The Addams Family (1991)

addamDirector: Barry Sonnenfeld

Writer: Caroline Thompson, Larry Wilson (Screenplay) Charles Addams (Characters)

Starring: Anjelica Huston, Raul Julia, Christopher Lloyd, Dan Hedaya, Elizabeth Wilson, Judith Malina, Carel Struycken, Dana Ivey, Paul Benedict, Christina Ricci, Jimmy Workman


Plot: Con artists plan to fleece an eccentric family using an accomplice who claims to be their long-lost uncle.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Brilliant Family Comedy


Story: The Addams Family starts as we meet the family Morticia (Huston), Gomez (Julia), Lurch (Struycken), Wednesday (Ricci), Pugsley (Workman) and Thing (Hart) who have been trying to contact Uncle Fester after his disppearnce years before. Bring in Tully Alford (Hedaya) and his wife Margaret (Ivey) who want the Addams family fortune.

Tully and Abigail Craven (Wilson) use her son Gordon (Lloyd) to pretend to be Uncle Fester as he enters the house to find his share of the fortune but his adventure are nothing like he would expect as he has to deal with the unusual behaviour of the Addams family. It isn’t long before the family starts to question this Uncle Fester and soon begin to love the strange character even if he isn’t the man they thought he was.

The Addams Family is one of the true classic family comedy fantasy film that shows just how different we can see each person in our own family to be different. The interactions between the family are all twisted in a loving way where we could see others question while the interaction with the people outside the family all come off slightly awkward which sums up the family perfectly.

The con-artist side of the story comes off nicely as we can see how naïve a family can be but even with love people can change. The performances are all great with Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston have perfect chemistry as the father and mother of the family. The rest of the cast all give great performances that you can believe from start to finish with the uniqueness given to each character.


Overall: Underrated classic that hits on all of the unique style needed to make it truly stand out.




Popcorn (1991)

ppcornDirector: Mark Herrier, Alan Ormsby

Writer: Alan Ormsby (Screenplay) Mitchell Smith (Story)

Starring: Jill Schoelen, Tom Villard, Dee Wallace, Derek Rydall, Malcolm Danare, Elliott Hurst, Ivette Soler, Freddie Simpson, Kelly Jo Minter


Plot: A “Leatherface” type murderer who wears other people’s faces, kills at an all-night horrorthon at an old theatre put on by a bunch of film students. Maggie, the lead character, believes it’s really Lanyard Gates, a crazed film maker who killed his family live on stage, fifteen years ago. And now he’s back to kill his daughter, Sara, who is believed to be really Maggie.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Simple Slasher Horror Comedy


Story: Popcorn starts as Maggie (Schoelen) an aspiring film maker is dreaming of her script which is filled with horror. The film class tired of being bumped around the campus decide to put on their own horror show. While setting up the up the soon to be destroyed theatre the students discover a film that was made by crazed film maker Lanyard Gates who infamously killed his family as the final act of his last piece of work Possessor.

The film night still goes ahead as plan and the turnout is brilliant, but while the films are showing the students start getting picked off by the famous film maker who is back to collect his daughter who he believes is Maggie or so we think.

Popcorn takes the horror film to a different direction with having a revenge like slasher based entirely inside of movie theatre. We have the audience watching horror films while the students get picked off one by one which all works really because the audience reacts like we would to the comical kills being used in the film. The revenge side of the story works well because we don’t fully know what is going on and the final twists while slightly light weight does give us a welcome surprise. This is a good horror comedy slasher that will please the fans enough to enjoy.


Actor Review


Jill Schoelen: Maggie is our leading lady who is dreaming of becoming a film maker and her latest story is literally happening in her dreams. When her dreams starts to become a reality Maggie finds herself the target of the ghost of former film maker that wants her to replace his lost daughter. Jill is good in this role without being a true stand out in the horror genre.

Tom Villard: Toby is the man who wants to host the horror film night and with the rest of the students behind him he makes the arrangements to make this an interactive experience. Tom does well in this role which is the most memorable character in the film.

Dee Wallace: Suzanne is the mother of Maggie who seems to be a single parent that is always trying to protect her from any dangers in the world, but when the dreams start appear she starts receiving phone calls during the night which seem to be from an unknown caller threatening her daughter. Dee is a bit of an icon in horror so you know you will see her appear in a mix of roles where she will always give us a god performance.

Derek Rydall: Mark is the love interest of Maggie, she keeps pushing him away so she can study but he isn’t willing to just stay away, he leaves his date at the theatre to spend more time with Maggie. Derek makes for good supporting lead who gets most of the comical moments with his character’s clumsy side.

Support Cast: Popcorn has your typical generic cast for a horror that all do what they need to do.

Director Review: Mark Herrier, Alan OrmsbyThe pair give us a horror slasher with a few twists along the way which is all you ask for going into these movies.


Comedy: Popcorn has a few laughs but not enough for my liking, we get most when it comes to the kills.

Horror: Popcorn takes horror to a new arena with a horror that the audience can be parallel with the audience in the film.

Settings: Popcorn uses the movie theatre for the setting which is brilliant choice and original.
Special Effects
: Popcorn has good effects when it comes to the kills as well as the image of the killer.

Suggestion: Popcorn is one for the horror slasher fans to enjoy. (Horror Slasher Fans Watch)


Best Part: Setting is brilliant choice.

Worst Part: Has dated a bit.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 31 Minutes

Tagline: Pay to get in, pray to get out.


Overall: Fun slasher that is filled with well created kills and a clever twist.


Franchise Weekend – Child’s Play 3 (1991)

childsDirector: Jack Bender

Writer: Don Mancini (Screenplay)

Starring: Justin Whalin, Perrey Reeves, Jeremy Sylvers, Travis Fine, Dean Jacobson, Brad Dourif, Peter Haskell, Dakin Matthews


Plot: Chucky, the doll possessed by a serial killer, returns for revenge against Andy, the young boy who defeated him and who has since become a teenager.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Weaker but Entertaining Sequel


Story: Child’s Play 3 starts when the toy company that produce the Good Guy Dolls decide to yet again revive the production of the doll and rebuild Chucky. Chucky once again must find Andy (Whalin) to take over his body only this time Andy is 16 years old and in military school.

When Chucky arrives at the military school he is opened by the youngest member of the school Tyler (Sylvers) as he looks to come back to life, Andy is learning all about military school as he finds friends to trust in De Silva (Reeves) and Whitehurst (Jacobson) as well as the typical bully like figure Shelton (Fine).

When Chucky starts running riot around campus Andy must find a way to stop him before it is too late.

Child’s Play 3 brings the serial killer doll to military school giving him different weapons to play with. When it comes to seeing Chucky commit his kills we do get a string of different ideas but in the end we just see almost random supporting characters being the victims. I do think making Andy the protector character is a very good idea because he knows how deadly Chucky is as the young character isn’t aware of his threat. We do get a lot of generic characters here but as for the story it comes of refreshing to see a horror in a military school as I do believe it is the only one of its type.


Actor Review


Justin Whalin: Andy is now 16 years old and off to military school, he has to deal with the typical friends and bullies but his biggest threat comes when Chucky turns up. This time Andy has to become the protector as he has to stop Chucky taking over the body of a younger boy Tyler. Justin takes over the leading role as does a good job without being the most memorable lead in this type of horror.

Perrey Reeves: De Silva is the best trained soldier in the military school, she takes a shine to Andy which helps Chucky have leverage on Andy when he wants Tyler’s soul. She is a strong character in a male centred world in the 1990s showing this character was before her time. Perrey is good as this strong female character.

Jeremy Sylvers: Tyler is the young boy in the military school that opens the package with Chucky inside, he doesn’t know the threat Chucky possesses even when Chucky targets him for his soul. Jeremy is good for a young actor but isn’t on the same level as the original Andy.

Travis Fine: Shelton is the bully of the school, he uses his rank to push the student around. He doesn’t like Andy and always assumes he is to blame for anything that happens. Travis gives us a basic performance without being any different to a human villain in horrors.

Brad Dourif (Voice): Chucky has been rebuilt once again and this time he heads to military school to find Andy only this time he finds himself a new target to put his soul in. Chucky is just as evil, twisted and determined to bring his soul back from the underworld. Chucky has fully evolved into the character we all know and love in this outing of the franchise.

Support Cast: Child’s Play 3 has the biggest supporting cast to date with plenty of different military rankings getting targeted by Chucky.

Director Review: Jack BenderJack brings us a good sequel that continues to build on the Chucky legacy.


Horror: Child’s Play 3 brings us into the horror world with Chucky take his largest number of victims in the franchise so far.

Thriller: Child’s Play 3 does keep you wondering what Chucky will get up to next.

Settings: Child’s Play 3 brings us a fresh idea in horror by setting the film in a military school.
Special Effects
: Child’s Play 3 continues to have brilliant effects throughout with how Chucky operates.

Suggestion: Child’s Play 3 is one for the Chucky fans to enjoy. (Chucky Fans Watch)


Best Part: Final act.

Worst Part: Certain kills just seem to be for the fun of it.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: Yes

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $15 Million

Budget: $13 Million

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Tagline: Chucky has a new playmate.

Trivia: The movie was the center of a tabloid panic on its British release, with one newspaper – The Sun – even demanding copies be burned. Journalists claimed the film had influenced two young boys in their murder of a younger child, two-year-old James Bulger, although it was later determined that neither had actually seen this film.


Overall: Chucky is back and this time he is climbing the ranks with his kills



Franchise Week – Critters 3 (1991)

crittersDirector: Kristine Peterson

Writer: David J Schow (Screenplay) Rupert Harvey, Barry Opper (Story)

Starring: Don Keith Opper, Leonardo DiCaprio, Aimee Brooks, Terrence Mann, John Calvin, Katherine Cortez, Geoffrey Blake


Plot: The tiny fur ball aliens that will eat anything or anyone set their sights on a Los Angeles apartment tower.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Funny, but Forgettable Sequel


Story: Critters 3 starts when family Clifford (Calvin) his kids Annie (Brooks) and Johnny are travelling home where they end up in a resting area where they bump into young Josh (DiCaprio) and our old friend Charlie (Opper) still dealing with the Critters and visits from space.

Annie arrives with her family to an apartment building where we meet the traditional character we expect to see in the horror film, a lousy janitor, over caring old couple and strong single woman. Little does Annie know they have bought some Critters with them to terrorise the building. Annie has to team up with Josh whose step-father owns the building and is out to evict everyone from the building, but who will make it out alive?

Critters 3 brings the story to a random apartment building losing all the factors it once had. The loss of settings makes us wonder what happened to leave us here and the lack of bounty hunters from space also makes us think they have just given up caring. Charlie going back to being a drunk also doesn’t help because now we don’t know what caused this. As the basic surviving in the building it works for horror comedy without really testing the audience.


Actor Review


Don Keith Opper: Charlie is now back as a drunk telling stories of the Critters again, no longer a full bounty hunter he just needs a chance to save the day again. Don really isn’t in this outing enough and his character has too many plot holes.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Josh is the step-son of the building owner who bumps into Annie on their travels before ending up trapped in the building fighting the Critters. Leonardo is good in one of his first roles of his career.

Aimee Brooks: Annie is the daughter of Clifford who lives in the building, she is trying to make her father step up and stop mourning the death of her mother while looking after her younger brother. She has to step up to fight back against the Critters once the adults get infected. Aimee makes for a strong lead in a horror which is all you need to be in this genre.

John Calvin: Clifford is the father to Annie and Johnny who is struggling with the loss of his wife which has lead him to fill his life with work. He needs to learn that his kids are important even if it is difficult after losing his wife. John feels like a passenger through this film.

Support Cast: Critters 3 has very generic supporting character that only offer a few jokes or to be disposable characters.

Director Review: Kristine PetersonKristine gives us a basic horror comedy that is filled with plot holes.


Comedy: Critters 3 has a few laughs but not enough to really enjoy for a comedy.

Horror: Critters 3 has a few horror moments but nothing that will stick with you.

Sci-Fi: Critters 3 is meant to be about space creatures but this time we don’t see any of the space angle.

Settings: Critters 3 has a good setting for the genre but one that doesn’t make sense for where the tory has come from.
Special Effects
: Critters 3 has the basic special effects you have come to know for the series of the films.

Suggestion: Critters 3 is one to try, I think DiCaprio fans should come back and see his early work. (Try It)


Best Part: Launching DiCaprio’s career.

Worst Part: Almost forgets where it came from.

Funniest Scene: Critters cry for help.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: 3 of 4

Post Credits Scene: No

Similar Too: Gremlins 2


Oscar Chances: No

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

Tagline: You Are What _They_ Eat

Trivia: Shot back to back with number 4


Overall: Sequel that is fun but lacks the spark the first two offered us


Point Break (1991)

pointDirector: Kathryn Bigelow

Writer: W Peter Iliff (Screenplay) Rick King, W Peter Iliff (Story)

Starring: Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, Lori Petty, John C McGinley, James Le Gross, John Philbin


Plot: An FBI agent goes undercover to catch a gang of bank robbers who may be surfers.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Fun Film


Story: Point Break starts when fresh out of Quantico FBI agent Johnny Utah (Reeves) gets bought into the bank robbery department where he works with harden detective Pappas (Busey). The group of thieves known as the ‘E-Presidents’ have been robbing banks and Pappas is laughed at about his theory that the thieves are surfers, Johnny works with the idea and goes undercover as a surfer.

Undercover Johnny uses Tyler (Petty) to get in with the most respected surfers lead by Bodhi (Swayze). The deeper he gets in with these surfers the more it enrages his superior Ben Harp (McGinley) who wants to pull the plug. When Johnny learns who is involved and his new personal friendship gets put in jeopardy.presidents

Point Break must go down as a perfect fun action film, it isn’t too serious, it isn’t too action packed, it isn’t too comical, it just works as a fun film. Entering into the surfing world works for the film as it is something different for the crime world. The negatives would be obvious and that would be lack of professional behaviour from Johnny during the film, we never really learn the true motives of the Presidents unless it is as simple as just wanting to part all the time. This really is a guilty pleasure movie for the fans of action.


Actor Review


Patrick Swayze: Bodhi is the respected surfer who takes Johnny under his wing as he learns how to surf, but he is really the one leading the robberies. He is at one with the waves and his carefree life style is what draws respect from others. Patrick gives us a good performance and something different to what we would be used to seeing.


Keanu Reeves: Johnny Utah is the fresh FBI agent who goes undercover as a surfer to figure out if they are the Ex- Presidents. He is willing to take a chance to impress his experienced partner and make his boss pissed but can he figure out who the criminals are. Keanu showed here he was ready to step into the action genre giving us a good performance.


Gary Busey: Pappas is the experienced partner who gives Johnny the idea about the thieves being surfers, he plays the comic relief really because he is wildly over the top with his reaction and ideas. Gary gives us a good performance in this supporting role playing the opposite to the role we all know him for in Lethal Weapon.


Lori Petty: Tyler is the lady who helps Johnny get close to the rest of the surfers but while doing that he ends up becoming closer to her. Lori gives us a good performance even if she ends up falling to the back ground as the film unfolds.


Support Cast: Point Break has a supporting cast that includes the generic hot headed head of the authority, and the typical members of the crime ring, they all work for what the film is doing.


Director Review: Kathryn BigelowKathryn gives us a fun action film that still has it nearly 25 years on.


Action: Point Break has basic action with the chase after the robbery being the highlight.

Crime: Point Break brings us into a crime world without having it be all mob boss just a clever group of robbers.

Thriller: Point Break does keep you wondering how things will end up and the parachuting scenes bring you right to the edge of your seat.

Settings: Point Break creates basic settings where you would find the type of characters required in the film.

Suggestion: Point Break is one I think everyone should watch just for the fun factor involved in the film. (Watch)


Best Part: Robbery chase.

Worst Part: Everything wouldn’t happen with the technology we have now.

Action Scene Of The Film: Robbery chase both car and foot.


Believability: No

Chances of Tears: No

Chances of Sequel: No

Post Credits Scene: No


Oscar Chances: No

Box Office: $43 Million

Budget: $24 Million

Runtime: 2 Hour 2 Minutes

Tagline: 100% Pure Adrenaline.


Overall: Adrenaline ride that never stop