Film & Comic Con Bournemouth 2016

Film & Comic Con Bournemouth 2016

The time of year has arrived once more for all the cosplay fans to come out in all their glory. This year was no exception with sighting of Predator, Bumblebee, Star Wars and Superheroes to mention just a few. With wall to wall stands of all the goodies the fans want to buy being it t-shirt, funkos or collectibles.

But let’s face it we all go to meet our favourite celebrities and the guest list was one for all the fans of Star Wars The Force Awakens, Aliens, Game of Thrones, The Musketeers, Doctor Who and my personal favourite The Walking Dead.

This year marked the first time I got the opportunity to enter with a press pass which shows just how far this site has come for me. Nervous as hell and completely unprepared for this event I entered the doors of the Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) simply not knowing what to experience. Sure I have been here before as a fan but this time having the chance to interview the guests in a chance I couldn’t turn down.IMG_0077

Asking advice before hand I went in just as clueless as I had imagined but with the aim just to enjoy myself. I decided to watch how other members of the press handled asking for interviews before taking the first steps into conducting an interview.

For the first ever interview I spoke to the first ever female Stormtrooper Samantha Alleyne from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Listen below for Star Wars Force Awakens and Daniel Craig.samantha

Second interview I kept with the Star War The Force Awakens cast with Aaron Ayamah.aaroon

Third staying with the Star Wars The Force Awakens I spoke to Brian Vernel even though I went on to chat about an early horror film Let Us Prey.brianprey

For the final talk I got to speak to Ross Marquand who plays Aaron in The Walking Dead.aaron

Over all this was an experience I never thought I would get and will hopefully be the start to something for myself going forward, I would like to thank the guest who gave me the chance to talk to them too.

You know for sure I will be returning for the next outing in Bournemouth on 3rd – 4th September and look at this early guest list.IMG_0080


First Press Pass

Today I received the news that I have had my first Press Pass application accepted, to say this makes me feel wow in an understatement as I never really believed I was going to get this opportunity.

What I would like to ask all my readers is, Do you have any advice when it comes to taking part in the interviews, what equipment should I be looking to take and how should I approach any interviews?

Finally I would just to say how proud I am to be given this chance to take the next few steps in chasing my dream.

Bournemouth Film & Comic Con 2015

I attended my first Film & Comic Con event over this weekend and all I can say is what an atmosphere. While I am not one to dress up in cosplay I couldn’t believe some of the costume people bought to the show. While my personal favourites were the Walking Dead ones, I bumped into a Daryl Dixon and saw a Ricky Grimes stalking the walkers. There was a Baymax along with the string of usual comic book characters, I did loss count of how many Deadpools I saw.

I couldn’t help but find myself wondering just how many Funko Pops the world has created with nearly ten stands of just Funko Pops. Autographed photo stands were plenty too but at least each one offered so much range. The one that appealed to me most is the T-shirt stands because I love me a good t-shirt and I picked up two,

Walking DeadWIN_20150829_132307

Night of the Living DeadWIN_20150829_132237

I wanted to get myself the Daryl Dixon shirt but they didn’t have my size 😦

I did get myself a Walking Dead mug because this photo is just plan cool.cup

One of the biggest highlights for me was the DeLoren being there and off cause I had to get myself inside the time machine like the one in a film I’ve seen.scan0028DSCF3461

Having three halls of guest with one being the sports stars which I avoided, the two I went to I got to meet Hardcore Bob Holly the former WWE wrestler who was one of the toughest in the business and actually looked like he wanted to beat people up, a former hardcore Champion.scan0023

As the film fan that I am I went here to meet the actors of some of my favourite films and shows. I had to pop over to meet Hodor from Game of Thrones just because of how I used to communicate with a friend at work by saying Hodor in different tones and my God he is huge.scan0025

The main reason why I had to go to this event was Robert Englund he is one of the true horror icons and after last years brilliant The Last Showing I got the opportunity to get Robert and Finn Jones to sign my copy of this brilliant film, all I need now is Emily Berrington and I have the three main character signed on one film.scan0029

Lets face it Robert Englund is most famous for Freddy Krueger and I had to take my collection of Nightmare on Elm Street which I got signed along with his first victim Tina (Amanda Wyss).scan0032DSCF3462

The best is saved for last where I met Amanda first and got this photo signed, I went over to Robert who had all the fans where he left the message, ‘you’re next after this bitch‘ which I think is the most epic autograph signing I have.scan0027

Overall this was one hell off a day out and when I go again I will look to go with a group of people to increase the banter level, but this was one day I won’t be forgetting for a long time.