I Am Going to Kill Someone Friday (2018)

Director: Durden Godfrey

Writer: Durden Godfrey, Taurean Royal, Jared Rush (Screenplay)

Starring: Tom Siedle, Joe W Nowland, Faneal Godbold, David E McMahon, Lisa Mcconnell, Glen Krotov, Traci L Newman, Scott Broughton


Plot: Robert Partridge lives a normal life with his normal family in a normal neighborhood, working a normal job. But Robert Partridge is not normal.

Tagline – Who is Robert Partridge and who is he going to kill?

Runtime: 1 Hour 43 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Unsettling Thriller


Story: I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday starts as we meet Robert Partridge (Siedle), he has a normal life, with a family, job and everyday problems. He gets visited by two detectives as he recounts the previous week of his life.

Ass the week continues we get to see how Robert gets stressed out by everything in life which leads him to the dark feelings in his head as he starts judging everyone in life as he looks to select a victim for him to kill on Friday.


Thoughts on I Am Going to Kill Someone This Friday


Characters – Robert Partridge has a wife, son, successful job, nice house everything to make him seem like a normal guy, this week is different because the stress of life it finally getting to him bringing out a darker side to his personality. We follow Robert interact with his family, colleagues and everyday people each with a different manner. By having the other characters only interacting with him we don’t get much time to learn about them away from Robert.

PerformancesTom Siedle in this leading role is so unsettling to watch, we see how he can switch his characters behaviour in the click of the fingers which only makes us want to see where things go next. His performance makes us want to see just where he will go next and lets everyone else work off him.

StoryThe story follows the one week in this normal mans life, one where things push him to the limits where he wants to break out of his stress and do something terrible, like kill somebody. The unease this film gives us shows us from the opening sequences that he is being approached by police, which makes us spend the film figuring out just who he is going to target. We get plenty of potential suspects with only seemingly one guy he gets on with (the coffee dude) being off the table. Keeping the story going over one week shows us just how stress can affect people in the wrong way and makes us learn to take a deep breath at times, but it will leave you with a big surprise by the end.

ThrillerWatching how Robert selects his potential victims with the added unsettling music just adds to all the tension being felt through this movie.

SettingsThe film keeps us in one city, we see the quiet side, the busy and the in-between, the locations Robert would go to through his week.

Scene of the Movie –
The final shot.

That Moment That Annoyed Me One big moment doesn’t get enough attention.

Final ThoughtsThis is a truly unsettling film, it makes you want to see what will happen next even if you don’t want to see it.


Overall: Edgy, uncomfortable, one you can’t look away from.





Inhumanity (2018)

Director: Joe McReynolds

Writer: Joe McReynolds (Screenplay)

Starring: Darcel Danielle, Diana Rose, Ford Austin, Leviticus Wolfe, Karl Anderson, Darrell N Mitchell


Plot: Narrowly escaping death at the hands of a notorious serial killer, Jessa Dixon awakens from a coma to learn her father committed suicide. Unconvinced, she investigates the suspicious suicide and uncovers a dark corporate conspiracy involving the police and the psychotic killer that almost took her life.


Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes


There may be spoilers in the rest of the review


Verdict: Slightly Too Much Going On


Story: Inhumanity starts when serial killer Six Pack Sam (Wolfe) is about to kill his latest victim Jessa (Danielle) before getting stopped before he finishes, leaving Jessa in a coma, Dr Campbell (Rose) wants to use Six Pack Sam as an experiment.

3-months later Jessa awakens from her coma to learn her father committed suicide and she isn’t convinced, joining forces with a journalist she starts to investigate what happened, with Sergio (Austin) a former friend of her father’s, only to uncover a bigger conspiracy involving the experiment of Six Pack Sam.


Thoughts on Inhumanity


Characters – Jessa is the latest victim of serial killer Six Pack Sam, she survives in a coma, waking up to learn her father has committed suicide. She isn’t willing to accept this and sets of to investigate the truth. While she is a victim we don’t see enough about how she wants the truth and she never feels like she is doing the leg work. Dr Campbell is the one operating the experiments on Six Pack Sam, she goes against the people who want her search to make sure her idea could change the world. Sergio is a friend of Jessa’s father, the one who uses his connection to help her learn the truth, he has his addiction which could cause problems between the two. Six Pack Sam is the serial rapist and murderer, stronger than most men, he just doesn’t hold back when it comes to committing his crimes, now he is being experimented on as we learn about his motivation.

PerformancesDarcel Danielle is the leading role is good as the victim and woman that wants to know the truth, she isn’t just a woman on a mission which makes her performance need to be more withdrawn at times. Diana Rose is good as the idealistic woman believing she can change. Ford Austin is good as the investigator trying to get to the bottom of everything. Leviticus Wolfe is an imposing threat as the serial killer and rapist which makes him the standout performer in this film.

StoryThe story here follows one woman that awakes from a coma after a sexual assault to learn that her father has killed himself and must try to figure out just what really happened to her father. This would have been enough for a conspiracy riddle thriller, though we get more with a doctor trying to cure a serial killer of his ways which with balance could have work too. The problems with the story come from the overcomplication of characters involved in the conspiracy which only ends up giving us an extended run time with less time with the characters we need to be following. If you do like watching films that go around with large numbers, this will be one that could be enjoyed.

Action/HorrorThe action is a mix of different fights, with the assassin like guy chasing down Jessa as the highlight of them, the horror in the film comes from just where and how brutal the kills going on.

SettingsThe film takes place in a city, one we don’t know which has the serial killer in it and shows us just how everything can end up being in this one city.

Scene of the Movie –
Chainsaw time.

That Moment That Annoyed Me One or two too many characters introduced.

Final ThoughtsThis is an action thriller with a pinch of horror that is ambitious with the pure number of characters we are introduced too. We get a slow build up to the big conclusion which will be remembered.


Overall: Action thriller that is slightly too long.




ABC Film Challenge – Sci-Fi – I – Infini (2015)

Director: Shane Abbess

Writer: Shane Abbess, Brian Cachia (Screenplay)

Starring: Daniel MacPherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth, Luke Ford, Bren Foster, Dwaine Stevenson


Plot: An elite ‘search and rescue’ team transport onto an off-world mining-facility to rescue Whit Carmichael, the lone survivor of a biological outbreak.

Tagline – Out here their greatest threat is each other.

Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Makes Doom Look Oscar Worthy


Story: Infini starts when a off-world mining facility goes offline, with precious cargo there a search and rescue team are sent to retrieve any survivors and stop the contagion getting any worse. Whit Carmichael (MacPherson) is believed to be the only survivor and with his help the team plans to close operation completely.

The problems come from how the infected people have become ravenous and any contact with the blood or skin will lead to infection. When the infection continues to spread the team gets scattered and the race to survive is on.


Thoughts on Infini


Characters – Whit Carmichael is the lone survivor on a mining off-world outpost, he has hidden to stay away from the infection spreading and now is the only one that can stop the system from causing problems on other worlds. We do have the search and rescue team which are the basic figures we know from the genre, none of them stand out or do anything memorable as they all seem to get infected and crazed.

PerformancesThe performances, well this isn’t going to be the most positive part of this review, Daniel MacPherson takes the lead role and struggles to give us the impact his character needs, we also don’t get the best from most of the other actors because their characters are written so weakly.

StoryIf you have seen Doom, you kind of know the story here, search and rescue team think they are doing a routine job only to learn the mining community has been dealing with something they could never imagine fighting. It follows the direction you expect and the characterless characters make you just not care where things go or who lives or dies.

Horror/Sci-FiThe movie does try to have horror elements, but it goes for gore over the idea of anything being scary only to pull away before showing anything, the sci-fi side of the film looks at the idea that we would discover unknown threats on unknown worlds which would come off for the most part, only we decide to create the idea that we need to hold back on technology.

SettingsTh film is set on an abandoned mining community on another planet, we never see the outside, so it could be any sort of community of off-world people could even be on Earth, if we are honest.

Special EffectsWe have good looks at the aftermath of the effects, but for the most part we get nothing new added here.

Scene of the Movie –
The shot that changes everything.

That Moment That Annoyed Me We have seen this before.

Final ThoughtsMost of the movie does nothing new, for the most part and then suddenly throws us a twist that hasn’t fitted the tone of anything we have seen in the movie before.


Overall: This feels like a proper Doom rip off.




I Kill Giants (2018)

Director: Anders Walter

Writer: Joe Kelly (Screenplay) Joe Kelly, J.M. Ken Niimura (Graphic Novel)

Starring: Madison Wolfe, Zoe Saldana, Imogen Poots, Sydney Wade, Rory Jackson


Plot: Barbara Thorson struggles through life by escaping into a fantasy life of magic and monsters.


Runtime: 1 Hour 46 Minutes


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Emotional Fascinating


Story: I Kill Giants starts as we see Barbara (Wolfe) doing experiments to see which giants will get attracted to which scents, she lives with her sister Karen (Poots) and brother Dave (Parkinson) and she doesn’t have any friends. Barbara spends her days preparing for battle with giants, who she believes walks around the world, with a new friend Sophia (Wade) she reveals her secrets.

As the new school psychologist Mrs Molle (Saldana) tries to figure out Barbara, Barbara starts becoming more distant from the real world in her fight against the giants with Sophia supporting her, just how much is an escape from reality?


Thoughts on I Kill Giants


Characters – Barbara is the school girl that lives in a fantasy world where she prepares to fight giants, she is a loner at school, distant from her siblings, she doesn’t let people in her life no matter how hard some try, it is clear she is dealing with some sort of personal grief or trauma, but what has caused it, is what we want to know about her character. Mrs Molle is the new school psychologist that wants to help Barbara, she knows there is a bigger problem and will dedicate more tie to learn the truth about her problems. Karen is the older sister of Barbara, she is trying hold the family together looking after her siblings, she is suffering as well, but must stay strong. Sophia is the new girl in town, she wants to befriend Barbara and shows the patience a true friend would when they are suffering.

PerformancesMadison Wolfe is fantastic in this leading role, we see just how she shows how hiding the grief can make you seem enthusiastic and determined when deep down all you want to do is cry. Zoe Saldana is great in this role where we see her being a calming influence instead of the action heavier role she has been known for. Imogen Poots and Sydney Wade are both good in the supporting roles in this film too.

StoryThe story follows a school girl that is battling giants being very distant from the world. this story goes in a direction I personally wasn’t expecting and this only make this better on every level. We can learn and work early on that something isn’t right with Barbara’s life, we get hints and you can see she is dealing with something a child that age shouldn’t have to experience. By the end of this story you may find yourself emotional exhausted and believing me when I say, this will be one that will stick with you for long after it finishes.

FantasyThe fantasy side of the film shows us just how the world Barbara is creating works, with giants, traps and preparation for battle against them.

SettingsThe film keeps us in a small coastal town in America, it shows how people can know each other, but not know the truth about what is going on in life.

Special EffectsThe effects are save for anytime Barbara is battle the giants, we don’t get to see them completely as this does only let her see them.

Scene of the Movie –
The final battle.

That Moment That Annoyed Me It seems strange the school didn’t know the truth.

Final ThoughtsThis is easily one of the biggest and best surprises I have seen this year, I feel it is a must watch and one you will need to prepare yourself for.


Overall: Must watch emotional rollercoaster.




ABC Film Challenge – World Cinema – I – Ils (2006)

Director: David Moreau, Xavier Palud

Writer: David Moreau, Xavier Palud (Screenplay)

Starring: Olivia Bonamy, Michael Cohen, Adriana Mocca, Maria Roman, Camelia Maxim, Alexandru Boghiu


Plot: Lucas and Clementine live peacefully in their isolated country house, but one night they wake up to strange noise… they’re not alone… and a group of hooded assailants begin to terrorize them throughout the night.


There may be spoilers the rest of the review


Verdict: Nice Addition to the Home Invasion Genre


Story: Ils starts as we meet our couple, school teacher Clementine (Bonamy) and aspiring writer Lucas (Cohen) who has relocated in Romania with an isolated house so Lucas can focus on his work, the next night turns into a nightmare when the couple get visited by a group of intruders/

The intruders set out to make their night hell by forcing them to hide in their own home wondering just what the motivation for the actions are and being prepared to fight if things get out of hand.


Thoughts on Ils


Characters – Clementine is the school teacher that is getting used to the new school and country, she lives with her husband in the isolated home where when they get invaded must fight to survive. Lucas is the writer partner of Clementine that spends his time at the home while she works, he works with her to escape the intruders that visit the home. We don’t learn much else about these two characters or even about the intruder’s other than they seem to be experienced in confusing their prey.

PerformanceThe two leads both do well but they only have to do the look scared and desperate to survive routine, it isn’t going ot be that difficult to pull off.

StoryThe story here is also minimal with it focusing on the idea that a couple get terrorised in and around their home by uninvited strangers. We are left to wonder just what are the motives but the simplistic idea behind this story makes it stand up to be counted in the story side of things.

Horror/ThrillerThe horror comes from how the couple get invaded by the strangers and being as clueless as us to just why. We also get the thrilling side of the film from this as we are left on the edge of the seats waiting to see where things will go.

SettingsMost of the film is set in the house which works but while it still stays intense the idea of leaving to the random tunnels loses the point of the film.

Scene of the Movie – Building space.

That Moment That Annoyed Me You kind of want to know more about the intruders.

Final ThoughtsThis is a short sweet home invasion film which keeps us on the edge from start to finish.


Overall: Good home invasion film.