancing; a great soundtrack. Dirty Dancing is one of my feel good movies. I love its iconic line and the chemistry that Johnny and Baby have. The training for the dance is awesome and between the romantic tension and drama, there’s still a lot of great moments. While its a great love story, there’s so much about friends and family and expectations, seeing more in someone than they see of themselves.


Cinema Parrot Disco

The Princess Bride

Wow! What a great year! I didn’t know it would be so hard to pick a favorite movie from 1987. Let’s see…  Adventures in Babysitting! Can’t Buy Me Love! Fatal Attraction! The Lost Boys! A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors! Predator! Those are all favorites of mine. But there’s still one that beats them all. There’s one that truly stands the test of time & has built up an immunity to 1987, one that is seeking revenge & demanding that you prepare to die, one that begs the question “Anybody want a peanut?”. As you wish, my answer for best 1987 movie is The Princess Bride. Is there a better film from that year?? Inconceivable!

Rob – Movie Rob

The Princess Bride

This is a movie that truly has something for everyone.

It’s a love story based in a magical far away land that has swordfights, giants, deadly creatures, assassination plots, wizards, kidnappings, revenge, miracles, lots of humorous characters, lies, deceit, true love and of course, a bit of kissing.

I recall seeing this in the theater and being drawn in by the majesty and simpleness of the story, while still being so entertaining

It’s a great fantasy based story that has so many themes in it, it truly can be enjoyed by anyone. Excellent characters and dialogue that are so memorable and quotable. Great musical score with an amazing title song.


Damien Riley – Riley Film Reviews

Good Morning Vietnam

This is an absolutely incredible performance. It’s the antithesis of shyness! It represents the year 1987 so well. I myself was 17 watching this in a theater with a couple of my gangly friends. We knew Mork and Mindy on tv but this was a wholly different film with someone we knew we didn’t recognize. We loved him. He added so much to all of our lives. This film was only the beginning of an education from Williams.


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

Full Metal Jacket


A killer soundtrack, a disturbing performance from Vincent D’Onofrio, an unbelievable, iconic performance from R. Lee Ermey as the drill sergeant, great battle scenes.


An all round awesomely enjoyable film.


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

The Princess Bride


My favorite movie from 1987 by far is The Princess Bride. It’s got everything you could want in a movie and it is family friendly to boot. It’s got great sword fighting, storming the castle, fighting giants and strange creatures, true love, villains and humor. The casting on all the roles is spot on and it’s a film that I think actually improves upon the book by having a more focused narrative. I love Wesley, Buttercup and Inigo Montoya. Even Peter Faulk is the quintessential grandpa. Billy Crystal is hilarious as the medicine man. I just love it! 


Kira – Film and Tv 101

Good Morning Vietnam


1987 was a good year for film, so it was tough to pick a favourite from that year. I finally settled on

Good Morning Vietnam, just like I’d imagine many other people would do. This is without a doubt

Robin Williams’ film, evident in the fact that he also stars alongside someone of Forest Whitaker’s

calibrate and just absolutely dominates the film. Williams’ fast-paced, witty dialogue is what makes

this film so great, and I for one found myself in an even grander state of awe when I discovered

that the majority of the dialogue was improvised. It is a magnificent film, and in my eyes, the best of



Carl Wonders – Listening to Film

The Princess Bride


The year 1987 was unquestionably a great one for movies, but one film from that year stands out as one of the seminal films of my childhood. It’s a movie that I cannot imagine a time when it didn’t exist, even though I was already 8 when it came out, so it would be impossible…no…INCONCEIVABLE to not choose The Princess Bride as my favorite movie of that 1987. Granted, it’s impossible for me to be objective here, but there simply isn’t a wrong step made in this film, which deftly balances comedy and action throughout and has inspired countless memes and opportunities to quote famous moments at any opportune time (seriously, who HASN’T said the Inigo Montoya monologue at some point?). It’s one of those movies where you cannot imagine anyone else playing any of the roles, from Cary Elwes as Wesley and Robin Wright as Buttercup, to minor parts like Billy Crystal’s cameo as Miracle Max and Peter Cook’s The Impressive Clergyman. And because it’s directed by Rob Reiner, there is a part for Christopher Guest, who is superb as the infamous Six-fingered Man. Even the film’s wrapper, which involves a grandfather reading the story to his sick grandson, could have come off as cheesy or unnecessary. But with Reiner’s hand and a large assist from Peter Falk (seriously, who wouldn’t want Peter Falk as their grandfather?) and a very young Fred Savage, it works perfectly. There are very few movies that I am always in the mood to watch, but The Princess Bride is near or at the top of that list, and if a child of mine or anyone else really suggests we put it some evening, my response would, of course, be “as you wish…”


S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

The Princess Bride

I thought at first that I’d be torn on what 1987 film to pick, but when I realized The Princess Bride was released that year, my favorite suddenly seemed obvious. The Princess Bride is an instant classic, as timelessly charming and funny today as it was back then. The “inconceivable” number of quotable lines, the romantic destiny of true love, the hilarious antics of memorable side characters, the thrilling sword fights and fantasy trappings, and the endearing framing device of a grandfather reading a storybook to his grandson have never gotten old and never will. May it never be remade!

Emma – Emma Explains It All

Planes, Trains and Automobiles


What a great film! One of my all time favourite comedy movies and an irresistible mix of good writing, great acting and the old John Hughes sentimentality. Ahhhh!

There’s a few films I enjoy from 1987 and I’ll be interested to see what other people come up with, but I absolutely had to go with this cracker. I don’t think I actually know anyone who dislikes it? 

J – Film & Nuance

The Last Emperor

The Last Emperor Poster

The Last Emperor is my favourite film of 1987 because well, frankly I haven’t seen many of the 1987 films. Having said that,it is one of the better films of the year and it won best picture if I remember correctly. It’s a complex look into the aristocracy of ancient China and its place in an ever shifting world around this archaic empire. It captures the mythos of royalty and the tragedy of a king who faces an adversary that knows no mercy: The modern world. It is a fascinating film filled with the gaudy and ostentatious colours of the throne’s past and the sweeping harshness of the real world.




Opinion Battles Round 5 Favourite Video Game Adaptation

Opinion Battles Round 5new-logo

Favourite Video Game Adaptation

Over the past 25 odd years videos games have become a new stream of entertainment, so naturally Hollywood has decided to jump on the bandwagon and turn these lengthy stories into one of films, a lot get highly criticised but for the fans of film that never played the games we get certain stories that work on film. With the final chapter of the Resident Evil franchise coming to the cinema it is now time for us to pick our favourite video game adaptations.

If you want to take part in the next round of Opinion Battles we will be picking our Favourite Film from 1987, email your choices to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by 19h March 2017.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Silent Hillsilent

When Silent Hill first hit the cinema I want to see the film, I never played the game as I never cared for horror survival video games so I knew I wouldn’t be comparing this to any previous material. We have a simple enough story that makes horror work as we have a concerned mother looking for her adopted daughter that has been having nightmares about a place called Silent Hill. While in Silent Hill we get great horror moments with terrifying Pyramid Head and the nurses who only react to sound being ready to kill anyone who gets near them. We also get a well-rounded story that is open to a sequel which we do get but never really fits the same way this one does.


Kim – Tranquil Dreams

Resident Evilres

Resident Evil is my guilty pleasure and in all its wooden dialogue and morphed creatures, the first one which is probably the most in line with the huge video game franchise its built is the most like a survival horror. It actually sticks to its horror roots a little and has some nice characters to remember. It’s a ton of fun to watch, lots of action going on and even in all its crappy dialogue, it might make some cringe but it makes me laugh at the “so bad its awesome” factor. Video game adaptations are frequently not done right but at least this one has a lot of guilty pleasure points for it

Cinema Parrot Disco



I did a list recently of my top ten video game movies and, when making the list, realized I couldn’t do a list of actual video game adaptations because a) I haven’t seen that many and b) they’re all dreadful! So I did a list of movies with plots concerning video games in some way. And there are lots of good ones! WarGames, TRON, Wreck-It Ralph, etc etc. But I’m assuming that’s not what Darren wants (correct??). So, if it HAS to be a movie strictly adapted from an actual video game, my answer is Warcraft. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful. In fact, I thought it was kind of fun. It was certainly better than things like Alone In The Dark! Yep. Warcraft is my answer. But if people are gonna bend the rules on this one, my answer is WarGames… 😉 


Rob – Movie Rob

Tomb Raider


Seems to be quite true to the video game, but it comes off as a lesser version of an Indiana Jones story.  Jolie is good as the title character and knows how to handle an action movie by herself.  Nice to see a pre-Bond Craig here in a role so very different from the spy we all know and love.


Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

Ratchet and Clank


Every once in a while there is a movie I like that gets trashed by the critics. So was the case with last year’s Ratchet and Clank. While certainly not a masterpiece, I thought it was a fun space adventure for kids. It reminded me of the type of shows I used to watch on Saturday morning cartoons. It had some self-aware humor and decent animation. It’s particularly impressive on a $20 million budget which is very small for an animated film. The voice talent is decent with Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Bella Thorne, Rosario Dawson and the voice actors from the game James Arnold Taylor and David Kaye. I liked the friendship between Ratchet and Clank and thought it was sweetly handled. 

The villain is pretty lame and the story is very generic but at 94 minutes I didn’t mind that. I have never played the game but was honestly surprised when people were as harsh as they were on Ratchet and Clank. Video game movies are awful that I have seen but this one I thought was passable entertainment.


Carl Wonders – Listening to Film

Resident Evil


Admittedly, there isn’t a lot of cinema greatness to be chosen from in this category, and no one is going to mistake the Resident Evil series of films for anything masterful. However, what they are are entertaining popcorn flicks that, if you turn your brain off, can be rather entertaining. In addition, the series was doing zombies before they had become flavor of the month. With this series, director/creative force Paul W.S. Anderson (who probably directed the majority of films on this list) has created something that has continued to entertain fans even now. Anderson freely admits that he is purely interested in creating films that audiences enjoy without concern for critical reviews. It’s safe to say that, with Resident Evil, he has succeeded in that.


Kira – Film and Tv 101

Tomb Raider


How can you not love Tomb Raider? It is without a doubt my all-time favourite video game based film. Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft was my IDOL when I was little. I was fanatical about the games and both movies, although I do prefer the first in the franchise. There is so much terrific action and a brilliant female action hero. I think I’ve just persuaded myself to watch it again very soon.


S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Withinfinal

Video game adaptations typically hold to a low bar in film quality, so while we wait for that genuinely good adaptation of Portal or Overwatch that may never come, I at least picked one that I found interesting. I know literally nothing of the Final Fantasy games, but the franchise’s first feature film adaptation certainly had lofty ambitions behind it, holding the distinctions of being the first cinematic attempt at photorealistic CGI animation and the most expensive video game adaptation to date. I won’t lie; it has massive faults, from a poorly explained save-the-world plot to annoying pseudo-scientific paganism promoting the New Age Gaia hypothesis. Yet, as muddled and clichéd as it is, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is a visual marvel at times and actually quite thrilling when it focuses on Aliens-style shoot-em-up sci-fi. The CGI human characters lie squarely in the uncanny valley, but, considering it came out in 2001, the animation of this video-game-based story is still pretty impressive.

Emma – Emma Explains It All

Resident Evilres

When I reminded myself of this fortnight’s Opinion Battle, my instinct straight away went to this film. And after I’d done the obligatory Wiki check of every other video-game-to-movie adaptation, I knew this was the right choice. Well it was either this or Silent Hill and let’s face it, Silent Hill is a great idea but still a bit shit. 

I must admit I’ve not watched the entire franchise of Resident Evil films but by all accounts they’re fairly popular and still being released now. I’ve watched this one, the original, quite a few times and always think it’s a pleasant, entertaining film – not a lot more and nothing less. The CGI can be a little silly in places but it’s still tense and mildly frightening at times. The action scenes are fun and nods to the game are well written in. Certainly the video game movie I’ve watched the most and would want to watch again in the future. 


Opinion Battles Year 3 Round 4 Least Favourite Oscar Winning Performance from an Actor in Leading or Supporting Role

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Least Favourite Oscar Winning Performance from an Actor in Leading or Supporting Role

The Oscars are around the corner and we all know that people either love or hate the Oscars committee decisions. We have had the best or the best winning Oscars and after looking at our Favourite we need to look at our Least Favourite this time around.

If you want to join in Opinion Battles our next round will be Favourite Video Game Adaption. Send you choices to moviereviews101@yahoo.co.uk by 5th March 2017.

Darren – Movie Reviews 101

Michael Caine– The Cider House Rulescider-house

Dr Wilbur Larch is a performance I do enjoy but when you see the performance it beat you have to question the decision for his choice as a win, Michael Clarke Duncan (Green Mile), Tom Cruise (Magnolia) and Jude Law (Talent Mr Ripley) who could all have been winning performances. As I said I have nothing against Michael Caine because he is a brilliant actor but this year I can’t help but question the winning decisions.

Cinema Parrot Disco

Christian Bale– The Fighter


This is a tough one & I have to admit that my choices are very much influenced by not liking the “real life” person involved. I considered Christian Bale in The Fighter just because I don’t like him (but, yeah – the performance is fine). I also considered Timothy Hutton simply because Ordinary People is overrated & shouldn’t have won so many awards (no idea what he’s like in real life). Again, not fair I suppose. Well, another person I don’t like and have never liked or even seen the appeal of is Marlon Brando. I apologize to any fans! But, especially considering recent revelations involving the actress in Last Tango In Paris, my opinion is extremely unlikely to change. So my choice is Marlon Brando in The Godfather (even though he didn’t accept the award anyway, right?). If it helps, I do love that movie & think Pacino is fantastic…


Tom – Plain Simple Tom Reviews

Matthew McConaughey– Dallas Buyers Clubdallas

This is another hard choice since there were no performances that I actively dislike but I’m going for McConaughey, mostly because he was sooooo much better in his very brief role in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, released in the very same year. 

I know that “Dallas Buyers Club” essentially kicked off “the McConaissance” but his performance here isn’t particularly memorable and I wouldn’t include it on any best performances list.

Also, I could just have easily have gone for Jared Leto for the very same film.


Damien Riley – Riley Film Reviews

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenantreven

My least favorite would have to be DiCaprio. He did a great job in “Revenant.” Isn’t he the poster child for “Oscar Bait” though? He is one of those characters I have to get used to in a role because he has done so many roles that are household names. The other winners are slightly better and more interesting to me.  This is a tough and peculiar Opinion Battles topic, don’t you agree out there?

Rob – Movie Rob

Nicolas Cage – Leaving Las Vegasleaving

Inexplicably, Cage won an Oscar for his role here.

I guess it’s understandable that everyone in the Academy just loved to see Cage slowly kill himself because I think this is by far, one of his worst instead of best performance.


Emma – Emma Explains It All

Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight


I am feeling mighty controversial today (evil laugh). What an awful thing to say and yes I can hear your jaws hitting the floor before this has even been posted. But wait, let me explain. I have reasons:

1. Okay firstly this was a REALLY hard round. I trawled the ‘best actor / supporting actor’ Oscar lists and nothing jumped out at me. So it was either ‘get creative’ or forfeit entirely. And if I forfeited everyone would just think I was being lazy again.

2. Tom Cruise hasn’t won an Oscar. Which is unfortunate because this would have been SO EASY if he had.

3. To be honest I’ve never really felt Ledger truly won the Oscar because of an amazing performance, but more because he died and it was a well timed tribute. Similarly, people always say how “amazing” his performance was as the Joker but who wouldn’t be amazing as the Joker? The Joker is a fun, dark, outlandish character – probably the type of character that most actors would enjoy playing. I imagine it would bring out the best out in anyone with a bit of talent.

4. And going against popular opinion I don’t really like the ‘Christopher Nolan’ Batman films. Sorry and all that. Maybe it’s just me but I still have fond memories of the good old days (AKA – Michael Keaton!).

6. But don’t take this too seriously. I loved Heath and his acting in The Dark Knight was just like the rest of his acting – bloody great. Though being totally honest I think he was better at playing good guys – he always came across like a genuine, good guy in real life (which is probably the most important thing anyway).

And you can tell Chris Nolan from me that none of his films beat 10 Things I Hate About You. Fact.


Kira – Film and Tv 101

Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant


I may be hated for saying this, but I really did not think Leonardo DiCaprio’s award-winning performance as Hugh Glass in The Revenant was all that spectacular. He has certainly had better roles in my eyes – can we just take a moment to appreciate him as Bill Costigan in The Departed? I’m not saying he didn’t do a good job, just that it was slightly underwhelming to hear mainly grunts and heavy breathing from a character that would finally win him that long sought-after Oscar. Plus, it ended all of those wonderful memes..


Carl Wonders – Listening to Film

Al Pacino – Scent of a Woman


Ok, I know this is going to ruffle some feathers. I have no issue with Al Pacino as an actor, and he has turned in some incredible performances over the years. His portrayal of Michael Corleone in The Godfather films is, quite rightly, legendary, and the fact that he was not recognized by the Academy for those films is unfortunate. But the understated acting that Pacino brings to that role (at least in the first two Godfather films) gives way to an over the top, hammy performance in Scent of a Woman that has all the tropes of every bad Al Pacino impression done in Hollywood. Pacino does more acting doing almost nothing in the classic Italian restaurant scene in The Godfather than he does chewing the scenery in Scent of a Woman. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Denzel Washington’s incredible performance in Malcolm X and Clint Eastwood’s turn in Unforgiven both lost out to Pacino that year. Chalk this one up to the Academy saying “Al, we know we’ve missed many of your great performances, so here is a ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award this time around.”


S.G. Liput – Rhyme and Reason

Kevin Kline – A Fish Called Wandafish

It was hard enough picking a favorite, but looking over the list of Best Actors and Best Supporting Actors, I can’t really find a bad or undeserving performance. I did however find one I didn’t like at all: Kevin Kline as the shamelessly despicable thief Otto West in A Fish Called Wanda. Now I like Kevin Kline a lot; it’s hard not to. But when he spends an entire movie mocking Michael Palin’s speech handicap, it’s easy to hate him too. It’s even easier when his most notable scene is torturing Palin and swallowing his pet fish. I know it’s meant to be shockingly comedic, but it also felt cruel and mean-spirited. I love Kevin Kline and don’t have anything against his acting ability. He plays a spiteful jerk exceptionally well in A Fish Called Wanda, so well that I can’t stand to see him in it again.

 J – Film & Nuance

Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies


Going through all the Oscar winning actors for best actor and best supporting actor, I couldn’t really point out anyone that I particularly disliked. I’m going with Mark Rylance simply because there were at least 4 other performances that were better…two of those weren’t even nominated. I felt like Idris Elba, Steve Carell, Sylvester Stallone and Christian Bale gave markedly better performances, and Rylance sort of paled in comparison. I liked him in Bridge Of Spies, I just don’t think he deserves the win

Rachel – 54 Disney Reviews

Kevin Spacey – American Beauty

I know this might be controversial but for me my least favorite Oscar Winning Actor has to be Kevin Spacey in American Beauty. To begin with I find the movie wildly overrated pretentious nonsense. If it was a horror movie than Spacey’s Lester Burnham might work but as the protagonist it fails in creating anything but a creepy gross character. The attempts to soften him and make him more human just turn me off even more. The movie is supposedly an enlightening take down of suburban values but I’ve seen that done better many times (nearly any Todd Haynes film for example) and it didn’t need a floating grocery sack to ram home how profound it is supposed to be.  Groan…

I get that not every character needs to be ‘likable’ but when you are dealing with someone like Lester the film wants us to care for him and I just didn’t. So good job Kevin Spacey in being creepy but bad job in creating a character that I felt for or cared about.