Homewrecker (2019) Movie Review

Director: Zach Gayne

Writer: Precious Chong, Alex Essoe, Zach Gayne (Screenplay)

Starring: Precious Chong, Alex Essoe, Tony Matthews, Kris Siddiqi

Plot: Two women befriend each other, but one becomes obsessed with the other.

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Lots of Screaming

Story: Homewrecker starts when Linda (Chong) and Michelle (Essoe) meet at a dance class, before trying to hit it off, with Linda getting involved in Michelle’s life, including her new marriage, while she is looking to start her own family.

What starts out as a friendly drink and social, soon turns sour, when Linda isn’t willing to let Michelle get on with her day, showing a more sinister side to wanting to keep her around.

Thoughts on Homewrecker

Characters – Linda is a lonely middle-aged woman that is desperately seeking friendship which sees her making the rash decision with Michelle, she doesn’t want to let her leave, wanting to recapture her youth, she does show an unstable side to herself with the more time the two spend together. Michelle is a young married woman that is looking to start a family, she reluctantly agrees to be friends with Linda, which sees her trapped in the house, forced into the games.

PerformancesWhile we can’t fault either of the actresses for their performances, we get the unstable from Previous Chong, which does feel uneasy through the film and Alex Essoe does make us believe she is a family person.

StoryThe story here follows a woman that befriends another one, hoping to trick her into coming back to her home for her own twisted game. This is a story that shows how an unstable person will go to extreme lengths to get the life they want from someone they are jealous off. The story will show the uncomfortable situation Michelle finds herself in and how she looks to try and get out of the world, while facing her own problems in her life.

Comedy/HorrorThe comedy comes from the different levels, with seeing just how the Linda acts, which is awkward for the most part, with the horror sides coming from the different extremes Linda will go to, only most horrific moments are off camera.

SettingsThe film is mostly set in one location, the homes of Linda, where everything unfolds, filled with clues and memories.

Scene of the Movie – Party Hunk game.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Not as strong as things want to be.

Final Thoughts This is a horror comedy that doesn’t hit the heights it could, getting caught up in the middle trying to be quirky, as sadistic, without hitting either on the length it could do for an impact.

Overall: Mostly screaming.

Silhouette (2019) Movie Review

Director: Mitch McLeod

Writer: Mitch McLeod (Screenplay)

Starring: April Hartman, Tom Zembrod, Jessica Dawn Willis, Savannah Solsbery, Kim Foster, Suzanne Racz

Plot: Silhouette is the story of Jack and Amanda Harms who, after the passing of their young daughter, set out into seclusion to begin their lives anew. Quickly upon their arrival, things go awry when the sins of their past come back to haunt them.

Tagline – This will hurt.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Darkness Filled Horror

Story: Silhouette starts when Amanda (Hartman) and Jack (Zembrod) are looking to try and rebuild their life after the death of their young daughter, they find a new home, with an attempt to set up their own new home for a fresh start.

Amanda does start to see figures around the house, with most of them reminding her of their daughter Sarah (Solsbery) only for these moments to bring bigger fear haunting Amanda in the new home.

Thoughts on Silhouette

Characters – Amanda is the grieving mother that has been struggling more with the loss of their daughter, she is in therapy, as she searches for answers, she starts believing she is seeing her daughter, which makes her question her husband and own sanity. Jack is the husband that is trying to support Amanda, only she believes he is cheating on her, he doesn’t see the horrors that she is seeing, while being the one that tries to push her into starting again. Dawn is a neighbour that turns the head of Jack, Amanda takes an instant dislike towards her too, leaving her feeling sorry for trying to be welcoming.

PerformancesApril Hartman in the leading role, does show the grief and fear her character is going through well, where she shows the uncertainty about what is happening. Tom Zembrod is the husband and he shows the patient and frustration well through the film too, with Jessica Dawn Willis completing the main cast here as the friendly neighbour.

StoryThe story here follows a couple that are trying to start a fresh life after the death of their young daughter, Amanda is taking it harder, which sees her start to see things around the house and experience things at night, while her husband Jack seems to be moving further away from here. This is a story that addresses the problems with grief, how losing a child will change anyone in different ways, bringing out a side that can create anything. This will leave you with a shock conclusion that does take longer to reach than it needs to, because we do spend too much time dealing with the husband’s activities, not enough on the struggles of Amanda.

HorrorThe horrors in the film come from what Amanda is experience, we never get a clear look at what she is going through, which only adds to the horror, both in her head and in her reality.

SettingsThe film uses the new home for a fresh start idea, this does mean whatever is causing the hauntings is attracted to the person, not the building, showing us how even the best wishes for change, aren’t always going to help cure pain.

Scene of the Movie – The truth.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Too much attention to the Husband’s actions.

Final Thoughts This is a horror that builds up the tension in the film, filling the darkness with the unknown and showing grief will haunt someone for years.

Overall: Tension Filled Horror.

Root of the Problem (2019) Movie Review

Director: Scott Corban Sikma

Writer: Francis Damberger, Joanne Sikma (Screenplay)

Starring: Claire Rankin, Sergio Di Zio, Chantal Perron, Jayson Therrien, Leslie Benn, Dwight Layne

Plot: Root of the Problem is an inspirational family drama. Sometimes it takes life’s darkest moment to bring you to the brightest light.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Charming & Enjoyable

Story: Root of the Problem starts when real-estate agent Paul (Di Zio) and his wife Grace (Rankin) learn that her uncle has passed away, leaving them with two things, a plant and to spread his ashes at the children’s camp.

Paul does feel like his family got shafted, that is until he makes a discovery about the plant, it is a money tree, he does keep this a secret from the rest of the family, wanting to use the money to improve his own image, even giving for the first time in his life, but how long will this last?

Thoughts on Root of the Problem

Characters – Paul Campbell is a money tight real-estate agent, he does make the most sales, only he keeps the finances tight for the family, believing his wife will get a big inheritance, he is left disappointed by only receiving a plant. When Paul discovers the plant is a money plant, he keeps the money for himself, showing his selfish side, investing in whatever he wants, giving people around him gifts he would never normally give them. He needs to learn a lesson or face being left with nothing. Grace is Paul’s wife, she cared for her late Uncle and was never bothered with the inheritance, she does like some of the changes Paul is making only when things get out of hand, she doesn’t like his crazy spending. Jack Mitchel is one of the co-workers of Paul’s, Paul takes him under his wing to try and help him make more sales, only for a price. Detective Miller gets a heads up from his recent spending, she starts to see where the money might have come from, not believing he could have spent this much so suddenly.

PerformancesSergio Di Zio in the leading role is great, he does show us what sudden greed can bring to someone, he shows the over confidence and insecurity his character is going through with the newfound money. Claire Rankin as the wife that is getting tired of the behaviour of her husband, showing the reaction of someone getting out of control. Chantal Perron and Jayson Therrien complete the main cast giving us the characters that will reflect Paul’s new life.

StoryThe story here follows a selfish real-estate agent that discovers an inheritance he receives grants him money, an endless source of money that he must learn about the consequences of being reckless with his behaviour when it comes to spending. This is a story that does show us the cost of secrets and greed, showing us that just because you get money, you shouldn’t ignore the people you love around you for your own benefit. This is a story the is about learning to be more giving to the world, look out for other people not just yourself. We have a nice redemption look at life, showing people can always improve themselves no matter what mistakes they have made in the past.

SettingsThe film brings the home setting for Paul, showing he does have everything he needs here before receiving the tree, we get the message from the settings that home is what you build together, not what you put in the location.

Scene of the Movie – Car deal.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – I am no medical expert, but should they have moved the person?

Final Thoughts This is a nice drama about learning about giving in life, rather than just becoming obsessed with greed in life.

Overall: Enjoyable Drama

The Spy (2019) Movie Review

Director: Jens Jonsson

Writer: Harald Rosenlow-Eeg, Jan Trygve Royneland (Screenplay)

Starring: Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Rolf Lassgard, Damien Chapelle, Alexander Scheer, Erik Hivju, Edvin Endre

Plot: Sonja Wigert is a diva and star in Stockholm when WW2 breaks out, rapidly getting attention from the Nazi officer Josef Terboven. She’s then recruited by Swedish intelligence as a spy, but Terboven makes her spy on the Swedes.

Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Spy Thriller 101

Story: The Spy starts as we see entertainer Sonja Wigert (Berdal) wow the crowds in Sweden, she has drawn the attention of new Nazi leader of the country Josef Terboven (Scheer). As it becomes clear the Andor Gellert (Chapelle) would like to keep Sonja around, the Swedish intelligence turn to her to start spying on him, giving them crucial information during the war.

As Sonja gets closer to Josef, she meets Hungarian officer Andor, she starts to find herself being torn between finding the secrets, giving away secret or just being with a man that she loves.

Thoughts on The Spy

Characters – Sonja Wigert is a star of the stage, a diva that turned heads across Scandinavia, performing in Sweden she grabs the attention on a Nazi leader and is drawn into getting close to him in an attempt to get information for the intelligence in Sweden, she is left in the middle of wanting to help the people or the feelings she is having for a man that is considered the enemy. Andor Gellert is the Nazi solider placed into a position of power in Sweden, he falls for Sonja, proving to her that not every Nazi is as evil as the stories have been made out. We od have the Swedish handler, trying to keep Sonja on the right path when it comes to learning the truth and collecting information.

PerformancesIngrid Bolso Berdal is great in the leading role, she brings the presence to the stage, the insecurity off the stage and what it means to show falling in love. Damien Chapelle is strong too, which is what we will see from the whole cast in this film.

StoryThe story here follows a star and diva that is drawn into the world of espionage during World War II as she is forced to spy on the Nazis, while falling in love with her mark and being left in a position of not knowing which side to help out the most. When it comes to seeing what people have achieved in history, this will give another glimpse into the life on one of those people. The idea we watch Sonja getting caught up in the middle of what she wants to do or what she is expected to do, does come through strongly through the film.

Biopic/WarThe biopic side of the film shows what Sonja did during the war, it shows what she was forced into, risked and changed over the time.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show the different environments that Sonja finds herself in, with it in the entertainment world and the shady underworld.

Scene of the Movie – The time away.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – We don’t seem to see many secrets exchanged.

Final ThoughtsThis is a romantic thriller that shows how somebody can be drawn into the world without knowing where to stand in the middle of the war.

Overall: Wartime thriller 101

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ABC Film Challenge – Sci-Fi – Y – James vs. His Future Self (2019) Movie Review

We are truly clutching at straws with Y, as we are focusing on James being visited by someone from yesterday, showing he needs to learn about yourself.

Director: Jeremy LaLonde

Writer: Jonas Chernick, Jeremy LaLonde (Screenplay)

Starring: Jonas Chernick, Daniel Stern, Cleopatra Coleman, Frances Conroy, Tara Spencer-Nairn

Plot: A scientist meets a version of himself from the future who has traveled back in time to stop himself from inventing time travel.

Tagline – It’s man versus himself. Literally.

Runtime: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Interesting Idea

Story: James vs. His Future Self starts as scientist James (Chernick) is on the verge of his great breakthrough in time travel, only for him to get a visitor, Jimmy (Stern) an older version of himself, warning him to stop wasting his time on time travel.

James needs to listen to the warnings about his life, so he doesn’t follow the same mistakes his future self-made, including following his heart with best friend Courtney (Coleman) or just someone who wastes his time with time travel, being trapped in a cycle of isolation.

Thoughts on James vs. His Future Self

Characters – James is a young scientist who has been working on the possibilities of time travel for his whole life, he is giving up much of his personal life in this pursuit, which sees his relationship with his sister strained, the woman he loves is only a friend, only he gets visited by an older man, a man that claims to be him from the future. He needs to learn to stop and take a break in life to see what is in front of him before making the same mistakes again. Jimmy is the older version of James, he has been through time countless times, as part of the experiments, he doesn’t want to see James make the same mistakes again, he wants to fix everything in his life, teaching his younger self to enjoy life. Courtney is the co-worker, best friend and love of James life, she has a future beyond brilliance in her life and if James doesn’t learn about her importance to him, she will do it without him.

PerformancesJonas Chernick and Daniel Stern work well together in the film, we see how one has seen the mistakes and will look to learn from them, one shows the determination of a future, while the other shows the beaten down life of regret. Cleopatra Coleman works very well in the role, showing the person that is caught in the middle of a future with or without the person they love.

StoryThe story here follows a young scientist that is about to get a career making moment, only to get visited by his future self, to warn him about the decisions he will end up making in life, one that will have consequences he can’t imagine. This is a story about learning to make the most of the time you have in life and now missing the best moments of your life, the ones you can only make happen, by pausing in life more often. It warns about career being put before love and shows how extreme lengths an older version of yourself will always have regrets the younger ones make.

Comedy/Sci-FiThe comedy in the film comes from seeing what Jimmy does to try and stop James making the mistakes, while the sci-fi side of the film, does focus on time travel and what it could achieve for you in life.

SettingsThe film uses the settings to show the working environment, home environment, a location which is filled with tragedy and the secret location where Jimmy must spend his days, the locations do show how James hasn’t been able to make more of his own life, the way he would want to.

Scene of the Movie – The café meeting.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Certain jokes don’t fit the tone of the film.

Final Thoughts This is an interesting idea for a film, it shows us how living with regret can haunt people, only this time we get to see the true meaning of this regret with time travel.

Overall: Interesting Idea.