Fantasy Film Pitching – Trial Edition – The Field Job

Fantasy Film Pitching

This is the latest new feature coming to the site, the idea builds on Fantasy Film Casting by make us actually pitch the idea for a film ourselves.

For this pitch I will be working with Emma who has help selected the following for me to use.

·        Stars – Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Emily Blunt, Gary Oldman and Paul Giamatti

·        Props – Machines Guns, Crocodiles, Broken Sat Navigation

·        Location – New Mexico

Here is my pitch,


 The Field Job


Gary Oldman – Wesley Smith oldman Wesley is the man who makes the gadgets for British Intelligence he has worked with the best spies in the business but his family believes he just works for the Tax Office. He never has wanted to enter the field and with retirement reaching he is happy with his 9-5 job. He is a widower with a daughter Lizzy that is the light of his life. When you see Wesley he is a man you would never see as anything special as part of a crowd, he comes of quiet during his life and never one to start a fight.

Emily Blunt – Lizzy Smith emily Lizzy is the daughter of Wesley and is a primary school teacher. She has the wonderful relationship with her father as they love to go on holidays together but on the love life side of her life she doesn’t have anyone in her life.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Franklin Lincoln jgl Franklin is a true America named after two of the most iconic people in American History. He is a brand new spy who has full belief in his abilities to become the best America spy has ever produced. He has seen too many James Bond movies for his own good wanting to copy him in every moment of his mission. The problem is that he is clumsy and easily distracted.

Paul Giamatti – Brendon Williams paul Brendon is the American version of Wesley the two have been battling to see who is the better gadget man for years always thinking the other has been stealing the others ideas.

GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy

Brief StoryDuring Summer Holidays British Intelligence gadget expert Wesley Smith is forced to go into the field for the first time in his career to work with his old enemy from University Brendon Williams as he gets new spy Franklin Lincoln ready for his first mission, but he can’t leave his daughter at home making this a road trip across America for family time.

Scene IntroductionIn this scene we get to see Wesley leave his daughter from a breakfast meeting together heading to the Tax Office where he works below, we get to see the respect he gets from the fellow employees with the younger members coming to him with new ideas where he offers his own advice on how to improve certain ideas. This scene is designed to show how good Wesley he really is at his job and how he can think quickly he can think on his feet.

Scene MissionWesley gets called into the office by the boss (played by Bill Nighy) who instruction Wesley that he is going to HAVE to work with Brendon in America with this new spy entering the field, he has been requested and will have to go into the field for the first time in his career. During this scene we get the nervous side of Wesley who isn’t brave enough to say no but is filled with fear with a flashback to him shouting Williams name in his head. The Boss tells Wesley to treat this as his holiday with Lizzy as their lives will not be put in danger and it will be just a couple of meetings with English business owners to discuss their Tax returns (something she will be happy to leave him to do alone).

Scene Road Trip (Sat Nav) sat nav Wesley and Lizzy set out on their trip when Wesley gets an unexpected phone telling him to go to a certain location in the East Coast for the first meeting. For this scene we get to see Wesley try and get the Sat Nav to work with failure coming at all his attempts with him starting to lose his cool and wonder why all his skills can’t get this job done. This scene is designed to comedy before leading to a montage while getting to the location.

Scene Franklin LincolnFranklin surprises Wesley by turning up early he is the location, we have to see how Wesley needs to explain to Franklin that he is happy to help but he needs to pretend to be a trainee Tax Officer, offering him the chance to pretend to be undercover for the road trip to New Mexico. This scene is designed to create an argument between the two showing just how different the two are and how they are going to be working together in the future.

Scene Florida (Crocodiles) crocdiles Franklin gets his first chance to show off his skills with Wesley’s gadgets in Florida where he finds himself at the wrong location clashing with locals and their crocodile farm. This shows how Franklin can handle himself in when his life is in danger even if his escape comes off lucky.

Scene Blossoming RomanceDuring the road trip we get to see how Lizzy and Franklin start getting on with Wesley not liking the idea because he knows who Franklin really is but Lizzy and Franklin seem to show a sweeter side to the cocky attitude he has been showing beforehand.

Scene Brendon Williams (New Mexico)hate you Time has come to see Wesley & Brendon face off with Franklin keeping Lizzy busy. We get to see an over the top argument without any physical fighting between the two characters before finally getting to stage where they can agree to work together and keep Wesley’s secret life covered up.

Scene Attack (Machine Guns) mchine guns The four are inside Brendon’s training facility when they find themselves under attack with Franklin grabbing the guns for an over top style shooting but with numbers going against them Wesley and Brendon having to use their skills to make weapons for safety always trying to get something that can do more damage to enemies.

Scene Who Are You?After the shootout Lizzy wants to know who her father is as they race to the CIA to learn who is attacking them and why. This leads to revelations with Lizzy turning to Franklin for comfort.

Scene The TwistThis is our final act of the film where we get to see who was behind the attack, why Wesley had to actually go out into the field. This scene gives Franklin a chance to prove himself to his superiors. This will create the happy ending we need for the story.

How do you like the sound of this idea?

If you would like to give me a selection to work with just let me know.